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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Den of Iniquity

So I dragged Coach Hullabaloo all the way out to Kennah, bra.

Since UCF is our opponent this week and they are in somewhat proximity to one of our favorite cities (Miami! Home to our SUPERBOWL!), our tailgating menu is lucious latin. Unfortunately I just do not have the time to roast a Lechon (a cuban cochon du laît) to make Cuban sandwiches for tailgating. So off to the famous Norma's we went to taste test and, if tailgate-worthy, place an order for Saturday.

Of course it's a Honduran bakery that is famous for their Cuban sandwiches, but whatever. They barely speak english, so that's authentic enough for me and they were delicioso.

Coach Hullabaloo approved, but said that while they were not "Miami-worthy," they were excellent for New Orleans. Note, he did not say "Orlando-worthy," but Miami-worthy. Since apparently the trend is that Dens of Iniquity tend to have better food. All of that immorality and temptation just hanging out on the streets everywhere, crosses over into seriously sinful food eatin'.

That must be why fans are just so rabid and ugly at UCF. No seriously good eatin' amidst all that boringness and empty subdivisions. I might go a little Phaedra Parks on ya and even accuse them of only eating canned food. That angst and hunger must leave UCF'ers just wanting to lash out.

(ooop! ooop! wait, I hear that there are tawdry strip clubs on international drive....)

Anyways, while we were admiring the deliciousness of the sandwiches, guava pastelitos and tres leches at Norma's we noticed they had this wonderful poster on the wall.

We just knew that this was culinary Beshert for Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo!

So Roll Wave y'all!

P.S. Dear Sad Little UCF'ers: Just because we have a beautiful decaying city in New Orleans, does not excuse your fans from behaving like they were raised in a barn. You may not come to my blog and criticize my wonderful city just because you have trashy fans. Well, maybe you were raised in a barn, but clearly you are just jealous. Using cities is a lame excuse! So anyways, thanks for stopping by! Have fun with your post or pre-game at Oz on Bourbon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's Digress

Yes, Let's Digress!

Orlando is boring and pristine. New Orleans is scuzzy (but we love it so!). UCF fans are an embarassment. UCF marked their only top 25 appearance by promptly losing to USM (snicker!). Shasta is a silly mascot name. Crazy Ole Miss Fanettes dress and apply makeup in the dark. Tulsans eat corn. Yes, these are things we know....

But seriously, I do want to digress. I want digress all the way back to Mrs. Hullabaloo's favorite moments in Tulane Athletics ....

Enjoy! (thank you to Noladave and FanBase for the photos)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

They's Just Trash

Yes. I'm talking about you UCF. Low. Rent.

(and I speak with authority because I was there last season. UCF totally deserves the Sports Illustrated poll as the rudest in the NCAA)

From your "I'm a UCF B*tch" tee shirts the co-eds wear, to urinating on visiting fans, to posting opponent QB phone numbers, and a cowardly inability to face a silly school exam like a man [soooo weak!]...

Here I thought that only LSU fans had the monopoly on issuing death threats to opponent player's parents. Silly me!

It's just such a telling anecdote when the only time UCF is mentioned in the national news is scandal related. Such as wide-spread undergraduate cheating (we were just shocked, simply shocked...if you could see me, I am so rolling my eyes) and Reality show starletts who raid their war deployed ex-husbands' bank accounts to pay for breast augmentation.

I could go on and on about former players being caught in aggravated robbery at gunpoint, coaches being dismissed for sexual assault, etc., etc., etc. This can all be easily googled.

I posted about the "Town and Gowns" a few months ago. I still chuckle about that, cause these women take their silly job so seriously. I guess they have to, look at what cards they're dealt.

OMG on the Town and Gown I met last season. Poor woman struggled to offer a positive spin after I had to leave the sidelines because UCF cops are so useless. The guy was just chill, picking his teeth while all around him everyone screamed profanity and generally acted the part of a garden variety ignorant UCF fan. She actually thought I was going to be appeased because she went and "took the incident straight to the UCF President." Wonderful News! I'm sure he'll add that one to the stack and give it his most careful attention. ha!

I so hate to break it to the Town and Gowns that women like Vienna Girardi and those "I'm a UCF B*tch" tee-shirt club members do more to set the tone over there than their sad little welcome wagon club.

Speaking of Vienna, poll: was she named after the city or the sausage? Me thinks the latter....

