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Friday, August 27, 2010



Adorable dress at Dillard's for $17.

Sizes run small since it's from the juniors department. But too cute I had to share! It's in the traditional Tulane green and baby blue colors. I think it's a must have for tailgating season.

Jeremiah was a Bullfrog!

Okay, so I'm just a little stunned about the decision of our friends in O-Town, Mississippi and their choice of QB for the 2010-11 season. Joining the legacies of Archie Manning and Eli Manning. Compare and Contrast.

My eyebrows are arched.

It is just interessante because rumor had it that Mrs. "Potty Mouth" Orgeron got her fair share of sideways glances in O-Town simply because she was a little rough around the edges and didn't quite "fit in" with the crowd at The Grove.

With this QB, we aren't talking about a poor choice of words in polite company or an inappropriate choice of outfit for your age and status. Nope, this is a far cry from a run in with the Fashion Police.

I might have to plot with Koozie to make some fun handcuffs for the game on September 11th. Just for some lighthearted humor and knock em down a few pegs. Kind of like the Rice Marching Owl Band and their fabulous halftime performances.

Just to show that Mrs. Hullabaloo isn't a completely horrible and insenstive person, I am saying a prayer for Mr. Jeremiah. I sincerely hope that Mr. Jeremiah has Come to Jesus and forgiven for his transgressions. and that he benefits immensely in the future from his Masters in "Parks and Recreation" from the University of Mississippi. Also.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Cute Gameday Dresses on sale at Tricky Vickie's

This strapless one is A-dorable. I saw it in person on one of the mom's before the fall scrimmage. The green is "clover" green, but the "turquoise" ruffle/underlay part on this dress is really more on the sky blue side. It's perfect.

As I shop. again. for a change....

Thankfully I don't think Coach Hullabaloo reads this blog, so I won't have to hide the package in the trunk of my car until I can sneak it into the house without him noticing.

So in order to balance out my shopping Karma, I have the following giveaway.

It's a License Plate Mirror thingie, which I bought at the campus Bookstore over the summer. And then I walked out to my car and realized I had nothing on my front bumper to hang it from. Women. So Clueless.

Anyways, Lucky Winner shall be selected from the comment thread.

Have fun and enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hullabaloo-ettes in Training

I have two MORE Town Daughters to indoctrinate this year. Muahahahaha! (rubbing my hands together devilishly)

I school these Tulane freshman woman to love all things New Orleans. Which is not difficult since New Orleans is such a fabulous place.

Really the purpose of this program is to be an adult contact (i.e. "Town Mom") in the city, but what fun is it to only do that?

So instead of being the stuffy, bureacratic "Town Mom," Mrs. Hullabaloo overdoes it and I welcome them with these goodie baskets - Zapps, Abita Rootbear, Hubigs Pies, Delivery/Take-out Menus, a piece of Tulane Gameday Gear (this year "bedazzled" baseball caps), a starter set of Mardi Gras Throw Cups, mesh laundry bags, chip clips, and a mini purse-sized umbrella.

I pepper them with other themed baskets throughout the year: The Exams Basket has Smart Food popcorn and Smart Water (ha!), post it's and highlighter pens and Red Bull. The Mardi Gras Basket has Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide, a Mask, a little Drawstring Backpack, BC Powder, Tagamet and starter set of good Mardi Gras beads. The Spring Break Basket has Neutrogena sunscreen, Aloe Cream, Burt's Bees SPF lip balm, a Beach Towel and Beach Bag.

This year I have TWO Town Daughters to mind. Saturday was the big move-in day. So yesterday I gathered up my little chickadees, including, Big Sister/Town Daughter #1 and took them all to Plum Street for Sno Cones. What a hoot! The King Cake Sno Cone flavor is awesome by the way.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Best School EVAH!

Reason #738 Why Tulane is the Best College EVER....

We picked up my Town Daughter (what is this?!? answer: Reason #585 why Tulane is awesome) yesterday from the airport in THE midst of Superdome traffic heading to the first home Saints game, post-Super Bowl. Our little highway was absolutely CRAMMED with Crunksters, getting crunk and honking at other Who Dats. It looked like a mardi gras parade route from Lake Borgne to Loyola Street.

Classes start on Monday for my little petit choux. So my Town Daughter was bemoaning the fact that one of her classes is scheduled on Thursdays from 6-8, but is hoping that Scott Cowen again declares that classes are cancelled in order to enjoy another Saints Parade.

Reason #738 Tulane is Fabulous: Classes were cancelled in order to attend the Saints Super Bowl Pararde in February (!)

Please tell me which other college demands that level of civic participation from their collegians? I dare you.

Her professor hasn't already gone ahead and just announced a cancellation pre-emptively. HOW could you possibly compete with Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, the OPENING game for the entire NFL season - all of ESPN, etc. are camping out in New Orleans as I write. We get to humiliate Brett Favre once again (as if that draft day picture wasn't enough). Even Guy Fieri is here. I swear that professor MUST be from somewhere very unfun and just doesn't get it.

