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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calling In The Big Guns

Bobfather, who art a Greenie,
Shaughnessy be thy name.
Thy play be run, thy game be won,
At home, as it is away.
Give us this Saturday our gameday win.
And forgive us our turnovers,
Though let us Ponce de Leon on those who
Turnover against us.
And lead us not into 4th & long,
but deliver us from false starts.
In the name of the Cairo, the Strozier
And the Holy Mackey.
For Dezman to have the Glory....

I am serious! (not really, this is a satire, so don't freak out y'all). But I felt I needed to lighen up the mood a little with us being 2-2 and going in to Army (kill me now).

(and Yes I know Oscar Ponce de Leon graduated, but I just had to take advantage of subbing his name for "pounce" in the prayer.)

So Peggy helped me put the little black voodat doll together. I made the greenie voodat doll and the football rosary. I wanted to get a plastic menorah, but I just felt bad about treading on that by going to the JCC and buying a real one. I figured God would have a sense of humor and forgive me for using one I printed out online and cut out.

So in other news: I went shopping at the bookstore today and they had these a-dorable scarves.

I totally snatched one up since it's supposed to be rainy, cold and just dreary at West Point this weekend. Oy vey.

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at getting some spiritual cleansing happening in time for this weekend ~

Monday, September 26, 2011

I admire this

Yes, I do.

it takes a real man to RISE UP tm and say "We consider this Unacceptable and we will address this." The proverbial Buck is stopping with RC Johnson at Memphis.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear the same from our leadership?

The last time Rick Dickson came out to talk to us, he told us to "Go Across The Street" if we wanted to complain. and then gave us this "Playbook" - which I shall finally comment upon.

Now, to be fair to Mr. Dickson - he IS currently out shaking the donor trees for the big $$ for you know what. hint. hint. And I am willing to bet that he will come thru and get us the funding for what we have all been dreaming and praying about.

Because we have very generous alumni who WANT what the fans want: Something We Can Be Proud Of. Something we can point to each weekend in the Fall, or in the Madness of March, and in Nebraska in June and say: This is where I came from.

Now. What absolutely makes me want to run down the street screaming is the complete disarray that drives Tulane Athletics. They are unable to walk and chew gum at the same time on Willow Street. There are very real issues staring down our program that need our focus and attention. Right Now. 1. Coaching for the New Millenium and 2. Conference Realignment

And no The Playbook doesn't count as a Coherent Plan. It was basically an Adult Coloring Book of spin that essentially said nothing.

So on one day, you have Scott Cowen quoted in the Times Picayune that any positioning in the conference realignment situation is like "Re-arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic" - You gotta love that imagery! Because, like, when was the last time a significant program petitioned to join? And consider who have been the programs either a)jumping overboard or b) petitioning to jump overboard since the beginning of CUSA.

Then on another day you have Rick Dickson also being quoted in the media that his discussion with B School students about a possible CUSA-MWC merger was "A Joke."

Now Scott Cowen's absurd musings I can just roll my eyes over because I expect that kind of absurdity from him. and thankfully, Tulane students do not read the Times Picayune.

But Dickson's comments just burned me! How could you go in front of THE FUTURE donors, boosters and fans of Tulane and then say "You know what I said, well it was all a joke. Nothing to see here, move along now."


Mrs. Hullabaloo has a few molecules of patience left to explore the possibility of following SMU, Houston's, UCF's and Tulsa's lead of Ramping Up CUSA. If we can't join 'em, well we'll just have to beat 'em. I know, this tasted like vinegar to even type, much less ruin my brain thinking about. But that would require some RISE UP thinking and I just don't have the expectation that that may happen.

Here is a currently very bad football team in Memphis reaching out to their fans and saying "We are Sorry, and We intend to Fix this." WHEN has Rick Dickson or Scott Cowen ever said something like that without it coming out underhanded and chock full of excuses? But the petunias we planted! But Katrina! But we can't lose our mediocre recruiting classes!

When we had opportunity to suck it up, make a statement and drop the hatchet on our current Coaching Situation, they instead rewarded failure with an extension. Just kill me now ok?

Now, I am the #1 member of the Elaine Toledo Has Fabulous Hair Fan Club and I will miss her fiercely. Coach Toledo is a gentleman at all times and I want to go personally thank his mother for bestowing such fine manners and demeanor on him. But enough is enough already.

Yes, Dickson was right. This. Is. A. Joke. Will the Adults Please RISE UP?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pour Some Sugar On Me

I have been wracking my brain on what to say for the past 16 hours, that hasn't already been said before....

Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo are flying back from RDU to MSY via MCO. and I just want to Gag With a Spoon. Cause apparently MCO is the hub for the "other" fans flying back from WVU.

You know, because I, like totally, wanted to pour some more salt on the wound. As if!

.....Anyways, Of couse I would have preferred it have been a Totally Rad(!) flight home. But it is not meant to be. We must be forced to watch a gnarly 1980's gameplan dusted off and drolled out each week. And when there's, like, 11 guys in the box, man, at the goal line: well, like, just ram it up the middle! Like fer sure!

Perhaps I should send a cute fold up note with all of our suggestions for improvement with checkmark boxes like how us Gen X'rs used to do in middle school.

Because I do not want to see Trent Ma-Kee* and Ryan Griffin all taped up like mummies for our remaining games in the schedule.

I just don't have the heart for that.

*For those of you not there to enjoy this game live(!), the announcers kept mispronouncing Trent's name. Like he was never out on that field before. I think that was to annoy us. Just like those Zebras who were just awful! And speaking of acts committed just to annoy us, I should have known this game was gonna go sideways when Duke's running out to the field song was "Eye of The Tiger".

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Raining

We have arrived in Durham and it's raining.

and I found a penny. and the checkout at the drug store by our hotel was selling plush toy Pelicans. See Manhattan Penny and McNesse Penny stories.

I don't want to El Gato negro us, but our "thriller" game against UAB in '04 at Gormley was played outdoors in the rain. and we only had Lester Ricard under center then. Of course Roydell Williams was WR, but whatever. It was in the rain.

Coach Hullabaloo and I waited until the last possible moment to leave that game in the 4thQ for a party at a friend's that I would have lost a friendship over should I have not attended (and believe me, I considered it). Coach and I had driven separately for whatever reason and my car didn't pick up the radio station for the game. Lester Ricard kept airing out these bombs to Roydell Williams and UAB was top 25, fresh from having defeated LSU at The Outhouse. So it was back and forth, back and forth. Coach Hullabaloo was pulling over and getting out of the car to booty dance in the rain each time we got a touchdown so I would know. It was hilarious.

Anyways, Alex Carlton kicked wide right in the middle of the field at 37 yards (tee hee!) also an outdoor game, also in the rain. Well, a drizzle really. But it had rained earlier and it was dreary.

We had a tropical storm for Southeastern.....

Ok e-nough of this Mrs. Hullabaloo. (but I am awful glad we have statistically better running backs than Duke allegedly. according to the "experts". Because I feel with our butterfinger receiving corps and Toledo's West Coast bag of tricks, this will be a running game. Don't ask me technical questions while I feel this is so. I just do. Also Coach Hullabaloo ran into some of the players looking for white tape at the Westbank Academy yesterday. They have their Mojo routine also apparently with this white tape.)

OK. enough already Mrs. Hullabaloo!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tulane Tailgating at Duke

Here's the 411 finally on Tulane Tailgating at Duke.

It starts 2 hours before kick-off. The Tulane Tents will be located in the Card Lot on Duke's Campus.

The Card Lot is adjacent to the Ambler Tennis Stadium and in front of the Wilson Recreation Center and the Card Gym. click on picture to make it larger.

You MAY attend the tailgate if you already have purchased your tickets. Pay at the door, but contact the Tulane alumni office so that they can get a headcount. 504-865-5901.

Or if you need tickets, you can rsvp for them here and pay for the tailgate through this link.

Roll Wave! Let's bring us back a "W"!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blaze of Glory

pictures from Jimmy Mitchell for Tulane, Linda Stetler for the Birmingham News and Coach Hullabaloo just for fun!

UAB went dooooown, in our Blaze of Glory, UAB went dooooown, in our Blaze of Glory!

and while I loved, loved it (!), I am not allowing myself to celebrate until exactly 7 days from now.

When the Saints had their magical season in 2009, I think it was about 10 undefeated games in when I finally said "OK, this is for real!" My friends thought I was so funny, because it wasn't until the Patriots game that I finally started having fun watching the games, instead of just expecting something horrible to happen.

Do any of yous remember the 2007 game vs. Les Tigres at the dome? (Yeah, that one. The last "home" game in a "Home and Away" contract that Joe Activia broke). Anyways, I sat there shocked the first half. Just stunned and I kept asking Coach Hullabaloo "Wait, LSU has GOT to be throwing this game on purpose. Is this for real?" I even turned around to one of Scott Holt's cousins and asked her, "Is this for real?!" and she nodded "Yes!"

