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Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Yes We Did

Just a short post today. This is a belated post about the Tulane Golf Classic Tourney where we brought our fabulousness out to English Turn. And yes, these adorable serving cups were donated by Mrs. Hullabaloo. Thank you, Parker Waters, for capturing them so beautifully!

So they separated us this year. (!) Keep us out of trouble I think. Well, semi-out of trouble anyways. We still managed to get our hands on a golf cart and drive around to all of the drink and food stations to barter New Orleans-style. (Okay, I have 2 of this, give me one of that).

So 2 of us stood watch over the Bread Pudding station, and 2 of us handled the Crawfish Monica station. Which our Crawfish Monica station became the Bloody Mary station and Vodka+7 station when the bloody mary bar by the clubhouse was wrapped up and they brought the leftover Zing Zang mix and vodka to our tent.

Superior Grill kept a margarita station running by the tee-practice area and I can attest that they were delish. Greenbackers grilled sausages and Ray Hester did their famous Jambalaya. It made for great bartering. I brought a grilled sausage sandwich back to Coach Hullabaloo and he attested that they were better than the ones we bought at Terranovas (which are really awesome) for Tulane Homecoming last year. The Greenbackers' sausages hailed from Rouse's.

We haven't tried the Crescent City Sausage Company ones at Turchin yet cause Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo have been complete slackers this baseball season. What kind of fans are we? For real!

Anyways, Peggy and I took this photo with Mewelde Moore (in our cute aprons). Who I might add did not have his Super Bowl ring on.

He told us he had hoped to have 2 of them, but alas he just has one. So the one ring is locked up in safe deposit.

The day was a lot of fun, I always enjoy the Tulane Golf Classic. Also got to bid on the ballboy/girl for the opening game against Southeastern for Greenwave football season. Too cute. We hope to give it away as a gift to a worthy friend. Ha!

Enjoy spring y'all!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweep Shirts....

Jake Gautreaux and Coach RJ just as annoyed as I am with UCF. Of course Gautreaux got bounced for having dip on the field (so embarrassed at that), but so proud of RJ! Photo from Rivals.

Where are my uber annoying UCF fan/readers? I so want your take on this weekend's baseball series!

I have to say that I so love that Rick Jones got ejected on his 1000th win. I fully admit that I would have preferred that RJ had gotten his 1000th against the Tiggers, but I will settle that it was at UCF. Yes indeed. and in Orlando to boot.

We had a mini tailgate for the game v. les tigres. We literally set up burger grilling on Mr. Jim's tailgate. It was very rustic. Nadine went on Koozie's car.

The funniest story to share: I was plum exhausted after the Spring Tailgating Festivus and all that went into putting that up. So we didn't really make any plans for the LSU game. When Priscilla called to say that Mr. Jim would be grilling burgers for a simple tailgate and for me to bring me a turkey patti, I was grateful.

I tossed together the seasoning ingredients for my no-mistake recipe and doubled bagged them in a ziplock. Packed them up together with some turkey patties into a shoulder cooler Coach Hullabaloo got from the Conk Naquin/Ray Hester Golf Tournament and then raced out of the house for a busy weekday of activities. I put the cooler on the roof of my car to get myself organized in the car and then promptly sped away. 2 hours later I rememberd that I had left the cooler on top of the car. Bye Bye coooler. LOL!

But the good thing that came out of it was when I went to buy replacement turkey patties and my favorite gluten-free hamburger buns, I discovered these Applegate Farm patties which are very good.

There were like 7 metry moms (you know what I mean) henpecking just 1 butcher at the Whole Foods on Vets, and I was in a rush. I spotted this package out of the corner of my eye and thanked God for pointing it out to me so I could scat out of there as quickly as possible.

I don't know why turkey burgers are hard for meatatarians to wrap their heads around, but whatever. I have found that this combination of the Cayon Bakehouse Gluten-Free buns and the Applegate patties are delicious and convenient way to keep tailgates healthy and easy.

Okay, so I really don't have a comperehensive edition for today - I apologize - just some parts and pieces of things that I found that I wanted to post and bear with me, ok?

First - this is SOOOO totally a dare. Just you wait peoples for the Mrs. Hullabloo version.

Coach Hullabaloo HATED my chandelier and passive aggressively broke it on purpose. So now I have a new idea to put together over the summer for fall football tailgating. It will be completely over the top. and Coach Hullabaloo will hate it too.

Then I ran across these neat Tulane Greenwave football program covers from years past. Aren't they great?

