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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mewelde Sunday

Mewelde is back in Da Dome today for Saints v. Steelers. I've had enough of Up The Middle this weekend and I am woman enough to admit I have a derth in the faith department when it comes to the Saints. Especially since Payton announced the injury list this week. They might have to suit up Joe Horn and Deuce ya know.

Anyways I am thrilled to see Mewelde again though, just hope he wasn't at Doddmentum yesterday. OMG on enduring 2 disastrous homecomings to his alma mater in three weeks.

Just Sayin'

At tailgate on Saturday a Hullabaloo Huddle fan came up and introduced themselves! (omg peeps actually read this?!) I was just so flattered, that I have plum gone completely off the deep end. It's gone totally to my head.

Mrs. Hullabaloo presents to you today, my very first attempt at a serious X's and O's edition. Yes! Very exciting!

I must preface this post by saying I ain't saying nothing about nobody. I am Just Sayin'.

To be very honest, I want to somehow meet Momma Bobby T and soak up her methods for raising a gentleman. That's a best selling book right there. Because Coach Bobby T has never been anything but a gentleman to us Greenie Dats and his manners are just impeccable in public. and Mrs. Bobby T, well, I just adore her and want to be her when I grow up. Or at least have her hair.

So there were some episodes when he done lost his mind and blamed the fans or the players, but overall in public Coach Bobby T handled himself with dignity. and I appreciate that in this day and age of foolishness.

At the end of the day, we want an amicable parting. Thank you for finding us such talented players, your granddaughter has an amazing singing talent, but our contract has now come to its end and so please leave us Jason Rollins. Go have fun fishing.

Right now there are some members of the Greenie Dat nation who are letting their passion get ahead of themselves and taking to showering some unseemly and vulgar name calling upon Coach and Doddmentum TM, which has not been funny and will come to be regretable. We at Tulane are better than that. This is not Cooter University. Coaching at Tulane post-K, post-Scelfo and post-review was literally the job from hell. So I just can't bring myself to kick Coach T in the behind on his way out the door given the pitifulness we struggle with daily. I mean if it's not Gibson Hall, it's no practice facility. If it's not academic programs, it's no pre-game hotels and busing 7 hours to games. We hand the poor man a bunch of hot garbage and then demand perfection. Every other coach would have been seen running screaming out da Wilson Center by now. So There. I said my piece.

So now for the fun part of my post: My Dream List of Coaches! Exciting, yes?!

Mike Leach - word. ....No discussion necessary. (Shotgun! I volunteer Princess Scott Cody for closet duty!!!!) Well, the downer is the salary requirement. $1.7mil. ouch. I can't wait to read the immature vitriol-laced debates about campus stadium fundraising v. head coach salary. Grab a seat and some truffle parmesan popcorn for that.

Andy Talley - Head Coach at Villanova. Northeast credentials are solid, so will fit in with our alumni base. Winning record everywhere he's coached, he has a long record as a head coach and he leads a championship-caliber spread offense squad at Villanova.

Mark Helfrich - Brightest, young offensive mind in the country. (<-- According to Mrs. Hullabaloo). Think Rich Rodriguez circa 1996, but with QB coaching credentials. No head coaching experience which is a huge unknown and will probably scare Rick Dickson. Also, while he may be used to some level of dreary humidity, he might wilt and die in our heat. None of his coaching experience has been in the nitty gritty south. and I also don't know a thing about his recruiting experience or abilities.

Neal Brown - talk about young. But Josh McDaniels, anyone? Also, he went to Texas Tech via Troy, so he knows the nitty gritty south and will have an aggressive style against our nemesis the Houston Cooters and the Corneaters of Tulsa. Also has northeast credentials with a degree from Umass and some coaching stints at 2A schools up that way. .....Be Agressive, Be, Be Agressive!

Brian Jenkins - Currently a Head Coach, former offense coach (WR) at Rutgers, special teams (!) coaching with the Ragin Cajuns and handled recruiting duties in past posts. Has experience playing CUSA teams. The downer will be the concessions that Scott Cowen will have to swallow in the academics department. That's just my unscientific opinion being thrown out there about the academics thing.

KC Keeler - Kurt Charles "wears his sunglasses at night" and is a minor celebrity in Delaware. Northeast credentials. But I promise we can beat $300g's a year salary. easy peasy. Except for that 10 year contract extension thingie he just signed. Oh well, dare to dream. And he has no experience coaching or recruiting in the nitty gritty south.