I swear I was prolly the only Tulane fan in the stand at that '07 game who was convinced this was all a joke, Ha Ha and then the real Tulane team would stand up.

So this might be blasphemy to some of yous out there, but I think that our for real test will be next week against Duke. I think that our win yesterday was a combination of UAB being on a downturn and luck. Like how many times did #12 have to break tackles and outrun us for us to start keeping him in check? He was giving me heart palpitations.

Our special teams was also giving me heart palpitations. At first I was throwing daggers in my mind to Coach Toledo for calling for a fake punt instead of a field goal, but then I realized it was a botched snap. Sigh. And I am not knocking Derrick Strozier: but what exactly is happening at Special Teams practices. In the NCAA you cannot signal a fair catch and then go running. Hello, what was that story.

So you can understand that at 35-10 I refused to stop biting my nails as I tend to do when we are ahead. Just waiting for the hatchet to fall and for us to lose. I wasn't comfortable until the score got to 42-10 and the scorching sun was finally behind the west sideline boxes. Listen: I was THERE at Michie in '07 when we were up by 17 in the final minutes of the game and lost due to bullsh&t officiating. That quote/unquote "Miracle" was a farce, so there. (can you picture me doing air quotes on miracle? cause I am ha ha). The bottom line is Tulane has mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for longer than I've been a Tulane fan.

Yesterday at UAB we got to sit with Mike Cammarata who was a guard for the Greenies from '65-69. His first college game was opening against Texas on the road. Da-um!

As Coach Hullabaloo likes to laugh about Nola locals: dang Messieur Cammarata could talk. New Orleaneans can talk to walls y'all. Anyways, Grandson Cammarata kept wanting to comment on the game and I kept shushing him. "SHHHHH! until the clocks says zero, zero, zero don't El Gato Negro us, this is a Tulane game!" You musn't comment while we are ahead and inadvertendly add some juju.

I even turned to one of the Greenbacker wives and said, Man I have so many comments in my head but I don't want to ruin everything by saying anything. And she agreed! "Don't! Rick Jones wouldn't want you to say anything either!" So I just zipped it.

The funniest comment though was Coach Hullabaloo bantering with the Greenbackers about the spread for the game. Coach admitted he had wanted to vote on the spread on Sportsbook, because he didn't feel that it would be 2 TD's. Now, y'all: I was confident we would pull this one out, just not by the margin that it was. I was expecting some crazy '07 SMU overtime situation. Big Mike chimed up and said "I bet on this game today too! I bet $10,000....Lira" LMAO, Lira.

Also my hesitation to start booty shaking about yesterday's win is that Duke just hung one on Boston College. Them devils gotta have some Mo happening to carry them into their own Homecoming. There is nothing more that I would love than to initiate a Homecoming Spanking Sweep TM. I am tired, tired of being everyone's homecoming bitches, time to feel like we did leaving the Mississippi State game in 2006 when State fans put "For Sale" signs up in Croomer's yard. tee hee!

So Mega props where Mega Props are due: 1. To the UAB Band for our awesome soundtrack throughout the game and playing the Darth Vader every time we made a first down.

2. Mega props to Wilson Van Hooser showing off to his family and friends by hanging on to catches and making a TD. Yaaay!

3. And Holy facundus on Trent Mackey's pick six, he is like the gift that keeps on giving.

4. and Mega props to the Running Back corps lead by Erleens.

Albert Williams leaps made me want to stand up and applaud, his backflips are starting to pay dividends. and Mrs. Hullabaloo can't wait to see Dante Butler unleashed, because he looks killer.

I was also pleasantly surprised how many Tulane fans and alumni showed up. Our player's families even showed up en masse. Here a picture of Flat Riptide with the LeBeau's (look at the little LeBeau's lmao)....

I am starting a Novena tomorrow, so I will include the Greenies to keep some of the Confidence and Swagger that they got from creaming UAB, showing up against Tulsa and having their way with Southeastern. And for Rick Dickson and Scott Cowen to finally just get over their myopia and just get us into the ACC already. Amen.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just to tide you over

Mrs. Hullabaloo is dead tired, sunburnt, stuffed full of Jim&Nick's barbecue...but happy we did so well.

But in the meantime my chamudis I give you this to tide you over til tomorrow when I will have the energy to write a full color report on the game.

Notice some of the players standing in front of the bench who are freestyling some dance moves behind the cheerleaders. Quelle Hilarious.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Birmingham Tailgate on Saturday

Birmingham Tailgate sponsored by the Tulane Alumni Association starts at 1pm on Saturday at Legion Field. Kick off is 3pm.

