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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bye Bye to Big Hair and Boulevarding

We've arrived!

In the Big D, for the final Greenie Dat Boulevarding. E-vah. Now that SMU's headed to the Big Least. Bye Bye Now! Apparenlty we are no longer "attached at the hip"

We got a hip replacement. Yay!

Honestly, I don't know how or why TPTB decided that we needed to be figuratively attached to SMU. I'm clearly not shedding a tear over this. I see nothing similar in our schools. Starting with that usually people who don't get into Tulane, get in to SMU and settle on going to SMU. And then the biggie: they don't even have baseball. (WHO in NCAA doesn't have baseball?! In Mrs. Hullabaloo's world I categorize as follows 1. Football G-d and Family 2. Football 3. Baseball and a distant 4. Basketball)

SMU never felt like a rivalry. Like we merely tolerated each other's presence. If we beat them, which was like always, it never felt like a big win. We gave away the last two games which we should have wrapped up and won. But I digress.

Now USM. That's a heated rivalry. We are polar opposites and the rivalry still works.

Anyways, this conference shuffle has been quite interesante and I hope someday to be able to share the nitty gritty which has transpired since the stories have been leaking. But the muffin isn't baked yet, so I can't take it out of the oven. The sad thing in all this though is how random things shake out in the conference thing. Nobody wants USM, but WVU belongs in the SEC? lawd. I spent much time in Morgantown and that place and them peoples is just not SEC material. By any stretch.

My friend Tyrone Powers had this to say, and so I am sharing it with you:
..."So about USM. I really feel for my Mustard Buzzards. They are stuck in a small town with absolutely no TV market and their home city isn't exactly a tourist destination. They have a team that can easily compete with the lower echelon in the SEC, and probably the upper echelon of the Big East. But sadly they can bring nothing to the table. The SEC doesn't want them because of State and Ole Miss. Tulane has a market AND a city that people want to go to....

The Rock is a great place to play and can be quite difficult to play in, but that's not nearly enough to get an invite to a big conference. Plus their minor sports, with the exception of baseball, are very weak. They may have to stick it out with Rice, UAB and the other CUSA schools with a merger with Mountain West. Its sad because they really could be conference contenders in any other conference."

So, SMU goes, USM stays. and Saturday we get to Boulevard for one last hurrah. I hope we leave with a bang. Because HOW could we ever top this? (I say this with much sarcasm by the way)

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