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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where Are They Now?

photo by nola dave

Submission Contributed by our Contributing Editor-in-Exile, Che
(Why thank you Che for this wonderful edition to Hullabaloo Huddle! Please note that Che's diligent sports journalism chronicaling relevent sports news is below. My silly banter precedes. And is in italics throughout. Oh you can so tell my fingerprints were on this.).

You know, section 110 was once erroneously accused of being a bunch of "cougars" for the attention we showered on our favorite players. See, we had debuted a big vinyl sign that was printed with "SEGGY'S HOT CORNER" in honor of Rob Segedin who played third base. Because the production of vinyl banners is a clear indication of cougarism. The funny thing is: the sign was made by a guy. We can't help that we are a fun section of passionate fans and need props y'all.

Seggy signing his SEGGY's HOT CORNER Sign in 2008.

So anyways, our #1 Fan-in-Exile, Che, has submitted this latest update on where former Green Wave baseball players are currently in the baseball world today. We are grateful for his contribution!

Brad Emaus Second Base, New York Mets (starting 2B)

Aaron Loup
Pitcher, Lansing Lugnuts (Class A, Toronto Blue Jays)

Shooter Hunt Pitcher, Ft. Meyers Miracle (Class A, Minnesota Twins). Oh we sooooo miss "Shooter Fridays", with Shooter at the mound. We would all have a shot of goldschlagger or some other horrid potion everytime he struck out a batter. Which was often. I do not, however, miss his LSU girlfriend with her stupid LSU umbrella. She once told us, after our never ending complaints about her damn umbrella, "at least I'm at this game and not the other game." TRUST US when we tell you that we would have much preferred that umbrella be 90 miles up river.

Tommy Manzella Shortstop, Oklahoma City Redhawks (Class AAA, Houston Astros)

Brian Bogusevic Outfielder, Oklahoma City Redhawks (Class AAA, Houston Astros) BOGEY! My favorite player of the 2005 season. Remember the helicopters they had to bring out for the Super regionals? Sigh, when will we make it to the post-season again....

Mark Hamilton First Base, Memphis Red Birds (Class AAA, St. Louis Cardnials)

Micah Owings Pitcher Reno Aces (Class AAA, Arizona Diamondbacks). Micah was by far, the best damn Greenie ever to be in a baseball uniform.

Sam Honeck First Base, Savannah Sand Gnats (Class A, New York Yankees). "Sammy hit the hoe!" Sam was lights out when it came to Home Runs. During our first year back at the new Turchin, the Rosen Parking Lot was still getting constructed. So they had backhoes and such out there. At first we'd cheer: "Hit The Bus, Sammy!" about the Claiborne Avenue buses that would whiz by out there. But hoes are a stationary, fixed target. See we're smart like that. Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo ran into Sammy at the Homecoming party in the UC/LBC the night before Homecoming this past year. So in an effort to try to snap this photo with him, Coach Hullabaloo accidentally hit video so we have a 2 minute uncomfortable shot of Sammy and I trying to small talk through a gritted smile while Coach is fumbling with his camera. It's tres hilarious.

Josh Prince Shortstop Brevard County Manatees (Class A, Milwaukee Brewers)

Anthony Scelfo 2nd Base Charlotte Stone Grabs (Class A, Tamp Bay rays). Oh Ant'ny. He had some Sports Center moments in baseball for sure, but I will forever remember him for almost punching out a cheatin' football ref in Homecoming against Memphis in 2007.

Taylor Rogers Pitcher Augusta Green Jackets (Class A, San Francisco Giants) This story is LOL about Taylor. Taylor was tasked to keep a blog for the team in 2009 which has since been taken down. I can't remember which college town hamlet they were in, but there happened to be some cute ladies in the hotel lobby that the team chatted up. Well, the girls turned out to be 14. The players scrambled out of there so fast they left smoke trailing behind them. Hell to the Whoah on that one.

Henry Bonilla Pitcher Cardenales de Lara (Venezuelan League)

Rob Segedin 3B Charleston Riverdogs (Class A, New York Yankees) Seggy! Seggy! Seggy!

So dear readers: Thank you for reading today's edition of Hullabaloo Huddle. We hope this submission was Hullabloo Huddle-worthy and look forward to more contributions from Che!

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