Snicker on the Budweiser promotion in '82. Gotta love it, Only in New Orleans, Only at Tulane. right?

And then finally, I ran across these cute football themed party ideas.

The "burgers" at the bottom of the top pic are actually cupcakes. Too cute right? The Pennants are my favorite touch and will be debuted next season for Tulane Homecoming tailgating, I promise

...and now finally, to address some issues of serious importance. 2011 Tailgating Menus options...let me know what you think?

SLU: Bloody Mar bar + fixings, BBQ Shrimp, Muffalettas, Stuffed Artichokes, Mother's Jambalaya, Popeyes, Rouse's crawfish dip, Robert's shrimp dip, Fruit Salad

Tulsa: What else would be appropriate, but Pigs in Pen (hot dogs+chili+cheese inside Hi Do pistolettes), corn on the cob OR Williams-Sonoma southfork corn salad ????

Syracuse: Grilled Brat Hoagies, Shiskabobs, German potato salad, old settler's beans, cookies and Arnold Palmers.

UTEP: Tex-Mex Fajitas, Priscilla's enchiladas and spanish rice, salsa and the famous guacamole and chips.

Memphis: ooohhh...but of course BBQ. Rendezvous in Louisiana fo' sho. Priscilla's Brisket, Peggy's Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Priscilla's potato salad, green bean salad, Cheddar cornbread muffins and Honey Mustard Coleslaw.

Houston: Dress your own Burger Bar with blue brie cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, an array of mayos, mustards, etc. and Cowboy Caviar Salad.

This recipe sounds soooooo good! Can't wait to try it!

Cowboy Caviar Salad from and photo by Norman Plate

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
couple shakes of hot sauce
helping of olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
sprinkle of ground black pepper
1 firm-ripe avocado
1 can (15 oz.) black-eyed peas
1 can (11 oz.) sweet corn kernels
2/3 cup thinly sliced green onions
2/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 pound Roma tomatoes, coarsely chopped

In a large bowl mix vinegar, hot sauce, oil, garlic, and pepper. Cut avocado into 1/2-inch cubes. Add to vinegar mixture and mix gently to coat to keep from browning. Drain and rinse peas and corn. Add peas, corn, onions, cilantro, and tomatoes to avocado; mix gently to coat. Add salt to taste. Serving suggestions: 1 bag (6 oz.) tortilla chips to scoop as a dip or 2 cups finely shredded cabbage to toss in for a salad

.....yummmmmm, just 5 months to tailgating season!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where Are They Now?

photo by nola dave

Submission Contributed by our Contributing Editor-in-Exile, Che
(Why thank you Che for this wonderful edition to Hullabaloo Huddle! Please note that Che's diligent sports journalism chronicaling relevent sports news is below. My silly banter precedes. And is in italics throughout. Oh you can so tell my fingerprints were on this.).

You know, section 110 was once erroneously accused of being a bunch of "cougars" for the attention we showered on our favorite players. See, we had debuted a big vinyl sign that was printed with "SEGGY'S HOT CORNER" in honor of Rob Segedin who played third base. Because the production of vinyl banners is a clear indication of cougarism. The funny thing is: the sign was made by a guy. We can't help that we are a fun section of passionate fans and need props y'all.

Seggy signing his SEGGY's HOT CORNER Sign in 2008.

So anyways, our #1 Fan-in-Exile, Che, has submitted this latest update on where former Green Wave baseball players are currently in the baseball world today. We are grateful for his contribution!

Brad Emaus Second Base, New York Mets (starting 2B)

Aaron Loup
Pitcher, Lansing Lugnuts (Class A, Toronto Blue Jays)

Shooter Hunt Pitcher, Ft. Meyers Miracle (Class A, Minnesota Twins). Oh we sooooo miss "Shooter Fridays", with Shooter at the mound. We would all have a shot of goldschlagger or some other horrid potion everytime he struck out a batter. Which was often. I do not, however, miss his LSU girlfriend with her stupid LSU umbrella. She once told us, after our never ending complaints about her damn umbrella, "at least I'm at this game and not the other game." TRUST US when we tell you that we would have much preferred that umbrella be 90 miles up river.

Tommy Manzella Shortstop, Oklahoma City Redhawks (Class AAA, Houston Astros)

Brian Bogusevic Outfielder, Oklahoma City Redhawks (Class AAA, Houston Astros) BOGEY! My favorite player of the 2005 season. Remember the helicopters they had to bring out for the Super regionals? Sigh, when will we make it to the post-season again....