Chris Ault - Yes, he's old and in the HOF. But his salary is reasonable, he's been successful with his pistol twist on the spread, and he has the long tenured experience that would make Rick Dickson and Scottie just KVELL at the idea of landing him. Think Lou Holtz. Except that Chris Ault also has some experience as AD which might make Rick Dickson look over his shoulder. Not that he isn't already with Rick Jones...(What!!? Who said that!!? That was so gossipy Mrs. Hullabaloo!!!)

....Whatcha think? Not bad arm chair discussion for a Tailgatress, huh?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


That's what I'm calling it. Yes, I have an opinion. So sue me.

Talk about up the middle. If you, too, are tired of "taking it up the middle", give me a Hell Yeah!








No Horse Meat Today

Ha! This photo really looks like it should have it's own episode of Glee...

At one of the Tulane v. SMU games in Dallas I was complaining about how they make that poor pony run across the field with that pole harness thing. It was breaking my heart. Especially since to add insult to injury Matt Forte racked up 350 yards running that game and got named to the Doak Walker list. Doak is an SMU player for which the award is named. Ironic and insulting to pony fans. But running that poor horse around seemed so inhumane! Well DaddyS sort of made me feel better by telling me that the poor horse could otherwise be alone somewhere, in the rain, nothing to eat....But now it's being housed in Highland Park and getting spa treatments at Neiman's. Okay then. I like Neiman's Tea Room.

Sort of on topic, Kaare Johnson yesterday praised how LSU has a $3million facility for Mike. I am most certainly not down with that. That is so atrocious when the school is firing professors. But I digress....

So it's GAMEDAY (!) and we have gorgeous weather. Glorious! The Greenwave play at Home at Da Dome, and I am attempting Tyler's Ultimate Potato Salad here in a few. And y'all know how much I adore Chef Ty, hopefully all will be well in the world today.

And thankfully, NO crazy drives to Tulsa this weekend. Remind me to tell you sometime how Coach Hullabaloo somehow managed to get on a loop in Paris, Texas, we added an HOUR onto our already endless drive and we were perilously close to a divorce.

Coach Hullabaloo put together burger patties with his signature No Mistake Recipe and I have a portobella for the future Mrs. Voice of the Greenwave. Bootie Judy shared that some of her tailgating partners talked about finding horse meat for their tailgating menu for today. We don't have much room to argue here in Louisiana when we eat alligator, frog and crawfish. But as much I appreciate the thought behind being an Ultimate SuperFan TM at all times, that's gross. But thankfully the wives stepped in and halted such proceedings.

Also on tap for today is my famous guacamole but I need to figure out a cole slaw on the fly here.

I'm leaning towards Tyler's Spicy Pecan Coleslaw...

1 head napa or savoy cabbage, shredded
4 carrots, shredded
2 Granny Smith apples, thinly sliced
1 medium red onion, thinly sliced
1 cup pecans, toasted and chopped
Leaves from 1 bunch fresh mint, for garnish
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon ground chipotle
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 lemon, juiced
smidge saltnpeppa to taste

Toss veggies and pecans together in a plastic tub.

In a separate bowl stir together the mustard, sugar, mayonnaise, ground chipotle, and lemon juice until deliciously whipped into a blend. Shake, shake, shake some saltnpeppa to taste. Dip your clean finger into the bowl and taste the dressing to see if it's fabulous and you love it.

Lovingly pour dressing over the veggies, cover your tub, and then shake your bootie while you shake the tub so that the dressing coats and distributes well. Sneak another taste and make sure you love it love it, then garnish with chopped mint leaves.

1 pound small Yukon gold potatoes - chopped
1 large egg
Kosher salt
1/4 bunch sliced scallions, white and green parts
1 tablespoon drained capers
1 cups mayonnaise
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 generous tablespoons finely chopped dill pickles with a generous splash of juice
1/4 small red onion, thinly chopped
2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1/4 bunch dill, chopped
1/4 lemon, juiced
black pepper
Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling

Put the potatoes and eggs into a big saucepan of cold salted water. Bring to a simmer. After 12 minutes remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and let cool. Cook taters for 3 minutes longer and then drain and cool.

Set aside some scallion greens and capers for garnish. Meanwhile, stir together the mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and their juice, onion, remaining scallions and capers, parsley, and lemon juice.

Peel and chop the cooled egg. Add egg to cooled taters, mix everything with dressing. Saltnpeppa to taste and then drizzle with EVOO and garnish.

Roll Wave Y'all!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tulane Fan Thursdays

ahem. Attention, Miss Scott Cody (of WWL): Just to show you that Coach and Mrs. Hullabalo have ample company as "Passionate" fans, I present to you Miss JC. Of course Miss JC is only a woman and not yet elevated to queen status, like yourself, Miss Cody. Oh, but we can just dare to dream in the meantime.

