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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're Greenwave born, We're Greenwave bred!

...and when we die we'll be Greenwave dead! So Rah to the Greenies! Rah to the Greenies! Rah to the Greenies! Geaux Tee-U!

ok I just made that cheer up from the Boomer Sooner. I felt it was apropos for our Rustic, Not Fancy TM Okie Tailgate theme from Saturday. No it doesn't have anything to do with Tulane or Tulsa, except that OU beat Tulsa and that makes me smile.

Props to our newest Tailgatress, Ta'Molly. Thanks Ta'Molly for documenting our gameday so beautifully!

So, O-M-G on the Gameday Lemonade, aka Nekid Punch, aka ButtNekidPunch, originally known as The Skip N Go Naked.

Mrs. Hullabaloo claims no liability for the Gameday Lemonade, but I told y'alls it was good! Click here for the recipe for Gameday Lemonade. Hidden here, sinisterly, in my new enamelware drink dispenser (message me for details on the enamelware should you want to own your own. Available with out the T Wave magnet, which you can buy at the Team Shop and add to the dispenser).

It's such a refreshing adult beverage that your mind can lapse and you forget there's alcohol in it until, well, things go missing.

I served our Gameday Lemonade in these a-dorable etched Mason Jars that I made from Blackburn brand jelly jars from Wal-Mart.

Also a hit were our Pigs in a Pen. Click here for recipe for Pigs in a Pen.

The trick is the Hi Do french bread. Hi Do is the only acceptable bakery in the New Orleans metro area.

Afterwards, Mr. and Mrs. PreacherMan, Peggy, Koozie, Coach and I had a fun post-game tailgate y'all. We don't let little things like sad game plans and sad scores stop us from merriment. We popped open the trunk, uncovered our ice chest and polished off chips, cookies, and leftover tailgating Taco Bell care of the Greenbackers while we listened to Jimmy's lockeroom interviews and Graf's post-game show on WIST.

(Taco Bell being acceptable food by Oklahomans. I had a bestie in high school who sadly had to move to Tulsa. Her father actually got a promotion from Dallas to Tulsa. I don't know how that kinda promotion works exactly, but nonetheless as lovely as she was she still managed to uncover this horrid boyfriend in Tulsa who used to cram an entire Taco Bell burrito in one bite into his mouth. Takes Tulsa Talent!)

So us Post-Game tailgater alligators got to sit and snicker at the fans trying to leave the dome because in their infinite wisdom, Superdome parking attendants randomly blocked all of the exits. So unless we rammed off the garage like the Dukes of Hazzard in The General Lee we were stuck. Eventually saw that one of the random back exits was left open, thankfully.

However, until this discovery was made, some of the players parents who had stayed to take their sons to dinner and whatnot were left circling around and round searching for a way out. It was like European Vacation, "Look! Big Ben, Parliament!" We laughed and laughed with some of them "Hey haven't we seen here you before?!" "Did y'all have a fun ride?"

Anyways, I need to give props to Dot for her stepson rocking an awesome interception in the game. Geaux Baby Geaux!

picture right clicked from Rusty Costanza's photo trousseau at the Times Pic-a-Sheet.

OK, so next up is Birmingvegas. And thanks Vegas for considering us the underdogs for that matchup. I think we'll do quite well thank you very much.

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