So now that you know exactly how I feel about UCF, ummmm, Roll Wave! Hopefully I'll have a cheerier topic in a day or two to share with you.

p.s. I just had to get this off my chest, as there is just simply nothing funny or humorous about these people. They's just pitiful and I can't wait until another conference will have them.


photographic proof that the Times Picayune took a photo of a Tulane game this season. Michael DeMocker did it.

Yea yea yea. it's almost afternoon and I've totally slacked on the post-game edition.

Don't get me wrong: I was completely kvelling over the win. We even went to Tracey's to harass tiger fans even though there was no post-game radio show there. It was great. They're such weanies.

So the game. Okay. When we witnessed that long bomb from Ryan Griffin to Ryan Grant and it was actually caught and resulted in a touchdown - it seemed like it totally happened in slow motion.

Let me set it up for you....

There's not a sound. The entire Greenie Dat Nation is standing and holding their breath. Griffin is under pressure. The ball sails out of Ryan's hands in a lollipop shape out to the 20. Ryan Grant is in a tight run with a cornerback. He stretches out his hands, the defender is a few steps off his heels. The ball actually lands and stays in his hands. Eeeh, aahh, ooohhh, he trips into the endzone. The DOME ERUPTS.


Girl, let me tell you. I still wasn't breathing. Peggy and I were so shocked we turned, looked at each other and let out a massive scream with our mouths wide open, our knees slightly crouched and our palms wide open at our sides in complete exclamation. Then we hugged and jumped up and down hugging for about a minute. Very Laverne and Shirley.

...and then. Rice marched down the field and made a 1st down. Because we jumped off sides. OMG SIGH. Coach Hullabaloo was so angry. He couldn't even watch that last throw by Fanuzzi's replacement. It ended up hitting the receiver right in the helmet. I had to tell Coach Hullabaloo all about it afterwards.

Our reaction to Ryan Grant's miracle touchdown was such a contrast to THAT LAME @$$ field goal on 4th and 3 at the goal line. WHAT was that story exactly? I had moved up the terrace level at the beginning of the 4th Q. The entire Greenbackers section all screamed NOOOOOO! when we saw the field goal unit jog out.

The ENTIRE Greenie Dat Nation was so disgusted, there was no Hullabaloo cheered after the score was announced. A Protest. I think we have had our fill of lame coaching decisions. We've reached our quota, so enough of that - Ok? Alright. Just so you know. It's on the record.

So we've also decided to put an ad in Craigslist for a special teams coach. Because as things are, we might as well just go and place the ball for a 40 or 60 yard scoring drive for our opponents and rest our kickers for all the uselessness that is our blocking.

Who cares about Where's Waldo - where's our special teams coach!?!

Anyways, our We Eat Rice for Lunch tailgating menu was a success. We ordered Jambalaya from Mothers, Priscilla made a yummy gumbo with white rice, Peggy brought "Owl" Tenders, Coach Hullabaloo made Rice Crispy Treats and I made Deviled Owl Eggs. and Bootie Judy provided some yummy drunken Rice Pudding.

Oh and we laughed ourselves silly choreagraphing Riptide beating up Shasta as part of a gametime performance. Who is Shasta you ask? That's the name of the Houston Cooter. Seriously. It's name is Shasta.

Booty Judy has become a fan of the Rice Owl Marching Band and their sarcasm after I posted their Tulsa skit, so we kinda took that a few steps beyond in our Riptide Stalks Shasta skit. Coach Hullabaloo rolls his eyes at the Rice band - Peggy was just perplexed, I don't think she'd ever paid attention to them. Like what's up with the Nutria Rat chasing Little Red Riding Hood, and oil drum and hurricane glasses? As Coach Hullabaloo says, they're like a halftime Renaissance Festival.

Well, here we go. UCF next week. Time to just grab onto our ankles and pray. [yes, I just wrote that - if you have a problem with it, be useful and help me with the Craigslist ad. If you haven't watched a UCF game this fall: don't. Just go into next Saturday's game blissfully ignorant.]

Friday, November 12, 2010

SuperFan Fridays

So yes, I am allowed to move the days of my SuperFan reporting because we can be SuperFans any day, and this is also my blog and I shall do as I please. Everyday is a great day to be a Tulane Fan!

So my SuperFan profile today is Lil'General.

Lil'General is such a hoot, this is her wall at home.

Her seats for football are over in 140 in the very last row so that she can stand and yell and cheer the whole game without anybody fussing.

Mr. Koozie would so appreciate this as he's had to inform unsuspecting Uptown ladies who dare to look at him sideways: "hey, look lady - dis aint da bah-ley!" Hear Hear Mr. Koozie!

