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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Best School EVAH!

Reason #738 Why Tulane is the Best College EVER....

We picked up my Town Daughter (what is this?!? answer: Reason #585 why Tulane is awesome) yesterday from the airport in THE midst of Superdome traffic heading to the first home Saints game, post-Super Bowl. Our little highway was absolutely CRAMMED with Crunksters, getting crunk and honking at other Who Dats. It looked like a mardi gras parade route from Lake Borgne to Loyola Street.

Classes start on Monday for my little petit choux. So my Town Daughter was bemoaning the fact that one of her classes is scheduled on Thursdays from 6-8, but is hoping that Scott Cowen again declares that classes are cancelled in order to enjoy another Saints Parade.

Reason #738 Tulane is Fabulous: Classes were cancelled in order to attend the Saints Super Bowl Pararde in February (!)

Please tell me which other college demands that level of civic participation from their collegians? I dare you.

Her professor hasn't already gone ahead and just announced a cancellation pre-emptively. HOW could you possibly compete with Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, the OPENING game for the entire NFL season - all of ESPN, etc. are camping out in New Orleans as I write. We get to humiliate Brett Favre once again (as if that draft day picture wasn't enough). Even Guy Fieri is here. I swear that professor MUST be from somewhere very unfun and just doesn't get it.

This shall be Town Daughter's Cross to Bear.....

P.S. J-Dub will come with the Chargers to play the Saints next week in pre-season. Staaaaand Up and Get Crunk!

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