This shall be Town Daughter's Cross to Bear.....

P.S. J-Dub will come with the Chargers to play the Saints next week in pre-season. Staaaaand Up and Get Crunk!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tailgate Throwdown

Saturday, August 28th
Summer Saturdays - Tailgate Throwdown
at Whole Foods Uptown (Arabella+Magazine)
12 - 2 pm FREE

The tailgating experts at Whole Foods Market will be serving up some WF fare for football fans.

Also on the tailgating social calendar in New Orleans:

Guy Fieri has a new show, Tailgating Warriors. He is attending 3 NFL cities for their game to film a Tailgating Throwdown between tailgaters from the opposing teams. Guy will be in New Orleans September 9th to film a throwdown for our home opener against the Minnesota. Clearly, this is New Orleans' throwdown to lose.

Rumor is that the Viqueens don't have serious tailgaters (or serious airport krewes to properly welcome team/players), so they are using someone from GREENBAY.

Thanks to Lisa for the tip on the Tailgate Throwdown!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


photo by parker waters

It's official. Time to Get Crunk. My season tickets arrived today. Section 143. The crazies. Hey: it takes ALL kinds mes petites choux.

I hope I get to see the little blue-haired cajun lady who married a member of the 1940something olive and blue football team. She's got some passionate lungs for a lady who wears perfectly tailored pant suits with immaculately groomed hair. Such a gem.

So accompanied with my season tickets was a "Fan Guide" and an "NCAA Booster Compliance" pamphlet. They're on to me, I tell you.

According to the "Fan Guide" no outside drinks and no obscene tee-shirts. and no socially unacceptable language, gestures or behavoir. and no standing, please.


Except for the standing part, I think this mailing was supposed to go to UCF. You know, Bachelor Vienna's alma mater. Thee with the "I'm a UCF B*ch" tee-shirt clad co-eds and assortment of idiot fans who unceaselessly scream obscenities at 40 y.o. women and defenseless college cheerleaders. Seriously. And a completely useless UCF cop just standing there denying that there's anything to be done about such behavior. I guess that's why we in New Orleans are able to peacably have occasions such as Mardi Gras and Superbowl Parades without fun quickly turning to tragedy, turned over cars lit on fire and mass hysteria. Acting out of hand quickly earns one a trip to Broad Street and an evening in Central Lockup.

UCF has these "Town & Gown" volunteers that is like spitting into a forest fire. It's like a welcome wagon-kind of organization made up of women who somehow meandered into the wrong campus destiny. "Thank you for coming to take our verbal abuse! We're so glad you are here. Come back and see us y'all!"

Bless their hearts, the Town & Gown's should have gone to Mississippi State or University of Alabama.

So anyways, Tulane season tickets have arrived!! Yay!

Included therewith (beyond the passive aggressive pamphlets to tell Mrs. Hullabaloo to please sit and to cease and desist encouraging Tulane Students' wity slogans for opponents. oh, remind me to tell you about the $80 tee shirt I bought off an underclassman's back) is a lovely booklet with letters from THE Roch Hontas, QB/M.D. and "California Cool" #11 Ryan Griffin.

Doctor Roch lovingly writes to us Tulane Faithful that he believes "2010 Tulane Football is all about promise and potential." Roch was our "David v. Goliath" quarterback. He was considered too short to go on professionally, but by all accounts of other Hullabaloo Huddler fans, Doctor Roch was The Real Deal when it came to Tulane quarterbacks.

Opposite in the pamphlet from Doctor Roch's encouraging message, our favorite California Cool musters up a passionate letter recalling our exciting win over UTEP! Which, did I mention that I had to go to a stupid wedding and miss! ME of all Tulane Fans, to miss THIS game. I shant ever forgive the newlyweds.

Ry writes, "My heart was racing. My emotions were running wild. As we celebrated on the sideline and with our fans I witnessed the passion that Tulanians have for their [..our?] university."

See friends, Ryan is such a quiet, unemotional guy that I find his letter absolutely endearing!

At the radio shows, he barely whispers his answers into the microphone and blushes continually throughout the excruciating inquisition-like interview conducted by the punishing hard-nose commentator, Tod Grafignini.

So it is truly impossible to picture Ryan's "emotions running wild." I keep imagining Robin Williams in The Birdcage coaching the uncooperative dancer that his part is to go wild Marcia Graham, Madonna, Fosee, Fosee, Fosee...but "keep it all inside."

It is such a contrast from the days of our lovable Anthony Scelfo leaving all his emotions on the superdome turf. Here, Times Picayune photos from the controversial out of bounds/clock/referee call Homecoming 2007.

Coach Toledo dutifully sent him some letters to the NCAA about this bullhockey refereering that occured. in our house for crying out loud.