Anyways, each week I hope to profile a select member of the Greenie Dat Nation. Other Tulane SuperFans, such as myself. I hope all of you enjoy these profiles!

Miss JC, How and When did you know you were a true Tulane Greenwave SuperFan?

"When I attended my first basketball game in Fogelman in 1993. It was the Louisville game - the biggest game of the season - and the crowd was packed into Fogelman and going crazy. The atmosphere was insane! I was a senior in high school and couldn't wait to get to campus and attend all the games!"

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane SuperFan?

"Beating Rice in Game Three of the 2005 Super Regional at Turchin.. The 2001 Super Regional was special, but 2005 was so dramatic because of the comeback win. It was also special because I knew I'd be on a plane to Omaha in four days for my first trip to the CWS if we won!"

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?

photo courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Tommy Manzella!

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?
"I used to wear the green "Faith" bracelet that the 2005 team wore but I've since retired it :)"

Are there any past Tulane SuperFans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?
"Mr. John McCutchen (aka "attom greenie" on YOGWF). He followed the Green Wave religiously through the internet until he passed away in 2005. He was a character!"

Dearest members of the Greenie Dat Nation: As you can see, you are all "Current and Newsworthy" in the heart of Mrs. Hullabaloo. There is no 24 hour expiration date at Hullabaloo Huddle for your "passion" and I hope we go out there and CRACK THE BAT this weekend against SMU. In the words of another favorite SuperFan: LET'S HARRASS THE HORSIESTM !

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love and Light to Scott Cody

Nobody doubts that Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo are fierce defenders of the Green Wave. Fo Shizzle.

So during the course of valiantly holding the New Orleans media accountable to, like, do their job - we had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Miss Scott Cody of WWL-TV

For anybody who watched the "apology/making it up to us" segment of the Utep game on WWL on Monday at 5 - Coach and I feel we had a hand in that. Every single affiliate in New Orleans had the same excuse for not mentioning the score: They had technical difficulties getting feed from El Paso. All four stations? God forbid some sort of emergency situation happen if they can't even manage to get a sports bit like a freaking score.

There is a big difference in publishing a score and editing a segment. Yes we understand that Tulane is not your ticket to national news prominence so don't waste your time on editing segments. and also yes we understand that a game over 24 hours old is stale news. Unless of course it's LSU and then it is automatically deemed "newsworthy" regardless of the 24 hour cut-off requirement as specified by Miss Cody and can then be lazily inserted as excuse for "news" every single sports segment until the next time a horseshoe falls out of Les Miles' behind.

So after a slew of patronizing correspondence in which Miss Cody copied everyone (and I mean like did he not have Obama's or Pope Benedict's email on hand to include also or what?), Miss Cody finally admitted that indeed the Greenie Dat Nation was correct. We weren't blind or stupid, we didn't see what wasn't there, and WWL had indeed "embarrassingly" omitted coverage.

Replay of correspondence
(in condensed and embellished form of course):

Coach Hullabaloo: this is bull.

Miss Cody with carbon copy to the universe: You are Wrong AND we're going to take your picture!

Coach Hullabaloo: here's evidence of your bull.

Miss Cody without carbon copy to everyone: Alright, we omitted coverage, but the Texas Rangers mystically transported themselves and played on Sunday as did Auburn+LSU, which is why we only cover 23 hour old/SUNDAY events on Fourth Down on Four.

So anyways, Miss Cody has informed us that he'll be setting up early for the saints game joining the Greenie Dats this weekend at the Dome for the SMU game and specifically requested ample camera shots of our section. We are so very fortunate for such showering of attention by a celebrity of Miss Cody's caliber.

So in honor of Miss Cody's cameo, Peggy and I are circling the official Hullabaloo Huddle Welcome Wagon in anticipation of Her Highness and will make sure to give him our most esteemed and gracious welcoming.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crawfish Attack!

I am happy to report that the Greenwave Pinched the Tails and Sucked Da Heads, Baby!

Here Mrs. Hullabaloo-icious with a long-lost Tulane classmate who also flew in for the game. I think the ambulance in the background was carrying leftover Miner @ss, since it had been handed to them.

Also, as you can see from my photo, it's not a complete game unless all Greenie fans are properly costumed. What was sort of funny was that he was scaring baby Miner fans. Oh no, crying babies.

and I'm not referring to the one UTEP idiot on the 50 ydl who would not shut up. This Miner fan was a complete child. I think Man Child had a man crush on Dezman Moses as he showered all of his pent up energy on Dez. What was just a classic "color" moment of the game was when after Alex Wacha got the final interception, the players turned around and dished it back to Man Child. And dude was hard core. Man Child gave a valiant, yet pathetic, last stand.

