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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yes I do.

and anybody who doesn't is unAmerican.

Some football fans have Fantasy Football to get their minds right for Football season. I don't begrudge you Fantasy Ballers. I can visit your world and hang. But there's just no way around it: Tailgating+Football is e-ssential. and Tent Chandeliers are de riguer (My new chandelier arrived yesterday and I am SO excited!).

I don't understand those who claim that color coordinated table linens and proper serving trays for hostessing a Tulane Tailgate is a "waste of time" and impedes their enjoyment of Football. Eu nao fallam sua lingua. I couldn't hang in your world. I'm a bride who registered for silver and fine china. I also have "in between" china for when the everyday china is too casual. Cute tailgating accutrements are, therefor, essential to properly ritualizing the Football Gods. I don't understand people who say having proper china is "impractical." It's impractical in my opinion to eat like slobs.

Plus it's my civic responsibility to educate my fellow Tulane alumni about the intricasies of this past time. Archangel Raphael appeared to me in a dream and said "Mrs. Hullabaloo go forth and celebrate. Dare to flaunt an open flame in front of Dome security. It is your destiny."

and I have obliged.

Plus these tablescapes are just too cute to not copy.

After Southeastern and Tulsa, we go on the road and here are links to sign up for Tailgating in Birmingham, Duke and Army (kill me now).

Birmingham Tailgating (click for link) is $30 for over 21 adults and $20 for chirrens and kids. Location is TBA, but don't worry Mrs. Hullabaloo will be on top of it.

Duke Tailgating (click for link) is $40 for tailgating buffet (fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, sodas, and Abita suds). Location is also TBA.

Army Tailgating (Kill me now) is $35 for a tailgating buffet (fried chicken, brat sandwiches, and a nice bar with wine and beer). Tulane is also offering a round trip bus from the Cornell club for $35pp. Tulane tailgating is on the "Marching Field" - which just looks like a big soccer field if you ask me. It's at the base of the mountain where their decrepit stadium sits precariously perched over the Hudson. If you come in the main gate - there's the one big patch of land that is flat and there's the one big parking lot. (No, I am not a fan of Army. Get over it.)

So despite ruining my mind thinking about Army, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were able to make the Fan Day festivities yesterday and properly welcome the ushering in of Tailgating and Football season: SQUEAL!

Sweet Baby Jesus was fabulous and the smoke from the Bayou Sauvage fires shifted with the winds and cleared up for a wonderfully scorching evening out on the Westfeldt turf. They had sno cones, Pita Pit, Domino's and a DJ. The players were available to sign posters.

I cut in line (my Town Daughter, Chickadee, was in line for me. Kinda like how it happens at Galatoire's) and got the players to sign my posters. I was cracking up Chickadee bantering with the players. One of them didn't believe me that I knew their mother. Like I'm full of crap or something.

I asked that the players sign my posters "To Mrs. Hullabaloo", which they did.

Dezman Moses was the best sport in dedicating his signature to "Mrs. Hullabaloo." I loved it. (thank you for humoring this crazy lady)

I even instructed Orleans Darkwa how to pose. and he obliged. See.

We also got to chat with one of the freshman players from St. Aug who said that he would be happy if we went 10-3, like that would be sufficient enough for him. LMAO. He has no idea that New Orleans would just about break away off into the Gulf due to the celebrations a record like that would cause in the city.

Anyways thank you Greenies for a fun evening! Now go out and hang a W on the Ham-land Lions!

Roll Wave!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Your Masks On Y'all!

Fan Day at Westfeldt this evening. Who's in?

Talk about Bals Masque de La Nouvelle Orleans y'all....

The smoke out of the Bayou Sauvage wildfire is completely out of control and threatening to not only smoke out Fan Day today, but Tailgating also.

Lawd, we are not worthy to receive you, but please forgive us our sins! We promise not to make fun of Red Stick. For at least a week.


Monday, August 29, 2011

WHAT the Facundus?

Ex-squeeze me? Did I hear what I THINK I heard?

Fast forward to the 13:48 mark. I think I just fell over.

Oh Mrs. Hullabaloo is going to have SOME kind of words with Messieur Robert Toledo on Wednesday fo' sho. The man has no loyalties to his former team! He's apparently forgiven Joe Activia for reneging on our home-and-away contract! He's apparently forgotten about that old lady that flipped him the bird the last time we played in Red Stick!