Theresa Gregory, Birmingham Alum Prez, has organized a tailgate that is $30 for adults and $21 for Chirren. Includes gameday food (burgers, hot dogs, etc.), beer and sodas.

The Tailgate will be in the East Parking Lot by Gate 12.

See you tailgater alligaters there ~

Roll Wave!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Helmet Stickers

I am so glad that we've revived this tradition at Tulane. Mrs. Hullabaloo approves

My question though is what it's for. Sometimes it's team accomplishements, sometimes it's individual accomplishments. I'm thinking that this is for tackles...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're Greenwave born, We're Greenwave bred!

...and when we die we'll be Greenwave dead! So Rah to the Greenies! Rah to the Greenies! Rah to the Greenies! Geaux Tee-U!

ok I just made that cheer up from the Boomer Sooner. I felt it was apropos for our Rustic, Not Fancy TM Okie Tailgate theme from Saturday. No it doesn't have anything to do with Tulane or Tulsa, except that OU beat Tulsa and that makes me smile.

Props to our newest Tailgatress, Ta'Molly. Thanks Ta'Molly for documenting our gameday so beautifully!

So, O-M-G on the Gameday Lemonade, aka Nekid Punch, aka ButtNekidPunch, originally known as The Skip N Go Naked.

Mrs. Hullabaloo claims no liability for the Gameday Lemonade, but I told y'alls it was good! Click here for the recipe for Gameday Lemonade. Hidden here, sinisterly, in my new enamelware drink dispenser (message me for details on the enamelware should you want to own your own. Available with out the T Wave magnet, which you can buy at the Team Shop and add to the dispenser).

It's such a refreshing adult beverage that your mind can lapse and you forget there's alcohol in it until, well, things go missing.

I served our Gameday Lemonade in these a-dorable etched Mason Jars that I made from Blackburn brand jelly jars from Wal-Mart.

Also a hit were our Pigs in a Pen. Click here for recipe for Pigs in a Pen.

The trick is the Hi Do french bread. Hi Do is the only acceptable bakery in the New Orleans metro area.

Afterwards, Mr. and Mrs. PreacherMan, Peggy, Koozie, Coach and I had a fun post-game tailgate y'all. We don't let little things like sad game plans and sad scores stop us from merriment. We popped open the trunk, uncovered our ice chest and polished off chips, cookies, and leftover tailgating Taco Bell care of the Greenbackers while we listened to Jimmy's lockeroom interviews and Graf's post-game show on WIST.

(Taco Bell being acceptable food by Oklahomans. I had a bestie in high school who sadly had to move to Tulsa. Her father actually got a promotion from Dallas to Tulsa. I don't know how that kinda promotion works exactly, but nonetheless as lovely as she was she still managed to uncover this horrid boyfriend in Tulsa who used to cram an entire Taco Bell burrito in one bite into his mouth. Takes Tulsa Talent!)

So us Post-Game tailgater alligators got to sit and snicker at the fans trying to leave the dome because in their infinite wisdom, Superdome parking attendants randomly blocked all of the exits. So unless we rammed off the garage like the Dukes of Hazzard in The General Lee we were stuck. Eventually saw that one of the random back exits was left open, thankfully.

However, until this discovery was made, some of the players parents who had stayed to take their sons to dinner and whatnot were left circling around and round searching for a way out. It was like European Vacation, "Look! Big Ben, Parliament!" We laughed and laughed with some of them "Hey haven't we seen here you before?!" "Did y'all have a fun ride?"

Anyways, I need to give props to Dot for her stepson rocking an awesome interception in the game. Geaux Baby Geaux!

picture right clicked from Rusty Costanza's photo trousseau at the Times Pic-a-Sheet.

OK, so next up is Birmingvegas. And thanks Vegas for considering us the underdogs for that matchup. I think we'll do quite well thank you very much.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Tricky to rocka rhyme, to rocka rhyme

You know that Run DMC diddy? It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme, alright it's tri-ckeyyy. Tricky, Tricky, Tricky...

So what's Mrs Hullabaloo gotta say THIS saturday all you's are coming on to my shtetl to see. Well. I would like to see one game where we don't have one messed up Coaching call. (or ridiculous zebra calls, cause that WAS a fumble recovery in the 4th Q. AND a half the distance to the goal for running into a fair catch.)

-I'm interrupting myself to say that we have a lot of football left and we'll just dust ourselves off and cream the Blazers. Amen my brothers and sisters-

But Oh glorious and merciful sweet baby Jesus, creator of all that is wonderful and good: THANK YOU for showing us what a real Tulane team is like, if just for 30 glorious minutes.