The Final Dis Replay
(imagine Man Child looks like the Mexican-American Comedian, Fluffy)

Unidentified Greenie turns around and bootie dances at Man Child. Man Child screams "I saw your mom do that last night in Juarez!" and starts peeling off dollar bills. Greenie yells back "and You've got bigger boobs that my mom!" Man Child ignores friend's plea that they just follow the rest of the UTEP stream out of the stadium. Man Child continues waving his dollar bill. Greenie yells "That must be all the money you got!" and then the players continue waving at Man Child as he finally runs out of gestures and ideas to make himself feel better about the Miner's choking.

Although I have to say Man Child was a little weak as far as opponents' idiot fans go. He was not nearly as vulgar as the Town and Gown approved idiots at UCF. And he didn't resort to the so very very infantile middle finger salute like LSU Grandmothers and Houston Cooter Fans generally opt for. If I recall, Man Child's loudest digs into Dezman Moses had something to do about making Gumbo? So it was really kind of easy to ignore him. I just thought it was funny that for the first time I've been witness to, our guys had some snappy things to say back.

So I also met this alum who drove in from Albuquerque, who is also appropriately costumed. Love this!

So we leave El Paso with a win. Thank You El Paso!

Without further ado, the Official Tulane Victory Trip to El Paso Photo Story Captured from the beginning

Team Welcomed to El Paso (thank you very much!)

Team runs out on the field

Crazy first punt return where a greenie goes airborne after being tackled. (Photo by UTEP Prospector, Bob Corral)

Erleeeens Darkwa! (and a Miner with his pants on the ground) - El Paso Times photo by Rudy Gutierez

DJ "Wiki Wiki" Banks (photo by Michael Reese)


Roll Wave! Now let's go get us 3 more W's....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dispatches from the Border

first of all - MEGA SHOPPING ALERT LADIES (!).

This A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E olive and blue reversible jacket at Target for $15.

Online Shopping Link Here

It's not puffy, so you don't look overstuffed and the colors are just perfect. RUN to your laptop or nearest Target and get one stat. Perfect for midweek baseball games. and the season is almost upon us, you know.

Now, for the dispatches: Everybody in El Paso has been SO nice! Imagine my surpise when we show up to the hotel with the team and we are welcomed with a BANNER and balloons (will post pic soon).

I say we ditch Tulsa and just keep UTEP games on our conference schedule. Maybe replace Tulsa with Memphis somehow. Cause I never wanna go back to Aslut, that was whack. ARE YOU READING THIS RICK DICKSON?

Anyways, we are STUCK with YET ANOTHER Tulane fan that roots for LSU. (and he's with us for at least another hour or so when we can lose him at tailgating). Talk about WTF. This one says if you are a native New Orleanean, you have to root for LSU. I call B.S. on that one. Helllloooo, I may not have been fortunate enough to be "native" but I know plenty more Tulane fans than the two I've encountered these past two weeks who would rather lose a limb than cheer for the tiggers.

Y'all know what I mean, right? Of course you do, otherwise you would have posted a nasty message like a random character did a few months ago trying to "educate" me about the error of my ways and that Billy Cannon truly is the second coming of the Mesiah (but just impersonating a degenerate gambler and counterfiter at the present time).

I think there must be some chromosonal misplacement with these poor misguided souls.

Anyways, back to cheering for Auburn while we wait for our bus to UTEP.

Roll Wave!
- Mrs. Hullabaloo-icious

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tulane Tailgate in El Paso

FYI: Tulane is hosting an official Tulane Tailgate in El Paso this weekend with a Private Tent on Glory Field. BBQ from Rudy's Country Store, tea, beer and sodas.

You can RSVP thru this link here.

The cost is $10 per person, children are free.

I'm "Essential" Y'all!

Hullabaloo Huddle is on Utep's Miner Rush website

I'm so honored!!! I am just KVELLING about the attention showered on my little Shtetl here on the internets!

Of course, we at Hullabaloo Huddle, have always felt our gameday recipes, olive+blue shopping tips, and copious chronicling of Tulane tailgating and gameday "color" - both home and away - to be absolutely E-ssential for every citizen of the Greenie Dat Nation. So we are just plum thrilled to actually be recongized as such.

To my wonderful Miner fans: Thank You and Mazel!

