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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crime on Campus

I'd like to report a crime!

The new Riptide creeps me out. I like silly rasta riptide. I wonder what he did to get banished.

Hey now .... if a $500 robbery can garner headlines, then maybe the $925,000 head coaching salary on top of the checks being collected by the man responsible for the hire (who is currently on this extended retirement situation) can also get some sort of attention. Maybe.

Y'all. I am seriously beginning to give credence that this is all just a case study being conducted by Tulane and that there is a textbook being written for Sports Management classes: "How to Sell Losing, Hide it From Your Alumni, and Stick It To Your Fans" with the subtitle "All While Getting Paid To Do It!"

I mentioned on twitter that I might do a football pool for this week's press conference/radio show with each of the squares being a different excuse. $10 per square. Who's in?!

As you read this the former employer of our current OC beat Ole Miss 37-24. And their band played "We're Not Gonna Take It" to close out the game lol. And ESPN replayed former Coach Tommy West reading the riot act when he resigned about how Memphis needed to get behind the program in order to win. But meanwhile we in the Greenwave Nation aren't allowed to dare to dream.

Coach Hullabaloo believes that we were no less than Houston. I agree, except for them slicing through our line like butter. But as far as Ass Kickings go that I've been through in my 25 years of being a Tulane Fan - this one actually was not among the worst. I was expecting wham-bam-pow right in the kisser from the get go, but it was a smooth trickle. Very much a soft landing on the tushie. According to Toledo's measuring stick, we are losing better now I guess (remember that? lol).

Anyways, my friend who I call my Cajun Queen posted on my facebook this morning that she sure wished it had been a win, but since this is her team she will not turn her back on them. Oh my goodness I just love her! She is such a doll and I am such an awful cynic. So it reminded me to point out the positives: things like that we looked super cute at the game yesterday.

I bought my dress for $8 at WalMart (yes girl! come follow my pinterest gameday shopping page). I styled Coach Hullabaloo with a cute dress shirt I found at SteinMart. When life feels like it is spinning out of control, go shopping. Like perhaps maybe at -->

And another somewhat positive is that in honor of Punting being so effective and in demand yesterday, Tulane fashioned the programs accordingly. Very proactive, bravo.

The Marching Band's halftime performance was truly adorable. I wasn't sure how the "It had to Be You" cover was going to go, but it was really cute.

And how can I possibly wait this long to mention: Holy Trick Play Toledo, the highlight of the game, THE FAKE PUNT!

Again! Twice in one season!

And lemme tell you, I had some pretty bad karma hit me for being such an insufferable fan: literally at the moment that the team lined up for the punt, my contact lens crumpled up into the corner of my eye and I missed the play entirely! What?! How does that happen? The Universe tried to poke my eye out for being such a whiny baby complainer! lol Hilarious. Rolllllll Wave Rollllll!

Anyways, we didn't put up an official tailgate for our Hullabaloo Huddlers yesterday so I don't have any cute centerpieces or recipes to share. We just strolled around to all of our various friends' tailgatings which was a nice change of pace because we are usually so wrapped up entertaining people at our thing. Most of my chickadee students went home for fall break so I did not get to ply them with the heaping plates of yummy tailgating food which I normally do.

Coach Hullabaloo surely did enjoy the margaritas up in Westfeldt and afterwards we went to Dat Dog on Frenchmen.

I also very much enjoyed watching the Houston spirit organizations keep their fans pumped.

I must comment that with the departure of Kevin Sumlin that their fan base is now a whole other group of people. These people who came yesterday were actually civil and not nearly as trashy as the Cooters of Yore. Although whoever at Tulane Athletics approved of them bringing that bell really needs to be addressed, because what was up with that? Let's agree to not do that.

Anyways, I completely admired UH's spirit. Their fans cheered them coming on and off the field at the beginning of each half. Their band played and the dance team shook their booties the entire game. There was literally not one moment that anybody stood still over there. I salute them, Mrs. Hullabaloo was very impressed!

It was pretty big of a contrast to see their sideline versus ours and that pretty much encapsulates how their team was prepared/pumped in comparison to our $925,000 situation. And this is to OUR sideline music!

It made me sad to watch our team all still like they were watching a funeral. I was also sad that our team discipline has gotten to where a player thought it was ok to sass back at a ref like that. Excuse me, but no, we will not behave like that.

Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo stayed til the end. Again.

We went over the student section to sway to the Alma Mater. Afterwards we shook hands with a few of the players who also thanked us for staying to watch them play (omg, just rip my heart out please)

Anchors Aweigh Greenies, Navy is next. Oy Vey.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bill Goldring Said What?

Okay Okay Okaaaaaay Tulane Powers That Be (TPTB). We get it! Tulane is not allowed to compete with anybody outside of the FCS. Or at least pretend to want to be bad asses. It would be unseemly. or something.

Former TU Quarterback Tommy Hightower is going to be sad to learn that we have no interest in a plan to compete and advance to the Big12.

Every school we recruit against in our already hamstrung recruiting situation is going to pull that money quote out and show people, and say: see? You want proof Tulane has no interest in competing outside of the bottom of the G5? Here. One of Tulane's biggest donor puts the paw up on finding another Rich Rod or recycling a Tommy Tuberville. We're plum happy with our 4 play playbook and our Special Teams disarray just fine thank you very much.

Futility and settling is the plan and we are sticking to it. So just get over yourselves Greenies and your delusions!

Lawd UConn just beat UCF 40-3 today too. I'm just gonna leave that at that. I may be feeling a little sorry for the Citronauts right now.

Well just like that our winning streak is over. Or our out of state road game losing streak continues. Or our Month of being the Homecoming opponent commences. Half glass full sort of a thing depending on how you prefer to look at it.