Mental Note: tell Tulane ticket office to sell "boring people" tickets to a section all to themselves.

Lil'General and Mr. Lil'General host a yearly barbecue at their house for their family right before the beginning of football season. It's aptly named The Pre Wave BBQ. Dontcha just love that tradition?

She and her peeps tailgate every game just like us Hullabaloo Huddlers. And judging from her facebook pics they pass a good time also. I never thought I'd meet a bigger fan than me, but here she is in all her glory: Miss Lil'General!
How and When did you know you were a true Tulane fan?

When I got married, when I couldn't stand hearing anything about lswho! [thatta girl!]

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane fan?

12-0 season and we went to the Liberty Bowl in 1998!!Outstanding!! We motored to Memphis with the "Hebert Family", children, grandchildren and friends from Thibodaux in a CARAVAN of passenger vans. 30 of us in total, we were the MOST "Tulane Loving Fans"!!!

The Friday night before the game we went out on Bealle Street to a fun place called Silky O Sullivan's. Mike even got to take a picture with Silky. It was awesome! Gameday, we got up early. We were so excited about the game, so we just got ready early !! I even set a personal goal. I told everyone: "If we win, I will quit smoking" and it worked! We won the game and haven't touched a cigarette since and never will!! Tulane is to be thanked for that. We both won!!!

After the game we went "Downtown after the Victory to celebrate the New Year. Very Cold! [It was butt @$$ cold on New Years Eve that year, I concur]

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?

Matt Forte and so many others!!

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?

I have a favorite Tulane scarf that stays in my Tulane bag all year long, comes out for the games, of course the bag comes with me too. We also listen to the Tulane Fight Song early that morning too!!

Are there any past Tulane fans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?

Our dearest friend Clayton Hebert. He was a HUGE "Tulane Fan" and supporter. He passed in December 2009, but not before making all but 2 games that season while undergoing treatments for a brain tumor which was discovered in July. He wanted to see his "Wave" for the last time and he was determined to be there and he was. Its just not the same without him this year, but we know he's among us. After each game we win, we all gather in the parking lot and we have a spcial chant that was started by Clayton and his brother Craig.

Oh how special are the memories of Clayton. He and his wife Marie are the proud parents of 7 grown children and many grandchildren, all of whom are "Tulane Fans!" His tradition lives on!!

Thanks Lil'General for sharing your stories! I love them all ~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10th Circle of Hell

(where have I been? GIRL, b-u-s-y! But I HAD to post this in honor of RICE. I know I'm late with my SuperFan Thursday, so it will just need to be SuperFan Friday. Forgive me? Okay, good! love! love!)

From the Tulsa Galaxy World, November 27, 2007
By Eric Bailey, GalaxyWorld Sports Scribbler Writer

The director of the Rice University band issued a public apology Tuesday for his group's halftime performance during Saturday's Tulsa-Rice football game.

The 10-minute show, titled "Todd Graham's Inferno," mocked the TU coach, who spent one season coaching at Rice before taking the Tulsa job. The "MOB" (Marching Owl Band) performed music and a skit that paralleled Dante's "Divine Comedy," and acted like it was searching for Graham.

It ended with the band's announcer calling Graham a "douche bag" over the Rice Stadium's public address system. [hell to the yeah!]

"I always apologize when people are upset. It's just what you owe people," Rice director Chuck Throckmorton said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "When you're being creative and putting something out there, you know what you meant..."

Tulsa athletic director Bubba Cunningham [no, really, his name is Bubba. How very Tulsa!], who declined comment on Tuesday evening [because stringing together coherent words in Tulsa is, well, a stretch], said earlier this week that his farm school had issued a formal complaint [whiners] with Conference USA regarding the show. [!]

"The intent wasn't to be mean or insulting," Throckmorton said. "It was to poke fun and be funny. [Mrs. Hullabaloo thought this was genius and very very funny] Since it came across different than that, then I certainly apologize."

Rice president David Leebron and athletic director Chris Del Conte were unavailable for comment. [Because they were too busy rewatching the show and laughing!]

The show was scripted by students and approved by Throckmorton, who has spent the last six years as Rice's band director. The group is known for its satirical humor and mocking nature of opponents. [yeah aslut, so get over yourself!] Throckmorton said the Rice student body went through waves of emotions when Graham departed for Tulsa after only one season and plans for last Saturday's show began in August.