But for real, as much as I would love to give into the tempation of hogging the spotlight and try to bask in the glow of glory: All of you serious Miner Fans may want more testoterone x's and o's discussion of Tulane Athletics. So for Man Cave-worthy discussion, I would suggest the following forums as truly "Essential"

Ye Ole Greenwave Forum

The Wave Report

Roll Wave Y'all!
- Mrs. Hullabaloo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Cry For Me

So Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were in Argentina last year for the "game of the year" last year when Tulane beat Utep in overtime. excuse: my daddy made me go. Oy! One of his dearest closest friend's offspring was getting married. This had been daddy's friend since God was a boy and since these people had made the trip when Coach Hullabaloo and I tied the knot, he insisted that I had to do the same. No excuse was acceptable and believe me: we. tried.

Of course when I got back, e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y asked where I was, they couldn't believe I wasn't there. Of all the fans to miss this game. yeah, yeah, yeah.

Coach Hullabaloo and I were staying at a dump hotel that had no internet and we were war driving a wireless connection from some cheap person with crappy bandwidth. We paid a zillion dollars online for all access that wasn't working and then thankfully happened upon Channelsurfing - but with our precarious broadband connection, we'd get every other play.

Here's a replay of us huddled over a laptop monitor while putting on tuxedos, gowns and panty hose and such: OMG Jeremy Williams caught the ball! Oh no, the connection is out...10 minutes later...wait, they scored.....10 minutes later....oh we scored.

We left the hotel at halftime, thinking we would be skating in to the church right before the Prince of Denmark March notes were struck on the organ.

But no. This bride apparently decided to chillax and meandered over to the church an hour late. If I could have screamed "YOU MADE ME MISS THE TULANE GAME FOR THIS?!" I totally would have. and really not cared that I had caused a scene.

Yep, I'm that diehard...

ps I think all these photos belonged to Dave Browning. I could be wrong though, so if you claim these photos: please advise and I will give you proper credit.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Game Photos

All photos are property of Tom Gilbert and the Tulsa World newspaper (Egads, could you imagine the prospect? An entire WORLD of nothing but Tulsa! Dear Sweet Jesus, no! Tulsa is whack.)

Ryan Grant Touchdown (photo #39 of slideshow)

DJ "Wiki Wiki" Banks jukes them out (photo #40 of slideshow)

Payten Jason on a run (photo #77 of slideshow)

Trent "The Beast" Mackey (photo #45 of slideshow)

To order real copies, you need to find the caption of the photo via this slideshow on the Tulsa Galaxy World website here

Then you need to fill out the order form here and identify the photo by it's caption.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tulane Bringing the Pain

This is a Youtube clip of 2010 Tulane Greenwave football highlights to a rap song written and performed by Texans on the Tulane football team.

Texas Teammates performing are Albert Williams (#25 Running Back), Chris Asumnu (#99 Defensive Tackle), and Taylor Echols (#15 Safety).

Highlights were edited by former Tulane student athlete James McMurchy (#53 Linebacker), also from Texas.

The song was recorded by Tulane sophomore, Jackson Breit of Virginia, who laid the beat and sang the choruses.

(Mrs. Hullabaloo wants thanks her fellow Texan student athletes that this was not a Country Song. Even though I love me some George Strait, it seemed the only stations in the entire state of Oklahoma were country stations. You had the classic country station, the hip hop country station, the top 40 country station, the golden oldie country station...Y'all I was born and bred up in Texas. I can hang with country music. But I just wanted to poke out my ear drums with the inescapable country music.)

Roll Wave!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oklahoma is NOT Okay

Talk about upside down world y'all!

Some crazy happenings...

Crazy Happening #1

So at the end of the game, we stopped to powder our nose before hiking over to the bus area where the players hop on to head out.

The epitome of Tulsa: someone had graffitid over the toilet paper dispensers "Poop Cleaner"

For real.

Crazy Happening #2

The women truly are corn fed up that way. That they serve corn on the cob at the stadium is just too funny to me. At kick off, we were all a little shocked at the pawltry home crowd. Then as soon as the sun came down, the crowds streamed in. Figures, gotta get the work in til sunset. We imagined the parking lot full of farm equipment they rode in on.

At dinner the night before, Coach Hullabaloo's dinner was served on what looked like a full on turkey platter. As we stared in shock, the waiter said not to worry, his wife was able to clean her plate and had faith Coach H would too. Coach H responded (to me in private of course!) that judging by what he'd seen of Oklahoma women, he was not shocked at all by that prospect.

They's bigguns up thar.

Crazy Happening #3

We are convinced that Coach Toledo is hoarding Time Outs in response to some weird PTSD affliction or something. I don't think he's realized that they should be used in critical situations yet or that they expire once the clock runs out.

