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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oklahoma is NOT Okay

Talk about upside down world y'all!

Some crazy happenings...

Crazy Happening #1

So at the end of the game, we stopped to powder our nose before hiking over to the bus area where the players hop on to head out.

The epitome of Tulsa: someone had graffitid over the toilet paper dispensers "Poop Cleaner"

For real.

Crazy Happening #2

The women truly are corn fed up that way. That they serve corn on the cob at the stadium is just too funny to me. At kick off, we were all a little shocked at the pawltry home crowd. Then as soon as the sun came down, the crowds streamed in. Figures, gotta get the work in til sunset. We imagined the parking lot full of farm equipment they rode in on.

At dinner the night before, Coach Hullabaloo's dinner was served on what looked like a full on turkey platter. As we stared in shock, the waiter said not to worry, his wife was able to clean her plate and had faith Coach H would too. Coach H responded (to me in private of course!) that judging by what he'd seen of Oklahoma women, he was not shocked at all by that prospect.

They's bigguns up thar.

Crazy Happening #3

We are convinced that Coach Toledo is hoarding Time Outs in response to some weird PTSD affliction or something. I don't think he's realized that they should be used in critical situations yet or that they expire once the clock runs out.

Crazy #4 Just Crazy Talk

Tulane Alumni in Tulsa are sweet, but so sadly misguided. I have to preface and be fair that we did meet some charming peeps. But overall, here's a rundown of our conversations:

....No, the Tulane Tulsa Alumni President did not go to the game in 2008 because - get this - they gathered everybody to watch the game from the planeterium. Because the best way to connect with your alma mater that comes to your hometown is to gather at undisclosed location. (PS also you owe us $5 buddy)

....Yes, our head coach's name is Bob Toledo. (so rolling my eyes at this one, he's on year 4 and you just got the memo?), Yes, New Orleans is okay after Katrina. You might try visiting.

....Listen, I could be living in ALASKA and I promise that I could never, ever bring myself to cheer for LSU. So the fact that you graduated from Tulane, your child went to UL and you root for LSU because "you have been living in Oklahoma" means that there is something very very wrong with this scenario. Homesickness is not an acceptable excuse. (must be all that corn eating affecting brain signals, I swear)

....No, going to Tulane football games is not my "job." (! YES, an alumna actually ASKED me that). Although you've hit on an idea. I should figure out how to parlay being a Tulane fan into an actual paid gig. I'll need to run that idea by Rick Dickson or Charlotte Travieso. random Tulsan Tulane alum came up and smirkingly asked if we actually had a good team this year, right while I was in the midst of a conversation with Zach Davis' daddy (!). I didn't even know this character, he just kinda busted up on in there without even offering us his name or an opening greeting as a courtesy. Hello, Zach Davis walked away from offers from Stanford, BC, Michigan, Kentucky, Northwestern. So first of all, please hide your ignorance - it's not charming or funny - and second, don't interrupt conversations to ask a stupid question and then walk away while we are in the middle of humoring you with an answer. Did I mention this character was there with a Tulsa fan? Rude! I was so embarassed.

Complete and total twilight zone y'all.

So onwards we go to El Paso. And then thankfully, we finish out the season in the comfort of home sweet dome. Quelle relief!

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