But what marred it for me was the Trick play with Joe Kemp, that was the beginning of the end. Argh! Kemp is a wonderful soul, all heart. But he aint fast. So why do a trick play that includes Kemp with a team like Tulsa? All we needed was a first down or get closer. Even if we went 3 and out, Cairo does better at closer range kicks anyways. Coulda had it all. We coulda had it all. Rolling in the Deep. They keep me thinking that we almost haad it all. Ok, no more Adele...sorry, I'll get back to football now.

Oh for the love of G-d, what was the story with the lame-o end of the first half. kneeing it. That was an exclamation point that we are pansies and just extinguished any and all mo generated by that amazing first half.

Momma Wave, mother of a former player, said her former player turned to her at the half and said "Oh, we practiced that play every Thursday." Did you hear that? They practiced - KNEEING. (!) Every Thursday.

I don't think I need to add more to that nugget of information. Other than I just had a brain storm. What about Hang On To The Ball Thursdays. Or Use Your Timeouts and Put Points on the Board Thursdays.

(Y'all I promise that I'll have pictures tomorrow of our fab tailgating and some other "color" - cause we passed a real good time with our rustic, not fancy tailgating.)

So today, I decided to do something novel and I did a random sampling of interviews. Although some members of our krewe decided to interject when nobody asked them. At one point I had to turn to Mr. Koozie and say, "Mr. Koozie, is your name MissB? I didn't think so. Because I, and my dear readers, want to hear what MissB thinks." Now, Mrs. Hullabaloo thanks you for your enthusiasm and passion for the Tulane Greenwave and I'll be getting to your SuperFan profile soon, but all this interrupting was impeding on my documenting what other peoples had to say.

So here it is:

PreacherMan: "Extremely disappointed. Because I was unexpectedly optimitstic with our performance in the first half. We hung with them, but this defensive line was much better than our offensive line. We lack offensive talent, The weren't any holes for our running backs, we had dropped passes. Let me say this: It made me miss Dan Dodd." (oh nooo he didn't say that!)

MissThing: "Score was not representative of the first half or the first quarter. But I still love the Wave. It's a sickness. Also, I loved Mrs. Hullabaloo's tailgating punch, what's it called the Naked Punch? Yes, the Skipngobuttnekkid Punch." (more on the Gameday Lemonade, as I prefer to call it, in tomorrow's post).

MissB: "Band day was GREAT. The pre-game show was wonderful and the halftime show too." (thank you MissB for reminding us about the positives!)

Muse: "About the Tulane game? You ever hear of Red Rover? ....Plus what's up with Gus Kattengell? Isn't he being paid to cover Tulane for the length of the game? Why is he talking purple during a Tulane Game. And no more baseball tickets for you Anthony on the Cell!!"

KingFish: "31 points given up is not demonstrative of our defense. Offense lacked horribly. Defense good enough to be better than giving up 31 points. The dropped balls. Defense gave us good field position all day. Today probably one of the problems is coaching. We'll be Okay next week. Tulsa was a tough game. I was optimistic after first half when we hung with them."

TyronePowers: "why oh why did BT not try to run plays at the end of the first half??? Why go into the locker room with 2 timeouts when we had the ball and could have taken several shots at the end zone? I will wish him the very best retirement if he leaves at the end of the season regardless of what happens. This ball control/game-management stuff is great if you can actually get in the endzone, which we can't seem to do after 5 years." (I agree, it does not take a football genius to realize after a few games that in CUSA whoever scores the most points wins. It's not about who controls Time of Posession stats)

BigMac: "We have to overhaul this administration. We have to get to the root and deal with stuff at the top. You know what I'd like to know? What is it like to wake up every morning and know that you are responsible for what is one of the worst in the country. Tulane's president could do something to address this"

LittleMac (BigMac's son): "I don't know. I loved Mrs. PreacherMan's brownies"

So there you have it, folks. From the heartland.

I'm not adding the running commentary from the dudes in the row behind us, because I just wanted to turn around and knock some heads. These Tulane grad students, or one of them anyways, was apparently a Florida Gator. On and on and on he would talk about SEC game day and Florida championships and etc. etc. It drove me nuts! Could you please live in the moment and comment on the game at hand or zip it? He shoulda parked his behind in Gainesville and saved me the aggravation. And then towards the end of the game he starts quizzing me and asking me erroneous questions. Was JP Losman the QB during your undefeated season a few years ago? (13 years is a "few"?). I politely answered his questions and then rolled my eyes at him.