....Doesn't this make you feel all warm fuzzy inside? Let's just all roll over and get walked on.

I say No Way! C'Mon, Stay True Brothers and Sisters and join me: "Pud-dles! Pud-dles! Pud-dles! We LOVE the Ducks! We LOVE the Ducks!"

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yes, We're All Sinners Get Over It

Boo the drama’s over. Nothing to see here anymore. Except that I wish that they would show Imelda Jefferson’s collection of shoes. Coach Hullabaloo is fierce in the shoe shopping department and he doesn’t own 50 pairs of shoes. I don’t think I even own 50 pairs of shoes. I heard that the Jefferson Shoes deserved their own episode of Crib’s.

How exactly does a scholarship student from rural Louisiana afford 50 pairs of $100 sneakers. Oh the spin doctors on WWL just turned themselves into pretzels explaining how since U-BR had done some sort of favor to Nike, now their players could order shoes at deep discounts thru Nike. And all is kosher with this improper benefit NCAA regulations thingy. Dontcha just love it?

Well, so now enough with them and on with Us.

Casey Robottom doing the Heisman at last year's game. Photo taken by the Commercial Appeal.

In seven short days we got ourselves the Ham-land, as Coach likes to call it, coming into our decaying city. Our City which these visitors claim/disown in the same breath. When asked where they are from, I promise you that these individuals would all chrip out “New Orleans!” yet then they turn around and say how they could never possibly live here with all the colorfulness that is here. Mrs. Hullabaloo rolls her eyes at you! While I acknowledge that The Hamland is quaint in that Mayberry kind of way, I could never actually live there either. I’m too much of a sinner and I do quite enjoy my mixed-race/mixed-income neighborhood thank you very much. So there, we're even.

Koozie, Peggy, Coach and I drove to The Hamland a year or so ago for a Tulane baseball game. One of our former players is now a coach there, which causes us much distress. On a previous occasion, Peggy and I went alone and had life changing pizza at Tommy's Pizzeria. Tommy's Pizzeria might make me pause to say I could never live in The Hamland because it is the best kept secret out of there. Anyways, with our bellies full of this divine pizza, Peggy and I kept cheering something silly between innings which made us laugh like silly teenagers because at the end of our made-up cheer another Greenie Dat would chime in “and Take #23 with you!” (or whatever our former player/their current coach’s jersey number was). Every single time. We just laughed ourselves silly. Lawd we have to have a sense of humor here in Greenie Dat Nation.

So anyways, on this particular trip with Koozie, Peggy, Coach, we met up with FF Jim and his wife, Red, and perched ourselves on their precarious splinter-ridden rightfield bleechers. Section 110 on the Road kinda like. Well, we somehow got onto the topic about how Jews don’t say G-d’s name. Jews and Tulane just go with the territory, so it wasn’t a stretch to get on this topic. Jews don’t say “Yahweh” “Jehovah” none of that, they don’t even write it. It’s too sacred to even say his name (notice how I omit the “o” in deference to my proper Tulane upbringing). So then Peggy, with her endless sense of humor, starts joking about some Christian hymn that includes his name and starts asking aloud “Well what do they do when they get to that part of the song? Do they hum instead?” So the silly season started and we just took off doing all kinds of funny versions of said hymn. Very reminiscent of our banter in Section 110 at Turchin.

And then have you ever had that sneaking feeling when everyone around you is silent and watching you? Well we collectively got that feeling and looked around us to find that the Hammond-ites were none to pleased with us sinners and giving us the sideways glance stares. Clearly, we were no longer getting the pass we normally enjoy in Section 110 which has given us much acclaim and fame.

They are just so uptight and Christian up there.

And copy-cats too. Greenwave Marketing had some videos done for football season with individual players saying “Get your football tickets and come watch me do this” and then there would be a clip of some spectacular play from last season. Like Orleans Darkwa bulldozing Ole Miss, Joe Kemp catching a long bomb v. Ole Miss, Ryan Griffin airing one out to Ryan Grant for Rice.

And so Southeastern had to do that same thing with them showing clips of an interception against us. Ha ha ha – sooo funny! ha ha ha!

Well, let’s just see who has the last laugh y’all.