Mark Hamilton First Base, Memphis Red Birds (Class AAA, St. Louis Cardnials)

Micah Owings Pitcher Reno Aces (Class AAA, Arizona Diamondbacks). Micah was by far, the best damn Greenie ever to be in a baseball uniform.

Sam Honeck First Base, Savannah Sand Gnats (Class A, New York Yankees). "Sammy hit the hoe!" Sam was lights out when it came to Home Runs. During our first year back at the new Turchin, the Rosen Parking Lot was still getting constructed. So they had backhoes and such out there. At first we'd cheer: "Hit The Bus, Sammy!" about the Claiborne Avenue buses that would whiz by out there. But hoes are a stationary, fixed target. See we're smart like that. Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo ran into Sammy at the Homecoming party in the UC/LBC the night before Homecoming this past year. So in an effort to try to snap this photo with him, Coach Hullabaloo accidentally hit video so we have a 2 minute uncomfortable shot of Sammy and I trying to small talk through a gritted smile while Coach is fumbling with his camera. It's tres hilarious.

Josh Prince Shortstop Brevard County Manatees (Class A, Milwaukee Brewers)

Anthony Scelfo 2nd Base Charlotte Stone Grabs (Class A, Tamp Bay rays). Oh Ant'ny. He had some Sports Center moments in baseball for sure, but I will forever remember him for almost punching out a cheatin' football ref in Homecoming against Memphis in 2007.

Taylor Rogers Pitcher Augusta Green Jackets (Class A, San Francisco Giants) This story is LOL about Taylor. Taylor was tasked to keep a blog for the team in 2009 which has since been taken down. I can't remember which college town hamlet they were in, but there happened to be some cute ladies in the hotel lobby that the team chatted up. Well, the girls turned out to be 14. The players scrambled out of there so fast they left smoke trailing behind them. Hell to the Whoah on that one.

Henry Bonilla Pitcher Cardenales de Lara (Venezuelan League)

Rob Segedin 3B Charleston Riverdogs (Class A, New York Yankees) Seggy! Seggy! Seggy!

So dear readers: Thank you for reading today's edition of Hullabaloo Huddle. We hope this submission was Hullabloo Huddle-worthy and look forward to more contributions from Che!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So in honor of playing the Tigers today, you, my dear readers get a treat. A SuperFan TM post.

Yay! It's been a long time I know. I've been wanting to do one on Mr. Koozie for a while, but he faxed me his responses and Mrs. Hullabaloo wishes she had the time to retype. So that will come when I can dedicate some moments for that. I promise it will be soon.

So for any of you who are lucky enough to secure seating in section 110 at Turchin, you will know Che.

Last month, I bet Che that Tulane would take the series from Ole Miss. He laughed at me silly. and so we bet a Felipe's margarita on it. I am still waiting for my Margarita!

Che always has snappy comebacks that keeps us in stitches. Really, he has some gems.

So Che is hilarious and an indispensable member of Section 110. and Now officially a Martyr. Che officially took one for the team.

On Saturday after our fabulous Spring Tailgating Festivus, we watched game 2 of the UH series. Coach and I took our time getting in to the game since we were taking things down. Just as we walked in to the stadium: All. Hell. Broke. Loose.

Oh my goodness Greenie Dats. I swear I felt the Earth shake with everybody on their feet angry and yelling. Houston had hit a foul ball out to third base and it was foul by a mile. The ref called it fair allowing Houston two free runs. It was just so blatant. and Horrid. and Wretched.

If Greenie Dats didn't have better manners, we would have swarmed the field and lynched the ref. Tarred and Feathered him like he deserved. So we did the second best thing and screamed at the Ref "Hey Ref, You Suck!"

Che, however, got the refs attention by screaming "Hey Ref! Hey You! You! Hey Ref!" until he turned around to look at us. and then Che said the same thing we were all screaming "You Suck!!!" And that apparently crossed the line for ref. To point out the obvious. Or to say it louder than our other fellow patriots in Section 110. Whatever. So he had Che tossed.

Talk about WTF.

Mr. Koozie went out the box. "Toss us All Out!" Koozie yelled. We all stood up and screamed for the refs to toss us all out also. In my mind I was thinking, Coach Hullabaloo is going to have to bail me out of jail or something cause I was gonna go too! I was totally swept up into the emotion of the moment. It was pretty funny cause across the stadium peeps thought Peggy was getting tossed by the way we were all reacting.

So Che was escorted out of the stadium with everybody cheering and shaking his hand. Che kept exile at Felipe's for the remainder of the game.

and I promptly set up a FREE CHE facebook page. I swear, it's true. We have members and everything.

