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Saturday, October 29, 2011

We didn't geaux

Sorry my little cabbages! We didn't go to Greenville.

Coach Hullabaloo was p-i-s-d, pisd after the Utep debacle and cancelled our trip to Greenville. This was before Toledo was forced to resign. Oh well. So I stayed and listened on the ole radio. Gawd IMG people just suck! "Well, now back to Gus in Greenville!"

Hello - our PBP announcer is Graf. Just kill me now if Gus were our PBP guy. And not just that, Graf's highlights of the game they played: were ALL ECU highlights. So they'd cut away to Graf screaming over something ECU did. They couldn't have done any of the fabulous plays that kept us in the game: Ginsburg's fake? Trent Mackey and the fumble? Sigh, no.

Anyways, it sounded cold and dreary so I am not terribly upset since my cute outfit would have just been ruined since it would have been covered up by a coat or something.

Overall the game sounded like it was a great effort by the team and major props to Coach Hutson ending his interview with "Roll Wave!" refreshing!

I am sad for us that Dezman Moses is a senior, he is a monster on defense. I hope he gets to the big league, he deserves it.

Signing off for the weekend, your favorite Greenie Dat (oh admit it! it's why you come to read my drivel!)

xoxo, Mrs. Hullabaloo

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