Anyways, Coach Hullabaloo and I are scouting UAB and watching their game v. Florida. Their O-line looks pretty strong. They forced a turnover on Florida and it's 16-0 18-0 going into the half (the punter just got a bad snap and got a safety). Our trip to Birmingvegas should be interesting.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ok, this is pretty cool


Mrs. Hullabaloo hereby begrudingly admits that this is pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Drought Is Over

This summer, Athletics promised us Greenie Dats that saturating the New Orleans area market with Greenwave Merchandise was their first order of business.

Well friends.... here it is y'all! Lacey Nighties for $52 at Dillard's Lakeside! Va-va-voom! Two different blog readers of the male persuasion complained to me at last week's tailgate that all they were seeing were posts about dresses. Well, here. Please complain about this "must have" addition to your wives' wardrobes.

The Fashionista Greenie Dat can pair the top part up with some jeans, rhinestone bangle bracelets and give some of those Ole Miss fan-ettes a run for their money in Gameday Fashions.

(Just kidding y'all with my snark, I still think this is very cute. But talk about going from zero to sixty in no time flat!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nothing Like a Good Smack Down in the Mornin'

So this is what was on my facebook today.

Arghh...I really hate reminders about "what once was." It toootally sucks.

I also remember reading some excerpts from Dave Dixon's bio - You know he became an LSU fan? Lord, just strike me down for talking about a dead man.

So I asked Sweet J about whether or not this following excerpt from his bio was actually true or not since she actually knew him and all. (you can click on the images to make them larger btw)

and she was hilarious! Her response: "Dave Dixon was full of sh&t! He was always full of sh&t!" Yes, Sweet J said that! I thought that was so funny to hear her say.

So anyways, I guess the moral of the story is that we've had some characters come through Tulane. I really am tired of looking backwards though....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Know what'am sayin?

First of all, I have to preface by saying - I love all G-d's Creatures. Well, except for LSU and UCF fans, but other than that: I think we all contribute to the fabric which makes the world go round. Plus Daddy Hullabaloo is an OU alum, so I get a free pass to comment on Oklahoma and Tulsa as I please. Secondly, these pictures aren't mine and they don't exactly pertain to the subject at hand. Just thought they were cute and I wanted to share.

One of the funniest trends (to me anyways) about chirren the generation of my Town Daughters is the lack of knowing "words." Otherwise known as "Vocabulary." A companion that is esteemed as a confidant, would be described as "someone who is always there for me" (there, where I ask?).

So I just smile and sigh when I watch post-game interviews at some of the neanderthal schools where some of these poor souls are being wrung through the meat grinder that is NCAA BCS Football. They haven't been given the benefit of the doubt by their Coach Taskmasters that they can indeed learn and be more articulate, so their interviews all end up like they are struggling to channel Coach Parseghian, but lacking the mentoring they deserve, all they can muster is to squint their eyes and say "You know what'am sayin?" or "Ya know whatta mean?".

One of Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo's nearest and dearest friends are the NoLeBlanc's from Acsension Parish. They live in Old Metry, but regardless, they have Louisiana running through their blood thru and thru and we l-o-v-e them. Mrs. NoLeBlanc has a mouth like a sailor despite having a fancy job downtown and a Tulane degree, with Tulane pedigree also (Her daddy was a Greenie too and one of the Greenwave's biggest fans). She dresses in her fancy suits, is a member of the Junior League, and can mow you down with a vocabulary that will make a drill sargeant want to stand up and applaud.

Anyways, the NoLeBlancs are the embodiment of the dichotomy that is New Orleans. The yin and the yang if you will. As a bride, Mrs. NoLeBlanc had all of her wedding gifts impeccably displayed on white table cloths in her parlor for visitors to ooh and ahh over, lovely food properly presented on chaffing dishes for her Bachelorette Party and a male stripper. There's just no other way.

One of the funniest stories about the NoLeBlancs is actually about one of their neighbors. This sweet couple wanted to eat at a legendary South Louisiana venue that was "on the way to Houma" but they kept calling it Mandina's. So the NoLeBlancs, completely confused, agreed to drive and trucked everybody on the road to go find this Mandina's on the Way to Houma. Enroute the sweet neighbor kept calling 411 to get the number for the Mandina's on the Way to Houma with no luck. The agents were just not finding the number. So he yells into the phone while punctuating the air with his finger, "It's in Man Shack! M-A-N-S-H-A-C-K!" Talk about LMAO. Middendorf's is in Manchac on the way to Hammond. So in honor of this wonderful memory, Mr. NoLeBlanc christened his Garage/Man Cave "The Manchac" - they even have a sign over it. It's hilarious.