Crazy #4 Just Crazy Talk

Tulane Alumni in Tulsa are sweet, but so sadly misguided. I have to preface and be fair that we did meet some charming peeps. But overall, here's a rundown of our conversations:

....No, the Tulane Tulsa Alumni President did not go to the game in 2008 because - get this - they gathered everybody to watch the game from the planeterium. Because the best way to connect with your alma mater that comes to your hometown is to gather at undisclosed location. (PS also you owe us $5 buddy)

....Yes, our head coach's name is Bob Toledo. (so rolling my eyes at this one, he's on year 4 and you just got the memo?), Yes, New Orleans is okay after Katrina. You might try visiting.

....Listen, I could be living in ALASKA and I promise that I could never, ever bring myself to cheer for LSU. So the fact that you graduated from Tulane, your child went to UL and you root for LSU because "you have been living in Oklahoma" means that there is something very very wrong with this scenario. Homesickness is not an acceptable excuse. (must be all that corn eating affecting brain signals, I swear)

....No, going to Tulane football games is not my "job." (! YES, an alumna actually ASKED me that). Although you've hit on an idea. I should figure out how to parlay being a Tulane fan into an actual paid gig. I'll need to run that idea by Rick Dickson or Charlotte Travieso. random Tulsan Tulane alum came up and smirkingly asked if we actually had a good team this year, right while I was in the midst of a conversation with Zach Davis' daddy (!). I didn't even know this character, he just kinda busted up on in there without even offering us his name or an opening greeting as a courtesy. Hello, Zach Davis walked away from offers from Stanford, BC, Michigan, Kentucky, Northwestern. So first of all, please hide your ignorance - it's not charming or funny - and second, don't interrupt conversations to ask a stupid question and then walk away while we are in the middle of humoring you with an answer. Did I mention this character was there with a Tulsa fan? Rude! I was so embarassed.

Complete and total twilight zone y'all.

So onwards we go to El Paso. And then thankfully, we finish out the season in the comfort of home sweet dome. Quelle relief!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes, we're going to Aslut. So shut up.

You'll all be thrilled to know, we have not tossed ourselves off the GNO.

Although we were tempted after watching the Saints yesterday and Florida stinking up the place also. Chuck, you OWE us buddy.

Although I do think we are in serious need of an intervention because not only are Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo going to Tulsa Aslut, we are also going to El Paso.

(yes, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo bleed green)

What are we thinking? I don't know. Maybe our karmic journey is to be present when Coach Toledo and Dan Dodd get time warped or something and we can say "we were there."

But nobody needs an intervention more than the Tulane Alumni office. The alumni office says they are having a tailgate in El Paso. I laughed myself silly. Gabby Cannon must have a seriously stocked bar planned to make our latest Homecoming Humiliation a distant memory.

Do you remember winning homecoming? It's a blurry dream for me. But I think our last homecoming win was at Tiger Stadium. against Southeastern. I think that's the problem, they left us with a curse or something.

Anyways, Speaking of cocktails...Charlicious, our tailgating mixologist maven, shared a fabulous new Fall drink recipe care of our hostessing heroine/messiah, the one, the only, Martha Stewart.

Here the future Mrs. Voice of the Greenwave getting her sip on with the Charlicious Fall-tini

The Charlicious Fall-Tini
Dash of Cognac
Cuppa chilled sparkling apple cider
A few shakes Angostura bitters

Pour a smidge of Cognac into the bottom of your fancy stemmed glasses. Top with chilled sparkling apper cider and finish with a few shakes of bitters.

Bootie-Judy, my favoritest new tailgating buddy had these adorable cups which are totally Hullabaloo Huddle-worthy and officially at the top of our "favorite things" list.

Bootie-Judy purchased them at Rouse's, but we have been told they are available at Party Cup Express in Jefferson.

So speaking of going to Aslut, I'll touch on the discussion that is burning across the Greenwave Nation internets: Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Slidellwave BOTH witnessed - separately - live and in person, the Homecoming Porn happening in the escalator lounge by the suites on this very couch.

Imagine Mr. Slidellwave's surprise coming off the elavator with an armfull of concessions in the third quarter. Mrs. Slidellwave stumbled upon the scene on her way to the ladies room. According to the WIST 690 reporting, even after several witnesses happened upon them, said fornicators continued romping around the suites level until security had to be summoned. This totally tops the drunk girls peeing on Mr. and Mrs. Jim's Tahoe right in front of us during Homecoming '09 tailgating.

I leave you with my final rant: Superbowl Champion Mewelde Moore got totally completely and jipped on his Hall of Fame moment on the field during halftime.