Okay my Chamudi's: Tulane v. SLU Gameday Menu – please sign up Hullabaloo Tailgaters

BBQ Shrimp
Stuffed Artichokes
Fruit Salad
Robert’s Shrimp Dip
Rouse’s Crawfish Dip
Mother’s Jambalaya
Vodka for Bloody Marys

....and then I think I might bring some Creole Tea Sandwiches (biscuits with turkey or ham, tomato and LeRuth’s Green Goddess Meynez)

Mazel Tov!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

If The Tennis Shoe Does Not Fit, You Must Acquit!

OK, so this is all rumors and inuendo until proven guilty, etcetera, etcetera.

Apparently the Red Stick Police are waving a white flag and crying that they need a Third Party independent investigator. They even had to conduct the interviews at the State Police office instead of at BRPD. As we speak, Jordan Jefferson's Tennis Shoes have been admitted into evidence and possible DNA testng. LMAO.

Mrs. Hullabaloo shant pass an opportunity to just laugh myself silly, point fingers and grab some popcorn to watch the drama unfold in Red Stick. Yes. I am immature and petty. Especially in light that fall practice reports all agree that The Wave's OL is just dismal this season. On top of that the ticket office has cloaked the package info and pricing for the Hawaii trip in secrecy. Something about needing the right code to unlock the Cryptix so that the papyrus the Hawaii trip package is written on doesn't disintegrate in vinegar. (I mean, isn't that how any other normal college would advertise a Big Trip to it's fans? By not telling you a word and then asking you to email a black hole with your social security number and rights to your first unborn?).

So as to take my mind off such dreariness, Mrs. Hullabaloo has been breathlessly following the developments in BR. Down to watching the grainy youtube versions of The Fight that were bound to make their way to Youtube no matter how much money was spread around and how many threats were dispensed. You knew that there had to be a Ragin Cajun in the crowd or another contrarian soul who couldn't wait to capture photographic proof of LSU showing their drawers. Although the video clips all look like they were filmed while sliding down the Azuka at Blue Bayou waterpark. Maybe after tossing back a few shots the video might begin to look clear, but stone sober it's just a mishmash.

Listen, I never can stomach visitng Tiggerdroppings or duddy-Don or whatever his name is. But it's just been sooooo much fun to suck time away at work by perusing the musings of the Tigah Faithful over the past week. Even at the expense of overlooking Shopping Alert posts that need to be tended to on here. (Dontcha agree?)

I mean we even have the ancient Peter Finney in full spin doctor-mode at the Times Picayune digging his brain for examples of alumni previous thug players and all of their silly escapades and who didn't get caught/punished/what have you. This is what is passing for "serious" journalism at the Times Picayune this week!

I think one of the funniest angles to this story is that they are in just SUCH a pickle up there! The police, the DA, the university, Les Miles, Messieur Jefferson: Everybody is just damned if they do or damned if they don't. In one corner you have Team ABBJ (anybody but Jefferson) who are allegedly fundraising for a legal fund for the victims to pursue the charges. Team ABBJ has had it up to here with JJ's inconsistent performance and want the women-gropping/Rothlisberger-in-training Zach Mettenberger at the helm.

Then you have Grass Eatin' Miles who has the pressures of an unhinged fan base who will cause bodily harm should he even dare to look at a player sideways. Already you have players involved screaming that this was all a set up. Miles already made them run 40 yards. So what's left is to take away ALL the scholarships, and I mean every. last. one. (!) that belonged to members of the practice team. That'll learn 'em.

The police don't know which way to turn. They're trying to reconstruct a scenario where the victim's head was clearly a concealed weapon just waiting to cause severe injury to Jarvis Landry and Jordan Jefferson's feet. These fools are fearing for their lives should they like try to do their jobs and police thugs discipline players serve and protect.

And probably the juiciest detail to come out of all of this is that Team Sweep TM (I can't take credit for this genius terminology, it goes to posters on Tigah Rant/Droppings) has met it's match. In your garden variety crime committed by a Fightin Tigah this is what would happen: Red Stick just rolls out Team Sweep TM whereby Nathan Fischer is called upon, The police are given their marching orders, a checkbook is opened, The Advocate and Times Picayune write their spin that all is fabulous and besides the victim asked for it, all is forgotten and on to the next game.