When Tulane played the University of Alabma in 2008, post-hurricane Gustav, we met one of Ant'ny's cousins who was attending Bama. We were at a little watering hole within the shadows of their stadium - the name of the establishment has completely escaped me. Tulane fans, just picture Waldo's, but transplanted in Tuscaloosa. We meet a member of the Scelfo clan, and a round of adult refreshments was promptly treated to all of us Tulane fans. Everybody was so lovely even after they beat us fair and square. Talk about model Town & Gown treatment.

So cheers to a promising season, can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Chests and Rosters

So last night was the "Tulane Bowl." I say that because the San Diego Chargers played the Chicago Bears in preseason. It was officially the first meeting of Tulane players as adversaries in a while.

Matt Forte v. Jeremy Williams 2010

Matt Forte was drafted to Chicago in the 3rd round and had an amazing rookie season. While he played at Tulane I used to scream "Give it to Forte!" Providing my sideline calls out to the coaching staff and telepathically indoctrinating them with "Thou Shall Not Deviate From This Play." ha!

Jeremy Williams went undrafted (quelle bull, non?) and is a free agent with San Diego. Jeremy is also being heralded as "the most impressive undrafted free agent of this year's crop" by the North County Times of San Diego. He is currently being tapped to be the #4 WR on the Chargers' Roster.

Mrs. Hullabaloo watched the NFL combines to see what Jeremy would be up against. (whoever spends their free time watching the combines is a serious diehard, for real. If I weren't for Jeremy, even I, superfreakfanatic, would have passed.) Golden Tate looked riduculouso in those silly gold spanks and chainlink fence necklace thing he had going on and couldn't catch a ball if it were handed to him and placed directly in his hands. Jeremy caught every pass sent his way. His hands were measured at the combine and they span 10 inches (!). So I was completely peturbed when he was shafted in the draft.

It is very important for me to know the team roster, so I usually hang on to the roster handed out at the spring scrimmage and keep it in the car. So that I can memorize and quiz Coach Hullabaloo over the summer during Road Trips and such. Well, I quiz, Coach Hullabaloo says something silly, I fuss at him to take me seriously and then I go back to calling out the roster. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. all the way to our final destination. If I stick with it, we are completely prepped in time for Football Season. Defensive Line for $200, Alex!

So while we were on vacay, a member of Tulane Nation posted on one of our forums that the Winn Dixie at Tchoup and Jefferson had Tulane foam ice chests on sale for $3.

I was able to enlist the help of friends due to my absence from New Orleans and managed to score an ice chest - hullabaloo, ray, ray!

and then I ran across this new website, Holy Turf, which claims to explore the "Passion of College Big 12/Sec Football." Despite the narrow nature of their site, one of the fabulous ideas they had was putting the team roster on the ice chest - offense in one color and defense in another. Team Captains are starred with an asterisk.

Loved the idea so much, I'm sharing it with you for Tulane Tailgating season.

Roll Wave Compadres!

P.S. Peggy found a wonderful new drink for tailgating season:


Pimm's Cup with Ginger Ale and get this, a slice of cucumber. Pimm's Cup is a fruit liquor. The one currently produced by Pimm's is a gin. But Pimm's has made different types (vodka, whiskey, rum). Either way, it's a totally new orleans type of drink. Thanks Peggy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tailgating Gala

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a Tailgating Gala happening on Sunday in New Orleans.

I swear on my cats. It's true!

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum (SoFAB. love!) has put a twist on their annual gala and presenting an Haute Tailgating Menu. Replete with appearances by local sports teams mascots.

Eat!Drink!SoFab! on August 8 Sample Menu Items:

Acadiana: Chilled Golden Tomato Gazpacho, Ketel One Vodka and Jumbo Lump Crab Salsa “Shooters”

Regina Charboneau: Watermelon and Tomato Salad with Mint Vinaigrette

The Brennan Group: Vienna Beef Hot Dog with Creole ketchup, horseradish mustard (wonder if it's better than Webers), sweet relish and pickled Tabasco “sport” peppers

Carolyn Shelton: Spicy Boudin Balls in Delicate Butter Lettuce Wrappers

City Grocery: Seared Big Bad Bacon Pork Belly Rillettes with Cumin-Scented Heirloom Tomato Jam

Galatoire’s: Avocado Vichysoisse with Louisiana Shrimp Relish

Parkway Bakery: Cuban Sandwiches

Other restaurants and vendors participating: Bayona, Dookie Chase, Hubigs Pies (!).

Cost is $75, children under 12 are free. Proceeds will benefit the Clearinghouse for Research on the Cultural Impact of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the SoFAB's efforts to document the impact on the Southern community. Click here for link to buy tickets to attend.

Music by Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue. Cocktails provided by Glazer’s and Zing Zang (!). Cold, frosty, sudsy, delicious beer by NOLA Brewery.

This is SO tailor-made for Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo. Perfect ideas for the upcoming Tulane Greenwave Football season and any fan of Haute Tailgating.