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Saturday, November 6, 2010


[Yes, this is greek - so none of this is going to make any sense unless you speak greek.....]

Giatí den échoume éna eidikó leo̱foreío omádo̱n? ópou oi báles Doddmentum eínai sti̱n 4i̱ kai to stócho?

After four years, these are questions that I want to get to the bottom of. Because hopefully it is now clear to all to see that Doddmentum eínai tóso synkechyméni̱ den xérei an prépei na ánemo kó̱lo tou í̱ to mi̱dén to rolói tou.

Anyways, my fellow tailgatresses want to get to the bottom of our recipes for gameday today. So I will oblige.

Neal Brown!

Okay, so today was Leatha's in Louisiana and we had Priscilla's Brisket, Peggy's Ribs, Charlotte's Old Settler's Beans, and My Simply Fabulous Cornbread. It was so yum-o that Coach Hullabaloo and I are enjoying a second helping of leftovers as we listen to the post game show with Graf. [Thank You Greenie Dat Nation for being on the same page about Doddmentum and saying so on the air]

Oh and before I forget: shout out to T Club for giving us some of their tailgating real estate today.

Yes, you heard that right. Squatters in our normal tailgating spot. For reals. Coach Hullabaloo was absolutely mortified because I actually went up to the squatters and called them out on it. Coach H was mortified because apparently Mr. Squatter is a big TAF donor. I don't really care! Apparently they never sit their behinds in seats at actual games in order to know that is OUR spot. How dare they, right? Because everybody who is anybody in the Greenie Dat Nation knows where our spot is. So I said to Mr. Squatter: Enjoy the space this week, but this is where our booster club sets up. (so next week you is outta here...). And thank goodness for T Club having our back.

Neal Brown!

The only other downer for today were these idiot USM children with their useless father. First off all, one of the childs needed a man bra. at the age of 11 or whatever he was. and he was still allowed to hit the nachos. These chirren were so annoying and disrespectful that Peggy and Mrs. VOGW actually used the "F" word with them. and I had no problem with that. Before we went completely homicidal on them, they left.

So anyways, the new recipe from today that made an absolute splash (and which we did not share with Squatters) is Bootie Judy's Berries. Like sooooo yum!

Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries
Splash of Chambord and Vodka
Whipping Cream

Put your berries in a bowl (which apparently is an uphill task for Doddmentum). Add a generous splash of Chambord over the berries and a sprinkle of vodka (Because everybody witnessing Doddmentum needs lots of alcohol). Let your berries marinate for a day or so in the fridge. Then take your whipping cream, add a splash of kahlua, and whip the cream up until frothed. Add a scoop of drunken berries, top with some whipped cream, drizzle some berry juice over the whipped cream. Top with a maraschino cherry if you like and then after you have a bite, yell: Neal Brown!

Well, good night Greenie Dat Nation. Everybody when you say your prayers, please mention something about a coaching messiah.

Neal Brown!

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