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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Knight and Day!

photo courtesy of the AP

One knight down, two more knights to go on the schedule...

Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo had a wonderful time Railgating to New Jersey with all the other TU Dats either staying in The City for the game or with TU Dats who are now living in NYC.

Rutgers is a very green and open campus, it feels like a park. Everything is very well-organized on game day and the shuttle buses are easy and efficient. We railgated to New Brunswick, shared a cab from the station to the RAC with other TU Dats for the Tulane tailgating.

The Rutgers Stadium has to be the nicest stadium next to SMU on our schedule. I will happily return even if we had lost, which I swear I thought was going to happen even after there was 1:30 left on the clock.

All of the Rutgers fans were exceptionally congenial, we made many acquaintances and look forward to hosting them back in New Orleans. I am still so impressed by their manners. Good upbringing makes gameday just such a more enjoyable outing than the hostile environments at the other Knight and Cooter campuses on our schedule. and what's more, Rutgers has no NEED to put lipstick on a pig and hire Town and Gowns, cause Jersey-ites are all genuinely very nice and lovely people (that's for you Jack!).

Dear Rutgers: Mrs. Hullabaloo is your #1 Superfan

Also, I just LOVED, loved, loved the Rutgers Third Down Air Guitar ritual thingie. Too cute and so cleaver!! All you need are some of your Rutgers fan-ettes to start making themselves some cute gameday dresses and you'll be all set!

So I found all these great photos courtesy of the AP.

Coach T

Jordan Sullen

Payten Jason

Alex Wacha with the game-ending interception

The one photo I was looking for was Jonathan Ginsburgh's absolutely amazing save to punt the ball 46 yards despite a high snap that could have resulted in a safety and thus generate a complete meltdown.

There were some exceptional plays which I have not witnessed on a Tulane team since Shaun King, and those photos were sadly not captured! Alex Lauricella broke up a 3rd down pass at the goal line with 1:40 left on the clock, and then Brock Sanders coming up with a catch at mid-field in triple coverage! OMG, Mrs. Hullabaloo was having seizures right there on the sideline!

So Joe Kemp in the wildcat to DJ Banks and DJ wiki-wiki airing it out to Kemp for the TD - that play looked like it was totally happening in Slow Motion and at every point looked vulnerable. I had no fingernails left after witnessing that. I was so stunned I almost forgot to do the Hullabaloo. for real!

At the 1:30 mark Tulane failed to keep the ball (grrr Dan Dodd) and had to punt back to Rutgers. Meanwhile, clueless Rutgers fans were streaming out of the stadium and we TU Dats just could not believe it. You're Playing Tulane, Man! You could block a punt, run it back for a TD and then you'll probably still have time for one more possesion and TD.

So imagine the absolute astonishment of all the TU Dats when the game went our way! Oh glorious sweet Jesus! Thank you for your kind and merciful gifts!! and thank you also for the heavenly post-game Pizza dinner at John's Pizzeria at 44th and 8th.

PS Tennessee - PLEASE LEARN TO COUNT. We coulda had ourselves a Trifecta weekend and You Blew It!

Oh well, Hullabaloo!

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