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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Hullabaloo Nay Nay !

A One A Two
A Hullabaloo Nay Nay
Who-Say, Who-Say
We Say "Nay!" "Nay!"

Btw: Stay Strong Brothers and Sisters!
We Will Survive This Episode in Tulane Athletics. I Promise!

So tonight at the Radio Show, PreacherMan made me laugh silly! Well, I guess count me in as a "Bandwagoner Naysayer!"

PreacherMan came up with an excellent idea for us to all get T-shirts that say "WE SAY" on the front and "NAY!" on the back. lol!

Cuz GAWD the mental acrobatics trotted out since our Road Spanking TM has just made me laugh. Really, what else am I gonna do? Cry?!

First - to any Athletics Lurkers: 2+1=5 or what? Lawd I just felt sorry listening to the QBClub speech. Brandon! Go Out and Spin Like a Dreidel! (God Bless Brandon for carrying out his marching orders as best he could) So you see, Brandon explained, if you look at our record and compare it to everybody else in our sorry little conference, we are actually "still in the mix" We're standing 5th in a non-aq situation. We got everyone right were we want em!

(lmao, this reminds me of one baseball season during one of our weird down streaks where we had ducks on the pond, no outs, no strikes and a jokester in Section 110 chimes up "Here We Go! They got us RIGHT where they want us!")

Then tonight at the Radio Show I literally smacked my forehead with my palm and then rested my head against my steeringwheel* to laugh when I then heard Coach T talk about how there was "just 3 other teams in our conference with winning records!"

(*Mrs. Hullabaloo's single act of subversion (other than this blog of course) was to step out during the Coach T portion of the show, but to be present and show my support to Graf and the Player's portions of the show.)

So you see: because our conference under performs, Tulane is actually doing well and we should all rejoice! So cue the Angels in Harmony! Yes, this is all just a smashing success!

I love all of our players dearly. They are like family, seriously. I love, love some of the mommas I've befriended and couldn't imagine not having them in my world. So the belittling of us "Crackpots": that we are allegedly disrespecting the team and not supporting the players by saying "Nay" to any additional layering of bull makes me want to fly an airplane banner in circle 8's between Willow Street and St. Charles Avenue that says "YOU JUST DON'T GET IT!!!" and followed by a smaller banner that reads "LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT!"

Is it really so hard to just man up and say "This Is Unacceptable. We Will Fix This. This is How We Plan to Fix This: A, B and C" ?????

Now two more really interesting tid bits from the radio show:

First - Coach T claims to have received messages of support from Greenies who have been under a bushelbasket want him to keep on keepin' on. Who are You? Please step forward and make yourselves known. I want to do a SuperFan profile of one of these peeps, cause they are better fans than me.

Second - We (as in the Greenie Dat Nation) got an email from an Army mom about how impressed she was with our manners. (yes! because Army's manners are sadly lacking.) This email made me giggle, which I know is terrible - as Southern Ladies we are taught to accept compliments graciously. But see, I failed to mention in my post-game post that Coach Hullabaloo almost got into a fist fight with a female Army fan at the condiments station during the game. He was trying to dress his hot dogs and had other concessions sitting in front of him. This huge long empty condiments table and some Army lady apparently wanted his spot. So she grabbed our bucket of freshly purchased stale popcorn and warm Michie gatorade that he had resting immediately next to him and shoved them down the table without even saying "Pardon Me." Coach just looked at her with his jaw on the ground and then instructed her on the finer points of the word "Excuse Me" and she just looked at him like he was the crazy one. And then apparently they went tit for tat.

Much Ado About Condiments, I know - lame. If I had been there I woulda just pulled Coach away and rolled my eyes at the lady, but Coach - who's been silent at Army all these years while I immaturely spout off - had had enough.

Well, let me tell you what we don't have enough of: Tailgating Themes. I will overlook Coach T's backhanded comments about finally having a late kick off to allow for tailgating before our game against Syracuse this Saturday - and share our tailgating menu, which I am very much looking forward to: Oktoberfest!

We'll be having brats, pretzel hoagies, all the trimmings, red cabbage salad, german potato salad, Black forest cake and German chocolate cake....Yum-o!

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