Oy, I need a drink. stat.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cherry Peppers


So I have found out that the best places to pick up Brats and Sausages in New Orleans is at Rare Cuts (Magazine/Uptown or Citrus/River Ridge) and at Terranova's on Esplanade in Mid-City. Can't wait to grill em up!

Also, I might take a stab at these peppers for the sandwiches or just buy a jar. We will see how crazed I am tomorrow and Friday night.

Quick-Pickled Cherry Peppers
makes 1 small batch

12 cherry peppers
2 cups white vinegar
2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
smidge teaspoon salt
pinch of whole black peppercorns

Poke a few holes around the tops of the peppers. Place peppers and ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer over medium heat for about 10 minutes while you flip through a magazine, or until the peppers are slightly softened.

Letcha peppers cool off a bit and then put into a jar with the brine. Toss in the fridge and serve the peppers once they've cooled.

Here's some shots of J Dub last year at Army.

Remember that heart attack of a game?

Okay Defensive Line, we are asking for just one more small favor....please hold the line just one more week. Thank you!

xoxo, Mrs. Hullabaloo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rutgers Video Replay

If you are obsessed like me, you can watch the actual TV replay of the Rutgers game online at Espn3.

-> Click Here to Link to Video <-

Warning: the espn3 broadband sucks during the day, so it's best to watch early in the morning, or it gets hung up the entire time.

You gotta watch it. They show that riveting Kung Fu Fighting performance by the Rutgers dance team. (Add this Kung Fu Fighting deal to the list of "What Were They Thinking?")

And you get to find out that Jonathan Ginsburgh, among his many talents, manages to perform as both himself and Cairo Santos as their names are used interchangeably throughout the game by the announcers. Also that Casey Robottom is from "La-Playce."

But seriously, ESPN did fantastic replays at every angle of the Kemp-DJ-Kemp Touchdown pass, the Brock Sanders catch in triple coverage, Alex Lauricella breaking up the pass to Sanu late in 4th and Alex Wacha's game-saving interception.

To be fair to the announcers, they also give Trent Mackey a lot of air time. Mackey deserved every single second of discussion, he was a beast. They also gave major props to Cody Sparks (yay for Nell!)

So I am allowing us just one more day of basking in post-victory glow. And then, my petit choux, it's time to rip off the bandaid to face the impending dread of playing Army this weekend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shopping Alert - No Lie!

Okay, so this news is a few weeks old, but you've got to understand: I've been terribly busy rewatching Tulane Rutgers highlights. I can start bitching about Army in a few days.

Oh, yes: the shopping alert! Righteous Doc had some glamxurious green sunglasses on at Cooter Gameday a few weeks ago. Squeal! I just had to have a pair!

So they're at Anthropologie. I bought a pair over the weekend in NYC, and the ones I got were on sale for $10. They are tres cute, I am not lying!

You can buy this style online at for $24.

....or you can pop over to the new Anthropologie at Canal Place before the Tulane Coach's Radio Show on Wednesday and find the really cute green pair I got for $10.

So the 4-1-1 on the radio show is that the location is awesome and you need to be there. For any true Greenwave fan, it's an incredible opportunity to chat up the players in person and also banter with Coach Toledo and the athletic department staff who are there. If you want inside scoop, the radio show is the place to be, no lie.

As far as locations for the radio show, Gordon Biersch really tops all of the other locations we've had the show. I can't imagine the radio show at the old Tavern on the Park with Tommy Bowden. Yawn.

Allegedly, Bowden was crazy zealous about even the mere prescence of alcohol. and He allegedly would not even speak directly with Sandy Barbour because he was such a homophobe.

Which reminds me, I have to share about what a bold faced liar Tommy Bowden was at his last radio show at Tavern on the Park. Christian, my @ss. His bible is probably on fire. Bowden swore up and down to the loyal TU Dat listeners in attendance that he was going to pray to God (!) that night for direction about the miraculous Clemson opportunity that had materialized out of thin air without any solicitation. He claimed he had made no decisions, but was just anguished.

- My Dear Fans, I seriously have to do a sign of the cross and pray a Hail Mary as I type this because I cannot comprehend how a self-righteous Christian would knowingly invoke God in a lie -

So my favoritest booster of all time, Sweet J, goes home after Bowden's Jimmy Swaggert moment and turns on a shortwave radio she likes to listen to before going to sleep. She picks up a Carolina station announcing that Bowden had inked a deal that afternoon and that he would be in Clemson in the morning for the official announcement on campus. Talk about WTF.