I closely monitored the news about this dreadful situation. Finally, news came in that the Ref Who Sucks, actually apologized to Coach Jones and to Jeremy Shaeffer for his putrid call. But there is still no apology to our dear Che.

So now on to my interview with our exiled revolutionary, Che:

How and When did you know you were a true Tulane fan?

When I was 10 yrs old back in 1978. The only Tulane fan in a family of LSU fans. My grandmother she's the Wave fan of the family and I went that way and have been a Tulane fan ever since. With her being the Tulane fan, she would take me to Wave football games in the Superdome.

What was the #1 most exciting/memorable moment for you as a Tulane fan?

Actually a few fave moments: 1979 Liberty Bowl, 1998 undefeated football season, 2001 & 2005 College World Series Appearances and 2002 Hawai'i Bowl Champs (Don't we all Che? Don't we all...)

Which is your #1 favorite Tulane student athlete (past or current)?

Roch Hontas

Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky outfits/accessories?

I don't have lucky outfits but do have 2 favorite jerseys: Brandon Belanger & Roch Hontas. I got the Brandon Belanger jersey back when the Tualne sports shop used to have "garage sales" and sold game used jerseys. I actually bought 3 jerseys that day, the Brandon Belanger and Joe Akin & Jim Ordeneaux football jerseys from 98. The Brandon Belanger jersey is special to me because when he first base coach I had him sign it (which he gratefully did) after the season and he remarked that it made him feel good that we (me and group of friends that sat on 1st base side) were always out there cheering the Wave on. The Roch Hontas jersey I only bought recently from the Tulane sports shop, it was for me a must have jersey because he was always my fave Wave QB. I don't mean that has a slight to Shaun King, Patrick Ramsey or JP Losman. (of course not Che! no offense taken)

Are there any past Tulane fans that you have admired and thankful you got to know?

A good friend of mine Mr. Ray Robbins who unfortunately passed away before the opening of new Turchin Stadium. When I got the Navy in 96 I really started attending a lot of Wave games and sat on the 1st base side of old Turchin with him and we just hit it off instantly. Mr. Ray was the type of fan who has seen it all. And to be perdectly honest, probably forgot more about Tualne than I will ever know, he had season football tix when they played at Tulane Stadium. From going to games with him, we became real good friends started going to road games vs USM and LSU at Alex Box. The one ritual we had was after Saturday home baseball games we would always go to Liuzza's on Bienville Street for supper. I know he truly would've loved the way new Turchin turned out. (Liuzza's, say no more. So delish. Plus this ice cold schooners of beer. hmmmm...heaven.)

and Che adds:

Besides the jersey's I do have some memrobilia that is special to me: mini helmet signed by Shaun King & JuJuan Dawson, Washington Redskins mini helmet signed by Patrick Ramsey, baseballs signed by the 2001 & 2005 teams. Although it is unsigned, I have never seen another one like it: a 1982 era mini helmet.

See! I told you he was a SuperFan TM.....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gettin Jiggy With It

Okay, so after a long hiatus, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo and all of our wonderful Hullabaloo Huddle Krewe finally had ourselves a proper tailgatin'.

And it was a veritable splash, I tell you. Plus LSU is currently getting their asses handed to them by Ole Miss. It has turned out to be a grand day afterall!

So at our Spring Tailgating Festivus, we took the opportunity to shower the future Mr. and Mrs. Voice of the Wave with love and best wishes and hosted a SURPRISE baseball-themed tailgate shower.

Cute Baseball themed cake, koozies, cracker jack favors and everything. O-fficially the cutest Baseball Shower Party.

We are officially the best tailgatresses in the Free World. I'm not trying to start anything. Just sayin'. We're the best.

Being that it was in Peggy's Patio, the theme was "Patio Gifts" and the loot Mr. and Mrs. VOW received were SO adorable!

Priscilla and Mr. Jim provided some burld Crawfish with all the trimmings, which was yum-o. Coach Hullabaloo was fabulous and picked up a sack at the new Restaurant Depot. It's located on Broad at Earhart right before the overpass. That place is awesome. Crawfish was $1.89 a pound live and we got good ones too. Add Restaurant Depot to your list of "must shop here for tailgating" places.

Peggy whipped up her insanenly delicious (and easy peasy) Red Pepper Dip. And Booty Judy obliged and brought "something fun" - some White Wine Sangria. It was slap yo momma good. I swear.

That convo with Booty Judy was so funny!