Well, this time things are little more interesting: Somebody's cousin's boyfriend's next door neighbor allegedly did a summer internship at either the DA's office or at a law firm involved with the victims. Allegedly one of the said victims has relatives in high places at the District Attorney's office. Because it wasn't enough that one of the victims was a US Marine and there's just not enough shame in that, but these idiot players have unknowingly messed with their own among the powers that be in Red Stick. So now it's like a pissing contest between the Capulets and the Montagues. Delicious, right?! Couldn't have happened to a better set of peeps in Mrs. Hullabaloo's opinion.

When the Oregon player got caught allegedgly smoking weed and speeding in a vehicle suspiciously rented by someone in the athletic department, all of Red Stick clutched their pearls. Oh My Lord and Savior. Is That How They Behave in Oh-ree-Gone? Then Red Stick collectively raised their pitchforks and stormed the internets to demand that Oregon suspend, tar and feather said individual. Oregon had some nerve trying to pretend this was much ado about nothing.

And well now the mental acrobatics to justify last week's behavior at Shady's has given way to a circling firing squad and I. just. LOVE. it!

Who's gonna win? The barbaric hordes of man eating fans? The police too scared to do their job? The shadowy hand at the DA office?

Fun times y'all! Enjoy it while you can, Asult will be here before we know it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stay Classy Red Stick

Note: Mrs. Hullabaloo does not claim ownership of the original article. This is a satircal remake. So that's my legal disclaimer and I'm sticking to it.

Fightin Tigahs Ain’t Got Nothing to Worry ‘Bout
Jim Kleinpeter, Times Pick-a-sheet Hack Writer

Red Stick -- A meeting between Baton Rouge police and five four LSU football players accused of beating the crap out of a U.S. Marine involvement in a bar fight has been postponed indefinitely until Tuesday, Baton Rouge Police public information officer Sgt. Don Stone was paid off to say said Sunday.

Jordan Jefferson is one of four LSU football players scheduled to chill out for a while, just for appearances meet with the Baton Rouge Police Department for questioning in a bar fight early Friday morning off campus.

The meeting was scheduled for Monday morning. ,but was quickly kiboshed until they can all agree which one, other than T Bob and Jefferson, to pin the head kicking felony on.

Gloria Allred Nathan Fisher, who is a donor and SuperFan has represented LSU thugs athletes in legal matters in the past and successfully skirting NCAA improper benefit rules, requested more time to rehearse and get everyone's stories straight, pay off the laundromat to ditch the videotapes prepare with the four five players -- senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson, sophomore lineman Chris Davenport, sophomore linebacker Josh Johns and freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry, and T Bob Hebert, son of Bobby Hebert, but he was protected yet again.

"We just got the case at 8 a.m. today (Sunday)," Fisher said. "I just met with the kids this morning, we're talking about players here, we got to rehearse real slow like and need more time."

Baton Rouge Police have no plans to made no arrests or specified charges. Police wanted to meet with the players to take some group pictures, run through some cheers together get "their side of the story," according to Stone.

Fisher said he has spoken to witnesses who will change their stories to support the LSU players' account. Fisher also said that these players aren't gonna talk anyways even if they do go to this so called "meeting."

Attorney Michael Bienvenu is representing the four injured men, who received treatment at two area hospitals after the fight, which occurred about 1:30 a.m. Friday morning at Shady's, an off-campus bar south of LSU. One of the victims had a serious injury and the others had minor injuries, police said.

Bienvenu would not release the names of the victims because fans of the outhouse are completely nuts and can't be trusted to act civil but said they plan to press charges. Andrew Lowery of Baton Rouge confirmed to The Daily Reveille that he was one of the four involved. He has declined comment and is receiving death threats as we speak should he open his mouth in public again cause that's how they roll in Red Stick, just ask Jonathan McKnight's family when he turned down a scholly offer.

A Baton Rouge TV station that is now being picketed and boycotted because they are THAT immature and petty in Red Stick reported Sunday that witnesses who've now been paid off to change their story said Jefferson kicked one of the victims in the head. Stone confirmed the accusation that one of the players kicked one of the victims in the head but has been paid off to conveniently not recall could not identify who it was.

