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Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes, we're going to Aslut. So shut up.

You'll all be thrilled to know, we have not tossed ourselves off the GNO.

Although we were tempted after watching the Saints yesterday and Florida stinking up the place also. Chuck, you OWE us buddy.

Although I do think we are in serious need of an intervention because not only are Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo going to Tulsa Aslut, we are also going to El Paso.

(yes, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo bleed green)

What are we thinking? I don't know. Maybe our karmic journey is to be present when Coach Toledo and Dan Dodd get time warped or something and we can say "we were there."

But nobody needs an intervention more than the Tulane Alumni office. The alumni office says they are having a tailgate in El Paso. I laughed myself silly. Gabby Cannon must have a seriously stocked bar planned to make our latest Homecoming Humiliation a distant memory.

Do you remember winning homecoming? It's a blurry dream for me. But I think our last homecoming win was at Tiger Stadium. against Southeastern. I think that's the problem, they left us with a curse or something.

Anyways, Speaking of cocktails...Charlicious, our tailgating mixologist maven, shared a fabulous new Fall drink recipe care of our hostessing heroine/messiah, the one, the only, Martha Stewart.

Here the future Mrs. Voice of the Greenwave getting her sip on with the Charlicious Fall-tini

The Charlicious Fall-Tini
Dash of Cognac
Cuppa chilled sparkling apple cider
A few shakes Angostura bitters

Pour a smidge of Cognac into the bottom of your fancy stemmed glasses. Top with chilled sparkling apper cider and finish with a few shakes of bitters.

Bootie-Judy, my favoritest new tailgating buddy had these adorable cups which are totally Hullabaloo Huddle-worthy and officially at the top of our "favorite things" list.

Bootie-Judy purchased them at Rouse's, but we have been told they are available at Party Cup Express in Jefferson.

So speaking of going to Aslut, I'll touch on the discussion that is burning across the Greenwave Nation internets: Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Slidellwave BOTH witnessed - separately - live and in person, the Homecoming Porn happening in the escalator lounge by the suites on this very couch.

Imagine Mr. Slidellwave's surprise coming off the elavator with an armfull of concessions in the third quarter. Mrs. Slidellwave stumbled upon the scene on her way to the ladies room. According to the WIST 690 reporting, even after several witnesses happened upon them, said fornicators continued romping around the suites level until security had to be summoned. This totally tops the drunk girls peeing on Mr. and Mrs. Jim's Tahoe right in front of us during Homecoming '09 tailgating.

I leave you with my final rant: Superbowl Champion Mewelde Moore got totally completely and jipped on his Hall of Fame moment on the field during halftime.

Oy, I need a drink. stat.

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