Hmmm, so glad Bowden's only real claim to fame seems to be his tenure here at Tulane. Let the record state: We were his only top 10 team and his only undefeated team. He is still, deservedly, unemployed as of the writing of this blog post. Oh wait, I hear he peddles himself out for "Faith Based" Motivational Speeches at exciting gatherings like the Appalachacola Fantasy Football League meetings and such. It's quite riveting. I hear his podium will get struck by lighting and spontaneously combusts into flames.

... So meanwhile back in New Orleans, y'all (ha! I promise I am so over Bowden) .... Gordon Biersch is on beautiful Fulton Street and with this a-mazing weather, is simply heavenly with their indoor/outdoor bar. The Gordon Biersch Bar is the closest thing to re-living Collegiate Life out on the Ren-Deck.

In addition to the lovely ambiance, their microbrewed beers are actually really delish for those of us sinners out there that don't get all waded up over the presence of alcohol. However, the best thing is that the menu is so yum and there's a TON of choices: crab dip, wedge salad, garlic fries, soft chewy pretzels, kobe burgers, tuna steak, chicken how can any TU Dat be sitting at home when you can have a yummy dinner and be live in person with the Greenwave at the same time? and with your cute new Anthropologie sunglasses, it's a veritable win-win situation.

Tulane Football Coach's Radio Show
Wednesdays til Thanksgiving
6-7p Tulane sports talk
7-8p Coach Toledo and Football players
Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restauraunt
Poydras at Convention Center Blvd

Roll Wave!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Knight and Day!

photo courtesy of the AP

One knight down, two more knights to go on the schedule...

Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo had a wonderful time Railgating to New Jersey with all the other TU Dats either staying in The City for the game or with TU Dats who are now living in NYC.

Rutgers is a very green and open campus, it feels like a park. Everything is very well-organized on game day and the shuttle buses are easy and efficient. We railgated to New Brunswick, shared a cab from the station to the RAC with other TU Dats for the Tulane tailgating.

The Rutgers Stadium has to be the nicest stadium next to SMU on our schedule. I will happily return even if we had lost, which I swear I thought was going to happen even after there was 1:30 left on the clock.

All of the Rutgers fans were exceptionally congenial, we made many acquaintances and look forward to hosting them back in New Orleans. I am still so impressed by their manners. Good upbringing makes gameday just such a more enjoyable outing than the hostile environments at the other Knight and Cooter campuses on our schedule. and what's more, Rutgers has no NEED to put lipstick on a pig and hire Town and Gowns, cause Jersey-ites are all genuinely very nice and lovely people (that's for you Jack!).

Dear Rutgers: Mrs. Hullabaloo is your #1 Superfan

Also, I just LOVED, loved, loved the Rutgers Third Down Air Guitar ritual thingie. Too cute and so cleaver!! All you need are some of your Rutgers fan-ettes to start making themselves some cute gameday dresses and you'll be all set!

So I found all these great photos courtesy of the AP.

Coach T

Jordan Sullen

Payten Jason

Alex Wacha with the game-ending interception

The one photo I was looking for was Jonathan Ginsburgh's absolutely amazing save to punt the ball 46 yards despite a high snap that could have resulted in a safety and thus generate a complete meltdown.

There were some exceptional plays which I have not witnessed on a Tulane team since Shaun King, and those photos were sadly not captured! Alex Lauricella broke up a 3rd down pass at the goal line with 1:40 left on the clock, and then Brock Sanders coming up with a catch at mid-field in triple coverage! OMG, Mrs. Hullabaloo was having seizures right there on the sideline!

So Joe Kemp in the wildcat to DJ Banks and DJ wiki-wiki airing it out to Kemp for the TD - that play looked like it was totally happening in Slow Motion and at every point looked vulnerable. I had no fingernails left after witnessing that. I was so stunned I almost forgot to do the Hullabaloo. for real!

At the 1:30 mark Tulane failed to keep the ball (grrr Dan Dodd) and had to punt back to Rutgers. Meanwhile, clueless Rutgers fans were streaming out of the stadium and we TU Dats just could not believe it. You're Playing Tulane, Man! You could block a punt, run it back for a TD and then you'll probably still have time for one more possesion and TD.

So imagine the absolute astonishment of all the TU Dats when the game went our way! Oh glorious sweet Jesus! Thank you for your kind and merciful gifts!! and thank you also for the heavenly post-game Pizza dinner at John's Pizzeria at 44th and 8th.

PS Tennessee - PLEASE LEARN TO COUNT. We coulda had ourselves a Trifecta weekend and You Blew It!

Oh well, Hullabaloo!