Well, so coming up The Greenwave play Aslut and the Hullabaloo Huddlers were all asking about this week's Tailgate Theme at the dome: It's all about Corn and Pigs in a Pen, baby.

...Those who haven't read about Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo's Excellent Adventures in Oklahoma or experienced Tulsa in person don't "Know what'am sayin'." So I explain to them a few nuggets from our sojourns in the Okay State and then the light beams up in their eyes and they "get it."

Now, I have to contrast this post by pointing out that no matter How Crass the Greenbackers can be, No matter how much Big Mike starts to spit as he talks when he gets progressively imbibed, They offered Us Mimosas in Champagne Flutes at Tailgating. Yes. The Greenbackers. It's one of the things I love about New Orleans and Tulane. We occupy both worlds seemlessly. We can "pass" a real good time, and we appreciate proper upbrining.

This morning I decided to round up some ideas for tailgating with Aslut by googling "Tulsa Tailgating" and I happened across this COMPLETE GEM of a blog entry by an Aslutian known as "Tulsa Food Guy" who titles his blog entries "The Daily Food Dump." (reminds me of what we read in the bathroom stalls at Chapman Stadium).

......Elle Eaux Elle y'all. I now have the perfect example of "Whattam Talkin About" with Tulsa. God love 'em!

Yes, my friends: Garnish is pretentious. Condiment Ramekins are an abberation of nature. and don't even think about ruining tailgate by freestyling any bean recipe's ya'll. Just get all of that fussi-ness outta your mind!

So in honor of serving our "Tailgating food in a Manly way" I present to you our Tulsa "Manchac-Worthy" Tailgating Menu (please sign up, and click links for recipes if you want them):

Pigs in a Pen (Priscilla)
Williams-Sonoma Southfork Corn Salad (Mrs. Hullabaloo)
Gameday Lemonade in Mason Jars (Mrs. Hullabaloo)
Seven Layer Dip - (Peggy)
Another side with Ranch Dressing - needs a taker
Something with Velveeta Cheese - needs a taker
A "not fancy" dessert - (Nell and the Texas Contingent)
Jello Shots - (Booty Judy. Now don't get all fancy now Booty)

So this is kinda like Iron Chef. These are your ingredients: Ranch Dressing, Velveeta Cheese ... One, two, three geaux!

Ha! (I gotta keep my sense of humor somehow. Tulane Football Season starts for real next Saturday. Forget about the Southeastern game, OK? Except for the pre-game fireworks entrance. I loved that and hope we get to see that again. Ok? Ok! love, love!)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's About Time!

One of the highlights from yesterday ~ the Video Intro for 2011 Tulane Football. Rihanna doesn't exactly strike me as football soundtrack, but Mr. Detilier does awesome video editing. Totally Mrs. Hullabaloo approved.

Also, the fireworks when the team ran onto the field gave me chill-bers!

This was, by far, the coolest thing. In 20 years of following Tulane football this was the best entrance I've witnessed. It's about darn time, right? Picture from Ryan Rigali.

and my favorite shot from the game....

Picture from Parker Waters.

OK, enough looking in the rearview mirror. Gotta gear up for Aslut y'all....

I Ain't Got Nothing to Say.

I right-clicked these pictures from the Times Pic. I claim no ownership, but ever thankful they sent Rusty Constanza as witness in case they need to prove that they cover -local- college teams from time to time.

What can I say my dear Chamudis! I ain't got nothing to say. Season starts next week.

I ain't got nothing to say to them Ducks neither. They can just Talk to the Hand!

So now my self-imposed media exile begins. What a downer. Cause All We'll Hear About this week is Purple, Purple, Purple. Gag me with a spoon.

I did take a chance and watched the 10pm news hoping that since their game wasn't final they wouldn't have highlights from Dallas. Thank You sweet baby Jesus for the reprieve for at least an evening. Cause I just know Scott Cody has got his ponytails all waded up from jumping up and down waiting breathlessly to get back to New Orleans tell his side of the story.

Anyways, our Game: I was trying to figure out the flashcards SLU had going on there. MO looked like Up the Middle. KX looked like screen pass to the right.

Is that the deal with a "Hurry Up Offense": Weird Signs? Cause I don't remember that from the 98 season when we had some kind of Hurry Up and Put this Game Away situation happening.

And how about Robert Kelley though?! Ke-lley! Ke-lley! Ke-lley! Westbankers Unite!