The show's script went through circles of Hell, with the band playing music and pictures shown on the stadium video board. The finale was when the group apparently found Graham in the 10th circle of Hell -- at the University of Tulsa. [Mrs. Hullabaloo wholeheartedly concurs: expert description. spot on. Bra-vo!]

The show ended with the announcer saying, "You know, that reminds me of a joke: A priest, a nun, and a rabbi walk into a bar. Now, I forgot how the rest of it went, but I think in the end Todd Graham is a douche bag." [L-eaux-L]

Throckmorton said he was surprised at the reaction to the words "douche bag." [as was Mrs. Hullabaloo!]

"It was sort of a mild insult . . . it was used to get the point across but not dirty," he said. "In all common usage I see, it's devoid of any literal meaning. I looked it up and it means someone that talks big about himself and that is a jerk.

"Going through the show writing process, I thought it was a mild vulgarity."

Throckmorton said he was surprised with the attention that the show received.

"Tulsa won the football game and still has their coach," he said. "This was his first time back since he left, and we gave him a rhetorical public flogging. Everyone expected it. It was as mild as we could make it with it still being funny." [yeah, but aslut is just lame and cannot appreciate your fine humor, they probably don't even know what Dante is. and don't use fancy words like rhetorical either. Mr. Bailey probably had to look that one up]

BELOW - the famous script!

Script and Photos taken from the Marching Owl Band website

A Dark Forest; "Where is Todd Graham?"

Announcer:The MOB decided it was high time to give Todd Graham a piece of our mind. We searched high and low, asking "Where the hell is Todd Graham?"

Lucky for us, we found Dante, wandering in a dark wood, who told us we should be asking: "Where in Hell is Todd Graham?"
(music: Dies Irae)

2nd Circle: Your Mom

Announcer:We knew he wasn't in Limbo (since he had no spine), so we started our search in the second circle of Hell. We didn't find Todd Graham among the adulterers, but your mom suggested we go lower.
(music: YMCA as played incessantly in hell)

4th Circle: Franchione in Hell

Announcer:We thought we might find Todd Graham in the fourth circle with the greedy and the avaricious, but he was nowhere to be found. However, we did find his shredded Rice contract — leading like breadcrumbs into the inferno — and there, gathering the pieces, was Dennis Franchione.
Music:Sell Out (by Reel Big Fish)

8th Circle: A River (of poo) Runs Through It

Announcer:Since he had made all those pretty speeches about how much he loved Rice and would never, ever leave, we were sure to find Todd Graham with the flatterers in the eighth circle, wallowing in donkey dung. But the damned said they'd had enough of his B-S.
Music:Cotton-Eyed Joe

Tulsa: Damnation
Announcer:And lo, The MOB descended to the ninth circle of Hell — home of traitors and the Prince of Lies. Yet, of Todd Graham, there still was no sign. Cautiously, we approached Satan to inquire.

Demon:Todd Graham?! That oaf knows better than to hope for the sweet release of my ninth circle.

Announcer:We thought him scum, to be sure, but did he deserve an eternity beyond Hell's greatest depths?

Demon:If you wish to see his fate... come.

Announcer:A twisted path led down to a door, blackened by flame, inscribed with three frightful words: Welcome. To. Tulsa.
Music:Louie, Louie

Announcer:You know, that reminds me of a joke: A priest, a nun, and a rabbi walk into a bar. Now, I forgot how the rest of it went, but I think in the end Todd Graham is a douchebag.

Ha! I don't know about you, but that Welcome to Tulsa certainly scares me! oh no, endless corn eating! Ha!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


[Yes, this is greek - so none of this is going to make any sense unless you speak greek.....]

Giatí den échoume éna eidikó leo̱foreío omádo̱n? ópou oi báles Doddmentum eínai sti̱n 4i̱ kai to stócho?

After four years, these are questions that I want to get to the bottom of. Because hopefully it is now clear to all to see that Doddmentum eínai tóso synkechyméni̱ den xérei an prépei na ánemo kó̱lo tou í̱ to mi̱dén to rolói tou.

Anyways, my fellow tailgatresses want to get to the bottom of our recipes for gameday today. So I will oblige.

Neal Brown!

Okay, so today was Leatha's in Louisiana and we had Priscilla's Brisket, Peggy's Ribs, Charlotte's Old Settler's Beans, and My Simply Fabulous Cornbread. It was so yum-o that Coach Hullabaloo and I are enjoying a second helping of leftovers as we listen to the post game show with Graf. [Thank You Greenie Dat Nation for being on the same page about Doddmentum and saying so on the air]

Oh and before I forget: shout out to T Club for giving us some of their tailgating real estate today.

