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Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Raining

We have arrived in Durham and it's raining.

and I found a penny. and the checkout at the drug store by our hotel was selling plush toy Pelicans. See Manhattan Penny and McNesse Penny stories.

I don't want to El Gato negro us, but our "thriller" game against UAB in '04 at Gormley was played outdoors in the rain. and we only had Lester Ricard under center then. Of course Roydell Williams was WR, but whatever. It was in the rain.

Coach Hullabaloo and I waited until the last possible moment to leave that game in the 4thQ for a party at a friend's that I would have lost a friendship over should I have not attended (and believe me, I considered it). Coach and I had driven separately for whatever reason and my car didn't pick up the radio station for the game. Lester Ricard kept airing out these bombs to Roydell Williams and UAB was top 25, fresh from having defeated LSU at The Outhouse. So it was back and forth, back and forth. Coach Hullabaloo was pulling over and getting out of the car to booty dance in the rain each time we got a touchdown so I would know. It was hilarious.

Anyways, Alex Carlton kicked wide right in the middle of the field at 37 yards (tee hee!) also an outdoor game, also in the rain. Well, a drizzle really. But it had rained earlier and it was dreary.

We had a tropical storm for Southeastern.....

Ok e-nough of this Mrs. Hullabaloo. (but I am awful glad we have statistically better running backs than Duke allegedly. according to the "experts". Because I feel with our butterfinger receiving corps and Toledo's West Coast bag of tricks, this will be a running game. Don't ask me technical questions while I feel this is so. I just do. Also Coach Hullabaloo ran into some of the players looking for white tape at the Westbank Academy yesterday. They have their Mojo routine also apparently with this white tape.)

OK. enough already Mrs. Hullabaloo!

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