Stone said at least one of the four players will be just fine, don't y'all worry could be charged with second degreee battery, which is a felony and entails serious bodily injury. If convicted, the crime carries a maximum five-year jail sentence and up to a $2,000 fine. But Les Miles REALLY put his foot down and scared the crap out of everyone already by making them RUN on Friday, so that's punishment enough Simple battery is a misdemeanor and carries no jail sentence.

The incident began after the driver of a truck honked his horn at a group of people blocking his way in the parking lot, according to Stone. The driver was one of the injured.

LSU Coach Les Miles ,in an Oscar-worthy performance, angrily denounced the incident in a Saturday press conference and has begun disciplinary measures for players breaking curfew, calling it "a team violation." Players were forced to run (!) (oh gawd, no!!) as punishment when they returned to practice Saturday. See, this running this was punishment enough. Scare em straight.

Neither Miles nor police care to know the number of players present when the fight occurred, but a source close to the team who's now clammed up said as many as 50 players had gone out Thursday night to celebrate the end of two-a-days practice.

The source said it was a tradition since the players had Friday off and school begins today. He said had there not been a fight, there wouldn't have been any running or other discipline. Party Poopers

Jefferson's father, John, changed his story YET again said his son told him he left the scene shortly before the fight started. Jefferson is a two-year starter from St. Rose who has a 20-7 record as a starting quarterback. His availability for No. 4 LSU in the season opener against No. 3 Oregon in the Cowboy Classic in Arlington, Texas, could be in jeopardy. So we have GOT to tie this up in a neat bow pronto

Davenport from Mansfield, Johns of Baton Rouge and Landry of Lutcher are reserves and are not likely to play, although Landry is a highly touted newcomer and is expected to see playing time this season. And T Bob Hebert is getting yet another stern lecture from his Dad to quit getting caught.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Gameday Dresses

THREE more weeks ladies to get your closets in order for Tulane Football Saturdays!

To help I found these cute and stylish gameday dresses. This first one by Charlotte Russe for $15.

Well, it's $19 and then they apply a 20% discount when you check out. Not bad. Click here to buy online.

Very cute

This ruffle neck number would look a-dorable with a little 3/4 length cardigan or a jean jacket. Love, love.

$34.99 at K-mart (yes! K-mart). Listen, girls - Mrs. Hullabaloo is ALL about cheap and cute for gameday attire, cause one nasty spill at tailgating and you'll be dreadfully sad. Click here to purchase online.

Ruffled pintuck strapless dress

$39 on Click here to buy online.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yes, more shopping

So there's not much here in River City, but I still did manage to uncover some "Must Have" items that should be in every Greenie Dat-ette's wardrobe....

First, the 3/4 polo.

I am also taking this to get appropriately monogrammed (with a cute Fleur de lis, what you think?). The hunter green and blue are dead on Greenie Dat colors. and who doesn't need a lazy game day polo?

Available at Sears (yes) for $12.98. See, what I mean? $12! Click here to buy online or buy at your local Sears.

And then these adorable and unbelievably comfortable "Jelly" sandals at Dillards.

The color says "Mojito", but they are your basic emerald green. Gianni Bini $20. click here to buy online or find at your local store.

Happy shopping ladies!

Shreveport Shopping Alert!

Yes, I am in the River City. and Dot has gone down to Red Stick, so it leaves me with nobody to play with here.

So when all else fails: shop.

And I found this adorableness at Target! Click here to buy bag online or find it at your local Target store. I can't wait to doll it all up with appropriate monogramming. This find will soooo please Coach Hullabaloo immensely.

Mega Sighs, because I normally use this hard roller case and it causes Coach Hullabaloo much consternation and frustration.

I just obsess over this suitcase so that it doesn't get scratched up or someone breath on it wrong or something equally horrific. Cab drivers aren't allowed to handle it. I cart it up myself up the outdoor jet stairs when we fly with the team. I insist it be crammed by my legs when we are on the team bus. I can just feel it getting scratched up should it be sliding around in the luggage compartments of the bus.

I totally understood that crazy girl who insisted that her Louis carry-on be saved on the US Airways crash landing on the Hudson. Poor thing was adamant it be dragged out of the plane with her and then when they got saved, the Louis had to be dumped into the Hudson. Hilarious. I would be THAT girl. So to put it mildly: it drives Coach Hullabaloo absolutely up a wall the way I am with that suitcase.