Yes, you heard that right. Squatters in our normal tailgating spot. For reals. Coach Hullabaloo was absolutely mortified because I actually went up to the squatters and called them out on it. Coach H was mortified because apparently Mr. Squatter is a big TAF donor. I don't really care! Apparently they never sit their behinds in seats at actual games in order to know that is OUR spot. How dare they, right? Because everybody who is anybody in the Greenie Dat Nation knows where our spot is. So I said to Mr. Squatter: Enjoy the space this week, but this is where our booster club sets up. (so next week you is outta here...). And thank goodness for T Club having our back.

Neal Brown!

The only other downer for today were these idiot USM children with their useless father. First off all, one of the childs needed a man bra. at the age of 11 or whatever he was. and he was still allowed to hit the nachos. These chirren were so annoying and disrespectful that Peggy and Mrs. VOGW actually used the "F" word with them. and I had no problem with that. Before we went completely homicidal on them, they left.

So anyways, the new recipe from today that made an absolute splash (and which we did not share with Squatters) is Bootie Judy's Berries. Like sooooo yum!

Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries
Splash of Chambord and Vodka
Whipping Cream

Put your berries in a bowl (which apparently is an uphill task for Doddmentum). Add a generous splash of Chambord over the berries and a sprinkle of vodka (Because everybody witnessing Doddmentum needs lots of alcohol). Let your berries marinate for a day or so in the fridge. Then take your whipping cream, add a splash of kahlua, and whip the cream up until frothed. Add a scoop of drunken berries, top with some whipped cream, drizzle some berry juice over the whipped cream. Top with a maraschino cherry if you like and then after you have a bite, yell: Neal Brown!

Well, good night Greenie Dat Nation. Everybody when you say your prayers, please mention something about a coaching messiah.

Neal Brown!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deliverance is Coming to Town

Yes, this is the Oregon Duck and has nothing really to do with Tulane at all except that he is my favorite college mascot of all time. Especially for the episode caught in this photograph of having his way with the Cooter. Anytime we can bring the Cooters down a few notches is worth noting in my opinion. Did you know that UH actually got o-ffended and wrote a letter? I'm sure that was a group scribbling activity. I mean like they know how to write? But more shocking and funny is that they were offended. Well, I'll be. The Crass Cooters actually have the nerve to look at that duck sideways and complain. The full video is below. Sooooo funny!

Everybody raise your hand if you've ever wanted to see Riptide do the same! Hell to the yeah!

Well, I hate to tell you! I have just been stumped on what to write about to y'all on this pre-game post. I know, Coach Hullabaloo is just shocked, simply shocked that I a) don't have an opinion on something and b) have nothing to say.

So I tried to go hunting for USM jokes out on the webs to share with you. And well, that well's kinda dry. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Kinda seems like they're irrelevant in Mississippi or something.

So they only "jokes" I really ran across was that everybody asking why they use The Iowa Hawkeye logo. That is an excellent question that needs to be gotten to the bottom of. I'll need to annoy the Mustard Buzzards with that. and maybe also annoyingly ask them "Hey, where exactly is USM?" and then follow up with "Where?" or "Hey! Nice tooth ya got there!"

I did find this one joke that was somewhat humorous and very unlady-like. But since we at Tulane have had to endure away games in Starkvegas and Hattiesvegas where a big night out is at the Country Buffet - emphasis on "big" - I admit I did chuckle at this joke. So here it is presented to you.
What's the difference between MSU and USM?
At MSU they raise livestock, at USM they get emotionally involved....
Ohhhh noooo.....(!)

Okay, so here it is the Duck bringing it. and LOL on the shimmy - and what about the one Cooter Cheerfollower just standing there and watching?

Happy Pre-game day!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holy Inappropriateness

Jaime Garza, Wide Receiver Tulane Greenwave 1971-1975. Greenwave Hall of Fame.

But this picture is just hilarious! had to share it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tulane Fan Tuesdays

Section 143 representin'...

Actually we were just kicking off the silly season for the SMU game. Oh the #2 jokes just abounded. We just thought it was sooo funny that #2 was throwing long and missing. "#2 is stinking up the place! Throw long again #2!" Until he didn't miss and then it was just not as funny anymore. Sigh.

