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Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Can Never Have Enough

I was on facebook this morning and the ad for ModCloth, just called my name! Just LOOK at this treasure trove of adorable-ness for gameday outfits and homecoming apparel. (click on the links to purchase)

Worth the expense at ModCloth.

Between the outfits you need for The Hullabaloo Auction and Party, Tailgating and then perhaps a costume change for the game, you have to start scouting these things months and months ahead. Mark my words: you can NEVER have enough adorable olive and blue outfits. Between Football, baseball, and now basketball - being fashionably prepared is like half the battle.

So happy shopping!

Don't look at the price tag, just buy them. At ModCloth

$64.99 from ModCloth

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'd Like to Thank The Academy

Y'all we are gonna have an on campus stadium.

Excuse me for being a little speechless on the matter. I give all of you the unvarnished truth, whether it's funny, sad or whatnot. I hope you appreciate that.

I've been vascillating between being just beyond incensed from Monday's presser - which was horrid by any measure. If you can believe it, I was actually crying to Coach Hullabaloo about it. Yes, girls cry - so sue me. I even asked third parties to intervene and walk me off the ledge for my thoughts. Because my Greenie Dat World was literally crashing down around me.

And then I went on to being disappointed to hear that the new stadium was indeed going to be 25k seats with 5k in standing room only area - I've well documented my feelings about that.

To now being mildly excited about what I am christening as Fergie Field (ok, yes this is in my mind, but I've suffered enough for the past 20 years and I've hostessed my fair share of tailgating parties to have earned naming rights, so there.)

So here they are, the renderings of Fergie Field. I never thought I'd live to see the day.

If you can see, it's got the old checkered endzones like the old Tulane Stadium and they are gonna put back up the same Tulane medallion that used to face Willow Street.

I don't think anybody can fault "Naysayers" for being peversely upset about how things rolled out. What breaks my heart is that there are some fans who reacted in the opposite manner to all of the announcements who were in serious need of attitude adjustment in the "let's agree to disagree" arena. Hand to Yahweh, there's not a Tulane fan out there that I could honestly ever conceive to say I "hate." The thought would never enter my mind or my vocabulary. Because at the end of the day Mrs. Hullabaloo cherishes comraderie, festive dishes served between parking spaces and what is best for the Olive and Blue. and I'm not going to apologize for having my own opinions, nor should anybody else.

Now, today's presser was about a 150 degree turnaround from Monday. -Sigh - our Athletic Director continued to channel his inner Don Johnson/Donnie Deutsch (what's up with this new tie-less look) and soap box about Katrina, which has so been worn out it can't be worn out any further. But what made me feel 10000% better is that Scott Cowen came out, in front of television cameras and the press that he and the board are going to finally stick to their promises about funding, academic concessions and support for the football program. I swear I thought the heavens were gonna part and the angels sing. So there. Now it's on record and video taped by the news. Can now be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

The biggest beef Mrs. Hullabaloo had about the coaching search is that if Scott Cowen was going to continue with his head in the sand (which Katrina or not, he's been doing since he passed over Rich Rodriguez 13 years ago) we needed an A+ strategic thinker as our Coaching Messiah to fight tooth and nail for our Olive and Blue. If any of you saw Moneyball the movie, you'll know that this scene with Stephen Schott and Billy Beane arguing about the budget for the Oakland A's, could have been easily rescripted with Schott Cowen and [insert name of Coach here].

Coach CJ was a little mayberry and to those of us who have stood by this team through all of the suckage that has been Tulane Football since 19whatever - it was an alarming portent of the pending disaster that could ensue should everything else in Gibson Hall and Willow Street remain constant.

Well today, thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, the board members behind the 2003 review took a break from their Porche Driver's Club meetings (did you see all the porches in Rosen Parking lot at the announcement today?) to actually attend a Tulane atheltics function, show their faces and at least intimate that they weren't gonna pull another review on us after going to a Bowl game.

And so, in conclusion, I can finally take a break from always expecting the worst and finally concentrate on the most important issues at hand: strategizing on what we need to do to get Peggy's Patio officially sanctioned....

and that will make my joy complete.

Roll Wave y'all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ignorant Fan? Why, I'm Flattered!!

Very exciting! Mrs. Hullabaloo gets called out! By none other than Coach Sean Payton!

Oh I'm famous, my very first news bit! I shoulda had a sign or something, No? I'm thinking Like ESPN College Gameday.... Waved to the camera, maybe? No? Too much?

This was all quite unexpected. I hadn't yet committed to a spot in the room so I am still surveying. And of all the Greenie Dats, who gets caught in video footage during Coach Payton's tirade about ignorant fans? Moi! Yes! Me! kiss kiss to all the Greenie Dats out there!*

During this bit we're being instructed by Messieur Payton that there have been exactly two good decisions at Tulane: Matt Forte and Coach Curtis Johnson.

Anyways, I have to disagree with Coach Payton though. (Yes, I'm a heretic in addition to being a poster child for ignorance. I wear many hats!)

I think that Homecoming at Champions Square was an exceptional decision. The uniforms introduced under Coach Toledo: awesome. The fireworks intro for the team: amazing. Switching the regular season tailgates from the Bud Bridge out to Gate G: excellent. So there, that's at least 4 additional examples of good decisions. But who am I to nit pick? Picky is sooo passee.

What I want to know, however, is if you have a favorite decision from the Scelfo-Toledo-Hutson era....please let me know yours!

And y'all - I have to say that I can't wait to put on all the bells and whistles and give Coach Payton my most esteemed welcome to his first o-fficial Tulane kick off sometime during the Coach "CuJo" Johnson Era. Cuz call me crazy, in 6 years I have yet to hear about a SP cameo at a Tulane game and if y'all know anything about Mrs. Hullabaloo: I have my pulse on everything Olive and Blue. Maybe I'll extend an invite to come enjoy a plate at our tailgates - how exciting! And then Coach Hullabaloo can meet his twin. (remind me to share with you sometime about how Coach Hullabaloo was constantly getting identified in public by passers by as SP during the 2006 season, because some of the stories are truly hysterical!).

*PS you know who did this segment and I just have to guess that Mrs. Hullabaloo being captured during Coach Payton's discertation on ignorant fans as more than just mere cosmic coincidence. Just saying! But I'm not too above it to milk this moment!