I needed some comic relief. You see, Booty and I spent hours manipulating crazy lady at the EEB office to get over herself just MOVE THE FREAKIN' vans parked in front of Peggy's Patio (I mean it's "ours." Peggy's officially squatted it and everything).

Those vans were going to be gone before tailgating today. I didn't care who I had to call to make it happen. It took this bizarre creature 4 hours and countless phone calls (can you believe she actually hung up on me at one point?) to finally arrive at the conclusion of just who she was up against. She just needed "do it Mrs. Hullabaloo's way" and we would all be happier sooner in lieu of delaying the inevitable. Crazy Lady just had to learn the hard way for some apparent reason.

So anyways, in the midst of our travails, Booty asked what she could bring for our Spring Tailgating Festivus. "Something Fun" was my response. a short silence from Booty and then her response was "Okay!"

and away we went! Cause Booty doesn't need further embellishment. She's a true Greenie Gal thru and thru.

Let me tell you: we had a hoot today, cause Booty is serious as a heart attack about getting to be Riptide. Ever since I showed her the video of Puddles beating up Shasta. It has inspired Booty to take Riptide to a whole new level. Booty has taken to stalking Jason Potuto, the Greenwave Marketing Director, and everything. I'll need to start a facebook page to take up Booty's plight. I mean, the very essence of democracy is hanging on by a thread here if Booty does not become Riptide.

Okay, my dear fans, speaking of Greenie Dats who love all things Tulane Greenwave: so this week will have a super duper edition of SuperFan (finally! yes I know you've been starved for posts from Mrs. Hullabaloo. So I shall oblige). It will be a special treat for the members of the Greenie Dat Nation. A #1 Hero to all of us who bleed olive and blue.

stay tuned!

...and in the meantime, please enjoy these recipes care of Peggy and Booty Judy.

(for those of you foodies, this is a variation on Romesco)
1/2 cup almonds, toasted
1 cup jarred roasted red peppers, drained (or you can make your own, very easy)
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
1 large garlic clove
2 tablespoons EVOO

To toast almonds, it's super easy. Toss almond slivers or whole almonds into a sautee pan on low heat. Swish 'em around until they brown a little. This brings out the nutty flavor of almonds.

And about roasting red peppers....jarred ones are soooo easy, yes. But so is roasting one if you have an extra second in your day. And let me add that red peppers are really just an essential flavor profile in delicioius dips and sauces. Whiz some up into hummus and it just takes everything up to a whole new level of deliciousness. You'll be the crowned Queen of the Blacktop for adding red pepper to your tailgating recipes.

So now, on how to make you a properly roasted red pepper. Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 450. Grab the latest issue of Vanity Fair to peruse between turnings. Start by washing off your pepper and remove the stickers (duh). Place it whole onto a baking sheet. Using tongs, turn over the pepper every 10 minutes or so. Sip your iced tea while you read VF. Continue to turn that pepper until all sides are black. Remember how you used to time the exposure you got on each side of your body to ensure an even tan all the way around? You know, when suntanning was considered safe? Okay, so your pepper is now black all the way around, put it in a bowl and cover it with saran wrap. The steaming lets the skin loosen up. Once the pepper has cooled down sufficiently, just slip that outer skin right off like a cheap UCF co-ed on a date and voila you've got a home-made roasted red pepper.

Daddy Hullabaloo is dago and he used to roast red peppers with his bare hands over the stove. Yes, over the flames from a stove. See, this proves that men love to cook when there's danger involved. It's very cave-man-y

Okay, so now that you have your choice of method of obtaining roasted red peppers. You can make this awesome dip.

Put the toasted almonds in processor first and whiz them up until finely chopped. Add in the roasted peppers, vinegar, and garlic. Buzz these ingredients in the processor until it's just a course mixture. We don't want soup here. With the machine running, slowly pour olive oil through feed tube and mix until puree thickens up. Lovingly season with SaltnPeppa. Take a generous helping for quality control. Lick the whole spoon, nobody is looking and who cares, you are making this. So enjoy your tasting. Okay, now you meant to share this at tailgating, so begrudgingly put the rest in a bowl and refrigerate to let the flavors mingle for an hour or up to a day. Then serve in a cute bowl. Cute bowls are essential. Attractive presentation is like 90% of making food taste better.

White Wine Sangria
one large bottle of pinot grigio
one bottle of Looza peach nectar
one medium sized bottle of ginger ale
container of fresh mixed fruit
an apple chopped (if the mixed fruit didn’t have any apple)

Pour the liquid ingredients over the fruit in a pitcher and voila, something fun!

Mazel, my petit choux!