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Monday, September 26, 2011

I admire this

Yes, I do.

it takes a real man to RISE UP tm and say "We consider this Unacceptable and we will address this." The proverbial Buck is stopping with RC Johnson at Memphis.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear the same from our leadership?

The last time Rick Dickson came out to talk to us, he told us to "Go Across The Street" if we wanted to complain. and then gave us this "Playbook" - which I shall finally comment upon.

Now, to be fair to Mr. Dickson - he IS currently out shaking the donor trees for the big $$ for you know what. hint. hint. And I am willing to bet that he will come thru and get us the funding for what we have all been dreaming and praying about.

Because we have very generous alumni who WANT what the fans want: Something We Can Be Proud Of. Something we can point to each weekend in the Fall, or in the Madness of March, and in Nebraska in June and say: This is where I came from.

Now. What absolutely makes me want to run down the street screaming is the complete disarray that drives Tulane Athletics. They are unable to walk and chew gum at the same time on Willow Street. There are very real issues staring down our program that need our focus and attention. Right Now. 1. Coaching for the New Millenium and 2. Conference Realignment

And no The Playbook doesn't count as a Coherent Plan. It was basically an Adult Coloring Book of spin that essentially said nothing.

So on one day, you have Scott Cowen quoted in the Times Picayune that any positioning in the conference realignment situation is like "Re-arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic" - You gotta love that imagery! Because, like, when was the last time a significant program petitioned to join? And consider who have been the programs either a)jumping overboard or b) petitioning to jump overboard since the beginning of CUSA.

Then on another day you have Rick Dickson also being quoted in the media that his discussion with B School students about a possible CUSA-MWC merger was "A Joke."

Now Scott Cowen's absurd musings I can just roll my eyes over because I expect that kind of absurdity from him. and thankfully, Tulane students do not read the Times Picayune.

But Dickson's comments just burned me! How could you go in front of THE FUTURE donors, boosters and fans of Tulane and then say "You know what I said, well it was all a joke. Nothing to see here, move along now."


Mrs. Hullabaloo has a few molecules of patience left to explore the possibility of following SMU, Houston's, UCF's and Tulsa's lead of Ramping Up CUSA. If we can't join 'em, well we'll just have to beat 'em. I know, this tasted like vinegar to even type, much less ruin my brain thinking about. But that would require some RISE UP thinking and I just don't have the expectation that that may happen.

Here is a currently very bad football team in Memphis reaching out to their fans and saying "We are Sorry, and We intend to Fix this." WHEN has Rick Dickson or Scott Cowen ever said something like that without it coming out underhanded and chock full of excuses? But the petunias we planted! But Katrina! But we can't lose our mediocre recruiting classes!

When we had opportunity to suck it up, make a statement and drop the hatchet on our current Coaching Situation, they instead rewarded failure with an extension. Just kill me now ok?

Now, I am the #1 member of the Elaine Toledo Has Fabulous Hair Fan Club and I will miss her fiercely. Coach Toledo is a gentleman at all times and I want to go personally thank his mother for bestowing such fine manners and demeanor on him. But enough is enough already.

Yes, Dickson was right. This. Is. A. Joke. Will the Adults Please RISE UP?

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