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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Time to Getchur Sip On

So it's been forever, I know. For all you lurkers, you may view a photo summary of my daily "Greenwave Goings On" via my instagram. But for those of you who've been patiently waiting... here it is, my latest update - dispatched to you straight from Chateau Hullabaloo!

This past weekend Doctor Hullabaloo and my club of the Funnest Gals in Greenwave Nation TM had our inaugural "Champagne & Shopping Night" at Campus Connection just in time for our inaugural season at Yulfogelmevlin.

It was SO much fun. What a hoot.

So many cute things, it was hard to decide....

Several of us had these cute monogramed shirts made.

And lucky you I even have a recipe to share below, care of a Campus Connection worker bee who gave us this fab tip on what to do with our leftover Verdi Spumanti.

Verdi Spumanti Punch
(or more cleverly know as, The Campus Concoction)
Large Bottle of Verdi Spumanti
One orange (pref blood orange)
3-4 limes
Half a cucumber

Chop up into slices and toss into a drink dispenser, cover with the Verdi. Seal and refrigerate overnight. With any leftover (ha ha, yeah rite!) just strain out the fruit and you can save the verdi punch as long as you can stand it!

Anyways, Coach Hullabaloo and I continue to add entries to our ledger of egregious sins as the worst Tulane fans ever.....

Well, first of all we laughted ourselves silly when it stormed in like biblical proportions when Schott Cowen scheduled his parade for hisself (like omg ha!) and then it had to be cancelled. Awww, quelle dommage!

And then to further highlight our cynical mood, we decided before the baseball season this past spring to not renew our pair of season tickets and instead only purchased one seat. And we were so glad that we did because between Lightgate TM and erratic weather, Tulane changed the dates and times of more games than I can even recall. The changes caused me to be unable to attend a ton of games and Coach Hullabaloo only attended a grand total of 6 games. Moreover, there are some games that I wished I could have unwatched. Mercy, there was some Major Sad Face moments.

At the beginning of the baseball season when we showed a flicker of promise, I was l-o-v-i-n-g the 1-2 punch of Alemais and Carthon in the lineup. But I don't need to rehash for you what ensued when the season got away from us, lawd have mercy. Major Season Silver Lining though: we beat the corndogs in our house, and it was SO much fun to taunt them out in the interwebs afterwards! And then they got knocked out by the Houston Cooters in their own regional. Lulz!

Anyways, we are sad that Coach Jones season and career ended so unceremoniously, and yet at the same time I am VERY excited to welcome Coach Pierce. Sweet Baby Jesus, thank you for whatever we did to deserve his attention! I have even been talking up Coach Pierce to one of my sorority sisters whom I'll call Divine. Divine has 4 little boys and several of them are showing major promise as 2 way hitters or pitchers, and combinations thereof. I just love keeping things in the family.

So if you haven't heard... Fergie Field is coming together. They are still renumbering seats, the hashtag #letsmakewaves on the parking lot wall is typo'd for the world to see, and as of the writing of this blog post we are still unsure about what our tailgating situation will be exactly, BUT I did come up with our themes and so all I need is real estate in an area that is away from the greedy hands of the chirrens of campus so they don't pilfer our food and bevs.

Please note, all of this is subject to change if we play at 11am*

Coach Hullabaloo and I had us some chuckles when they announced the opening game in "eastern" time. Because 4pm eastern sounds so much better than 3pm in the throes of Louisiana heat. How about 8pm London time! It's bound to be a night game somewhere right? ha ha!

Sat Sept 6 Georgia Tech: Peaches&SweetTea. Vidalia onion dip with Sweet Potato Terra chips. Pimento cheese deviled eggs. Arnold palmer jello shots. Peanut hummus. Sweet potato salad. Peach glazed chicken wings. Jefferson Davis pie. Watermelon+Corn salad.

Sat Sept 13 v. SELU: Strawberryganza. Strawberry avocado salsa. Salad with pecans and strawberry vinaigrette. Mini muffalettas. Macque choux. Meat pies with canes dipping sauce. Bloody Mary deviled eggs.

Sat Oct 11 v. UConn: Mystic Pizza. Calzones, flatbread with pizza dip, nutmeg cake, traditional hoagie salad, johnny appleseed bars, clam chowder, cheeseburger sliders.

Fri Oct 31 v. Cincy: Cinncinnati chili mac and trimmings

Sat Nov 15 v. Memphis: Elvis! (Homecoming) fried chicken, ribs, peanut butter and banana blondies, bourbon bacon jam, golden cadillac mac+cheese

Sat Dec 6 v. Temple: Amish Mafia - Ham or Ham salad sandwiches on sour cream rolls, amish potato salad, shoefly pie

See you at Fergie Field!

bottoms up! no alcohol was harmed in this demonstration because this is an empty bottle of what had been sparkling grape juice. so for all you looking at me sideways, chillax.