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Friday, November 12, 2010

SuperFan Fridays

So yes, I am allowed to move the days of my SuperFan reporting because we can be SuperFans any day, and this is also my blog and I shall do as I please. Everyday is a great day to be a Tulane Fan!

So my SuperFan profile today is Lil'General.

Lil'General is such a hoot, this is her wall at home.

Her seats for football are over in 140 in the very last row so that she can stand and yell and cheer the whole game without anybody fussing.

Mr. Koozie would so appreciate this as he's had to inform unsuspecting Uptown ladies who dare to look at him sideways: "hey, look lady - dis aint da bah-ley!" Hear Hear Mr. Koozie!

Mental Note: tell Tulane ticket office to sell "boring people" tickets to a section all to themselves.

Lil'General and Mr. Lil'General host a yearly barbecue at their house for their family right before the beginning of football season. It's aptly named The Pre Wave BBQ. Dontcha just love that tradition?

She and her peeps tailgate every game just like us Hullabaloo Huddlers. And judging from her facebook pics they pass a good time also. I never thought I'd meet a bigger fan than me, but here she is in all her glory: Miss Lil'General!
How and When did you know you were a true Tulane fan?

When I got married, when I couldn't stand hearing anything about lswho! [thatta girl!]

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane fan?

12-0 season and we went to the Liberty Bowl in 1998!!Outstanding!! We motored to Memphis with the "Hebert Family", children, grandchildren and friends from Thibodaux in a CARAVAN of passenger vans. 30 of us in total, we were the MOST "Tulane Loving Fans"!!!

The Friday night before the game we went out on Bealle Street to a fun place called Silky O Sullivan's. Mike even got to take a picture with Silky. It was awesome! Gameday, we got up early. We were so excited about the game, so we just got ready early !! I even set a personal goal. I told everyone: "If we win, I will quit smoking" and it worked! We won the game and haven't touched a cigarette since and never will!! Tulane is to be thanked for that. We both won!!!

After the game we went "Downtown after the Victory to celebrate the New Year. Very Cold! [It was butt @$$ cold on New Years Eve that year, I concur]

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?

Matt Forte and so many others!!

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?

I have a favorite Tulane scarf that stays in my Tulane bag all year long, comes out for the games, of course the bag comes with me too. We also listen to the Tulane Fight Song early that morning too!!

Are there any past Tulane fans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?

Our dearest friend Clayton Hebert. He was a HUGE "Tulane Fan" and supporter. He passed in December 2009, but not before making all but 2 games that season while undergoing treatments for a brain tumor which was discovered in July. He wanted to see his "Wave" for the last time and he was determined to be there and he was. Its just not the same without him this year, but we know he's among us. After each game we win, we all gather in the parking lot and we have a spcial chant that was started by Clayton and his brother Craig.

Oh how special are the memories of Clayton. He and his wife Marie are the proud parents of 7 grown children and many grandchildren, all of whom are "Tulane Fans!" His tradition lives on!!

Thanks Lil'General for sharing your stories! I love them all ~

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