So to raise our spirits, I am changing my rules (I can do that since this is my blog) and featuring this week's SuperFan edition on Tuesday. Except that it's Monday night, but whatever.

So being that this weekend's tailgate menu is going to be Leatha's in Louisiana , I chose a Die Hard Greenie Dat who attended and graduated from USM. I kid you not.

side note....If Her Highness Scott Cody comes back for the USM game, we can maybe actually pull out the Brett Favre themed posters we threatened to do, but chickened out. 'HEY SCOTT, STOP TEXTING ME - BRETT' or on a similar vein 'HEY SCOTT, BRETT SAYS HE NEEDS HIS PHONE BACK' and 'NO SCOTT, I WILL NOT MEET YOU AT A HOTEL!'

Okay, so back to one of my favorite Greenie Dats: Lee.

Lee and I are furious e-pen pals about Greenwave Football. We vent, we analyze, we compare notes, we dream about on campus stadiums, we pirate copies of the 1998 season DVD (what?!).... and what I love most about Lee is that he wore a Tulane outfit for the game in Hattiesburg last year. It brought tears to my eyes! Childhood loyalty wins out over tuition payments - what a beautiful thing to behold!

I also vastly admire Lee because he has made friends with Tammy Nunez, which I am not yet mature enough to do. She royally teed me off with her "witty" banter in some of her articles last year - siding with Coach Toledo on blaming the fans (remember that?!) and then a few stupid lines about the Greenwave "getting their bell rung" in the Battle for the Bell. Yes, we lost. I was there and that was one of my lowest moments as a Greenwave fan to see our team emotionally fall apart. So we really didn't need the hometown rag to add additional embellishment. I would honestly rather "embarassing omissions" and "technical difficulties in getting feed from local affiliates" (ahem, Scott Cody) than bullshit patronizing articles. Or just offer us the plain news and save your cleverness for when you get to Star Magazine or wherever the next career rung is. (a side, side note: Tammy has since grown by leaps and bounds in the quality of her coverage. Mrs. Hullabaloo just immaturely holds grudges.)

So without further ado, Lee, my favoritest SuperFan...

How and When did you know you were a true Tulane fan?
Since I was 5 (I'm 40 now). Every Saturday my mom and dad would take me to 4:30PM Mass. There was an entire row of people in green Tulane shirts who went to church and then to the game. Every time I'd see them, I told my parents, "I want to go too!" So they took me. The game that did it for me was a thriller some six years later in 1981 against Vanderbilt. We sat in the terrace endzone and I remember all of the green pom poms waving like crazy on both sidelines, and the crowd screaming "GO WAVE GO! GO WAVE GO!" We won at the last minute 14-10 and that place erupted. That's when I knew this was my team.

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane fan?
This one is easy - the Louisville game in 1998. I think I shredded my vocal chords that day. Runner-up (TIE) : 1987 vs. LSU in the Dome when we scored our final touchdown to make the score 36-35 (even though the Tiggers won 41-36). Second was against USL in 1986 with the Beach Boys concert after the game in the Dome. okay Lee that's three, but you're cool so I will allow you to break the rules

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?
Shaun King - a true class act, and an amazing player and leader. Even a broken hand couldn't slow him down. Runner up: Mike McKay and Reggie Reginelli (I think we all know why), and Steve Barrios.(1, 2, 3, are testing me Mr. C)

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?
Yep, I wear the same outfit every game - jeans, running shoes, dark green Tulane t-shirt, and light blue button down (unbuttoned and untucked) over it.

Are there any past Tulane fans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?
[as of the writing of this blog post, both of these fans are still alive, so mental note to interview Lee again about dead fans] First and foremost, Mrs. Hullabaloo. Who has more passion and fire for the team, huh? Secondly is the foursome that sits in section 201 with us, particularly one of them - Ms. Nell. She is about 65 years old, and she and her husband drive in from Donaldsonville every week. She screams and hollers more than I do! On top of that, she NEVER misses a game, even when she isn't feeling well.

UPDATE: Lee shared with us his favorite no longer with us SuperFan. Lee writes: "I get carried away when I'm "interviewed" LOL! (yes I know the feeling!) And of course points off for not reading directions about the dead person question. (that's okay! I sort of feel immortalized!) Truthfully, my answer should have been Stocker Fontelieu, who received his MFA in Theatre from Tulane in 1959, and was Artistic Director at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre for 30 years. He said, "Tulane games were the only sporting events where martinis were acceptable to drink." Gotta love it.

YES, I do love that!