But in my defense, I haven't found another one like it should, G-d Forbid, it die and need to be replaced. Because it is just a perfect Greenwave suitcase. I even had one quite uninformed TSA lady ask me if it was some special brand by the way I insisted it be handled properly and I sassed back, "No. I just take care of my things."

so umm Yes, I have football season-specific luggage and now I have this great, easy and WASHABLE weekend duffle bag. Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo make as many Tulane away games as possible and one has to represent at all times. So there.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yeah you rite!

I picked up this adorable pot holder at Big Lots for $1.50. C'est Cute, non? Mais oui!

I just finished watching Sandra Lee on Food TV - she is on my list of "favorite things." Today she shared with us the perfect idea for burgers for the tailgate for the Cooter game in November.

I think these Burgers will be awesome with the Cowboy Caviar (click for cowboy caviar recipe).

makes 4 patties
1 1/2 pounds ground meat of choice (beef, turkey)
2 tablespoons Tex-Mex chili seasoning (Casa Fiesta* brand at Rouse's is from New Iberia y'all and I love it)
2 teaspoons chipotles in adobo sauce (Find this at Rouse's or if you dare to venture: The Ideal Market on North Broad)
1/4 cup beer of choice (Sandra used Corona)
Salt and pepper
Sliced pepper Jack cheese
Sliced Alligator Pears (Avocados)

Take chipotles, slice open and scrape out the seeds. Discard said seeds, but don't drain of the adobo sauce. Seed removal is so you don't kill any tailgaters who don't like fire hot spicy food. Chop up the chipotles and set aside.

So take your mixed chili seasoning, 2 teaspoons of the chopped chipotles sans seeds, smidge of the adobo sauce and combine with your ground beef and beer. Really work your hands in there to make sure everything is combined. Shake some salt and pepper on there for good measure and then make your patties. A roll of wax paper in your pantry is essential at this point so you can stack your patties individually to transport to tailgating.

Grill 3-4 mins on each side and then about 2-3 mins before being done, add the slided pepper jack cheese to melt. Serve on a bun garnished with sliced avocado and a schmear of chipotle mayo. You can also dress it with lettuce, tomaters and a grileld red onion too. Or Honduran Cole Slaw (yummmmm)

CHIPOTLE MAYO inspired by Sandra Lee
1 1/2 teaspoons chipotles in adobo sauce
3/4 cup mayonnaise
squirt of lime juice
sprinkle of ground or chopped cilantro

Slice open the chipotles, and scrape out the seeds (so that people who don't like spicy foods don't die). Then mince up that chipotle, add in to the mayonnaise, squirt just a touch of lime juice and sprinkle with ground cilantro or finely chopped cilantro (just a smidge though to give a HINT of flavor) and then whip it up. Cover and refrigerate or keep on ice in your cooler until ready to garnish the burgers.

Just a note about Casa Fiesta brand - I love this brand. They also make "Louisiana" Brand hot sauce. Anyways, I called Casa Fiesta HQ and told them how much I love their stuff and they sent me some $1 off coupons for my extreme couponing venture that I am on right now (Yes! For Reals, I am stockpiling).

The reason why I am enamoured just so with Casa Fiesta is because Mrs. Hullabaloo has been ordered to follow a special diet per the doctors. Very unfun, I know - but I have been making it fun nonetheless. Casa Fiesta doesn't have all of the weird ingredients that many of the other brands have that might make you grow a third eye or something. The ingredient list is plain and simple. Their taco shells are gluten-wheat free and are made with coconut oil, which is a healthful high temp cooking oil for those of us on anti-inflammatory diets. So y'all go on and make your Casa a Fiesta ~ Ole!

While on the same note of latin flavors, I mentioned Honduran Coleslaw cause Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo had a life changing lunch in Gert Town. YES! We took our life in our own hands and went to Telamar Restaurant on Washington Avenue (next to the Rhodes Funeral Home at Washington+Broad). OMG, the cabbage was mixed with a tangy red mayo sauce and was delish. Telamar serves this deliciousness with their pork chops or fried chicken on a bed of plantains. Don't let the sideways glances from the other patrons detain you trying to figure out their English Optional menu. It is a scary good meal. I say scary cause half the time you are scared to death about getting mugged or worse in that parking lot, but you are just glued to the deliciousness of the meal they have just served you.

Have a wonderful weekend my chickens! Just a few weeks to tailgating!!!