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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


photo by parker waters

It's official. Time to Get Crunk. My season tickets arrived today. Section 143. The crazies. Hey: it takes ALL kinds mes petites choux.

I hope I get to see the little blue-haired cajun lady who married a member of the 1940something olive and blue football team. She's got some passionate lungs for a lady who wears perfectly tailored pant suits with immaculately groomed hair. Such a gem.

So accompanied with my season tickets was a "Fan Guide" and an "NCAA Booster Compliance" pamphlet. They're on to me, I tell you.

According to the "Fan Guide" no outside drinks and no obscene tee-shirts. and no socially unacceptable language, gestures or behavoir. and no standing, please.


Except for the standing part, I think this mailing was supposed to go to UCF. You know, Bachelor Vienna's alma mater. Thee with the "I'm a UCF B*ch" tee-shirt clad co-eds and assortment of idiot fans who unceaselessly scream obscenities at 40 y.o. women and defenseless college cheerleaders. Seriously. And a completely useless UCF cop just standing there denying that there's anything to be done about such behavior. I guess that's why we in New Orleans are able to peacably have occasions such as Mardi Gras and Superbowl Parades without fun quickly turning to tragedy, turned over cars lit on fire and mass hysteria. Acting out of hand quickly earns one a trip to Broad Street and an evening in Central Lockup.

UCF has these "Town & Gown" volunteers that is like spitting into a forest fire. It's like a welcome wagon-kind of organization made up of women who somehow meandered into the wrong campus destiny. "Thank you for coming to take our verbal abuse! We're so glad you are here. Come back and see us y'all!"

Bless their hearts, the Town & Gown's should have gone to Mississippi State or University of Alabama.

So anyways, Tulane season tickets have arrived!! Yay!

Included therewith (beyond the passive aggressive pamphlets to tell Mrs. Hullabaloo to please sit and to cease and desist encouraging Tulane Students' wity slogans for opponents. oh, remind me to tell you about the $80 tee shirt I bought off an underclassman's back) is a lovely booklet with letters from THE Roch Hontas, QB/M.D. and "California Cool" #11 Ryan Griffin.

Doctor Roch lovingly writes to us Tulane Faithful that he believes "2010 Tulane Football is all about promise and potential." Roch was our "David v. Goliath" quarterback. He was considered too short to go on professionally, but by all accounts of other Hullabaloo Huddler fans, Doctor Roch was The Real Deal when it came to Tulane quarterbacks.

Opposite in the pamphlet from Doctor Roch's encouraging message, our favorite California Cool musters up a passionate letter recalling our exciting win over UTEP! Which, did I mention that I had to go to a stupid wedding and miss! ME of all Tulane Fans, to miss THIS game. I shant ever forgive the newlyweds.

Ry writes, "My heart was racing. My emotions were running wild. As we celebrated on the sideline and with our fans I witnessed the passion that Tulanians have for their [..our?] university."

See friends, Ryan is such a quiet, unemotional guy that I find his letter absolutely endearing!

At the radio shows, he barely whispers his answers into the microphone and blushes continually throughout the excruciating inquisition-like interview conducted by the punishing hard-nose commentator, Tod Grafignini.

So it is truly impossible to picture Ryan's "emotions running wild." I keep imagining Robin Williams in The Birdcage coaching the uncooperative dancer that his part is to go wild Marcia Graham, Madonna, Fosee, Fosee, Fosee...but "keep it all inside."

It is such a contrast from the days of our lovable Anthony Scelfo leaving all his emotions on the superdome turf. Here, Times Picayune photos from the controversial out of bounds/clock/referee call Homecoming 2007.

Coach Toledo dutifully sent him some letters to the NCAA about this bullhockey refereering that occured. in our house for crying out loud.

When Tulane played the University of Alabma in 2008, post-hurricane Gustav, we met one of Ant'ny's cousins who was attending Bama. We were at a little watering hole within the shadows of their stadium - the name of the establishment has completely escaped me. Tulane fans, just picture Waldo's, but transplanted in Tuscaloosa. We meet a member of the Scelfo clan, and a round of adult refreshments was promptly treated to all of us Tulane fans. Everybody was so lovely even after they beat us fair and square. Talk about model Town & Gown treatment.

So cheers to a promising season, can't wait!


  1. Ugh - the homecoming game that will live in infamy. I still get angry about that after all these years. Here's to a fresh start with a wildly emotional new quarterback!

  2. We'll have to start calling Ry, "Hurricane Griffin"

  3. shoulda called a time out instead of just screaming at the ref and letting the clock run out.

  4. 1) How come your tickets were of the ugly, single-game variety instead of the sheet that most season tickets are? Seems like you got ripped off....

    2) How come your tickets came with the pretty, well-designed booklet? Seems like I got ripped off....