By the way, is this legal? Trying to disrobe our players when you can't stop them?

And did Wilson Van Hoosier have wheaties for breakfast or what?

Where did that catch and run come from? Of course then he turned right around and had a case of butter fingers on a bullet that Griffin nailed right to into his hands. Oy vey. But, if there's one thing that I can thank the Football Gods for the NFL lockout, it's that Drew Brees cast a spell over Ryan Griffin. Who is this cool, confident and accurate QB at the helm? I hope he sticks around and the OL holds up against Tulsa next week.

WGNO's highlights have great footage of Mr. Kelley and Mr. Van Hoosier (btw, is that Kristina Pink y'all?)


I must add that I am kind of numb and in disbelief that we blocked a punt. For a safety. Yes in-deed. The last time we did something, anything, on special teams was 7 years ago. Which is like 52 in cat years. or something.

That Safety should have been a TD imho but the Refs were just tripping over themselves to blow the spread instead of cooperating with us for once. Like what was the story with giving us a late hit penalty when we tripped and landed on our own player?

I'm also not going to say anything about the third down penalties for being off sides. Mr. Mozes and Mr. Mackey. I'll put that to the back of my mind.

But I will say that our Tailgating Brunch menu was a success. As well as our paired down tailgating inside of the dome parking garage.

Applause, Applause to our fabulous Hullabaloo Krewe of tailgaters. And welcome to Mr. Merida and his lovely wife. I simply must know how you prepare such beautiful grits. and I promise to get Tomarie's brownie recipe and post soon. My one regret from our menu is that I should have made more Praline Bacon (click for recipe) though cause apparently that was like crack around addicts.

As easy peesy as they are to make, I secretely hope that gameday Praline Bacon making is not like the superstition thing we need for good mojo. Like me having to hang out on the concourse during SLU's posessions or Peggy being exiled to a bathroom stall at Turchin. Cause I can figure out extaordinary ways to mess up a meal from time to time. This morning I burnt the first set of pecans I was trying to toast on the stove in a totally blonde kind of way. I was running around the kitchen as I tend to do on gameday mornings and kept thinking to myself What is that Burning Smell? After about 5 minutes I finally eye the charred black remains of pecans and then it dawns on me that there's smoke billowing and engulfing my kitchen. I don't think I could handle having to recreate burnt pecans every week as my contribution to the team. Coach Hullabaloo will kill me before I attempt to offer up our home in a raging inferno as our sacrifice in a quest for a winning record.

My last observation (for today anyways): One of the coolest things about being inside the garage for tailgating was that before heading in for the game everyone did a round of Hullabaloo in unison! It was a neat memory.

Next up is Aslut and lawd they got spanked by Oklahoma. Sigh...we shall see what the football gods have in store for us....

P.S. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Waveprofessora for offering up a parking space! And Thank you Big Mike for keeping Dome Security from driving us crazy another football season with their silly "no fun" rules.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't you just LOVE, LOVE?

Yes I knew you would! These are some of the items from my Shopping Alerts which I took and had embroidered and Greenie'd Up.

Duffle Bag from Target, Pajama pants also from Target and Three quarter length polo from Sears.

Adorable-ness! Now, once my chandelier is up and running I will feel complete.

So tomorrow we have not let adversity slow us down. Nope. We have amended our Tailgate menu to a N'Awlin's Brunch Menu. Serving up tomorrow: Praline Bacon, My tried, but true, Savory Breakfast Bread Pudding (click for recipe), Shrimp+Grits, Mini Muffalata Sandwiches, Fried Chicken with Pepper Jelly, Chickory coffee and Mimosas+Bloody Marys.

I also got Hi Do Bakery to make me a green+sky blue cream cheese king cake.

Yum-ooo y'all!

Praline Bacon Recipe inspired by Elizabeth's on Chartres

1 lb. Thick cut Bacon (or Turkey Bacon)
4 Tbsp Steen’s Cane Syrup
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
3/4 Cup Pecans, toasted and chopped
tiniest smidgen of cayenne

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Place a wire rack on a sheet tray. Combine the Pecans and brown sugar. Lay the bacon side by side on the rack, place in for about 15-20 minutes, or until the bacon is sizzling and starting to brown around the edges. We are aiming to for the bacon to be about three quarters cooked all the way before drizzling with the praline topping.

Gather bacon closer together in the pan and sprinkl with the cane syrup, this will give the praline ingredients something to hang on with. Cover generously with the Pecan/brown sugar. Place back in the oven for about 10 minutes more or until the topping is bubbly and the bacon is good and brown. Let cool and serve!