As I may have mentioned, Coach Hullabaloo has put his foot down and has refused to permit away game travel like we have traditionally done. Which meant no Temple. Booooo. So we got up on Saturday, put on some cute outfits, and went over to the TU New Orleans Club "Watch Party" which was at Rock-N-Bowl.

I was glad to see a few Greenies at the watch party which I have already had the pleasure of meeting in the past like the Homecoming King. I also got to meet a couple of new people, including a former club president of the New York club.

In all, it was as pleasant as it could be given the game. I adored how Coach Hullabaloo did his name tag. So cute. I do love you my Coach Hullabaloo!

Anyways, even though it was pleasant I do hope that the club picks a more fun place to watch the games in the future - like Barcadia (<-- owned by a former player) or the Rusty Nail. At least some place with natural light so that I can take decent photeauxs.

So the game....lawd have mercy where to begin. To be fair, I'll start with the positive.

#1 Rob Kelley's JUMP. Fun, fun FUN!

#2 The lead. Which faded away. Sad panda.

Ok, so now for the u-g-l-y (and we ain't got no alibi!)

#1 The refs. Egregious. Probably the most outrageous call to date, and I have witnessed some awful officiating. Remember Anthony Scelfo and the Homecoming time clock fiasco?

#2 Lateral passes behind the line of scrimmage or actually just the "simplified" playbook in general. I can't even.

#3 Penalties and our incessant trouble with counting to ELEVEN. Lawd. Maybe we need a Polydactyl on the staff. Let's find us one.

#4 Punting and kicking. The good news is, we didn't give ourselves a safety like UCF did today when their receiver stepped out the endzone, stepped back and then kneed it for a safety for Uconn. Oh my goodness! Thank you Citronauts for the freebie points. Anyways, when we were punting in the first quarter, there was a fan at the Watch Party by the name of Jim who looked at the screen and said "Is That Picarelli?" and then wham-o poor Block who was punting, drops the ball! We were dying of laughter. Even if you say his name the kicking gris-gris descends on us.

Here's Coach Hullabaloo shaking the spirit shakers til the end of the game.

Anyways, there's not much more I'm a say about today's performance that hasn't already piled up over on YOGWF or GoTula. or on Twitter. Fans on twitter were like the Sharks and the Jets in West Side Story. You had the apologists on one side who were blaming the entire loss on the refs, and then the disgruntled fans who are just tired of the excuses (we are such a young team! we'll play better with teams similar to us! our whole roster is local!). One fan called me an "Elitist Piece of Crap" for my opinions - yes! he wrote that. I thought that was hilarious actually. I think it would look nice in roman engraved font on business cards. "Mrs. Doctor Hullabaloo, Elitist POC at your service"

Coach Hullabaloo was upset about how we lost, but went totally off the rails listening to the postgame radio show when Coach CJ said that the team was fragile. We had actually just got done watching Miracle last night about the US hockey win over Russia and Kurt Russel's brilliant speech to fire up the team. Coach Hullabaloo put the pedal to the medal on our little zoom zoom car and took us straight over to do some shoe shopping to vent our frustrations. Followed up by Dairy Queen Blizzards and a super cute movie (The Intern) to forget our woes.

It was a serious downward spiral - I got heath bar AND peanut butter cups in my blizzard. sigh.

These are our cute new gameday shoes. Come see them next week.

'Til next week my Greenies.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Clash of the Citronauts

photo credits to Nola Dave of And a Citronaut, in case you didn't know, is the original mascot of UCF when it was known as FTU. Citronauts! lulz!

Just in time for the NEXT gameday, I am finally writing about the last game! Think of this as a Wave Chat newsletter. Better late than never, amirite?

So yes! Holy shitballs, we won last week. Even Baby Warren was shocked.

I know, I know. Mrs. Hullabaloo was the worst! Didn't think we had it in us. I owe Fear the Wave a gallon of daiquiries, which I am happy to pay. I hadn't seen that defense since circa 2013. Even Jeff Duncan noticed.

Even wrote an article and everything. Why thank you!

Anyways, aren't wins so much more fun than losses? Especially when we got to lay the wood on UCF. 10 years of karma payback was deeeeelicious!

George O'Leary has run up the score on us with his first team year after year after year. He would go for 2 when he was up by 40 points just because he could. And so now the UCFers all be like "Fire GOL!" all over the interwebbs. I laugh in your general direction!

Coach Hullabaloo and I have rewatched the game now thrice at home. Partly because we missed so much of it trying to get settled at Yulfogelmevlin the day of the game. We just don't appreciate how good we have it, we are terrible. We've decided that when we win the powerball our first order of business is donating The Lewis Family Elevator, because one elevator just does not cut it.

And then we are going to start packing flasks of Hot Chocolate because since whenever it gets cold either at Turchin or in Yulfogelmevlin that is the exact moment in time that Tulane decides it's optimal to hide and banish all of the warm beverages to the most remote and nether recesses of the stadium. So Coach Hullabaloo had to go over the river and through the woods and completely around the stadium to locate me a tiny cup of hot chocolate and then wait in the Elevator line. It took him a whole quarter to locate me some hot chocolate, so he missed Marshall Wadleigh's (who?! lol) fake punt and almost missed the Nickerson-Allen combo strip/return.

At halftime we went back to slum it in our old digs in Section 102 to get out of the wind. Except that with all my complaining about just having a WOW wing stand down there last season, now they punished poor 102 even further and took that Wings stand away entirely. Teach me from complaining. Now in order to get wings or any other sustenance you have to take a slow boat to China for that too. Why God, why?!

Anyways, at the very beginning of the game when the pace and play calling was getting yawn-worthy, Tyronne Power and I were texting each other and he made me laugh, laugh like a clown. The Wave was not showing us anything sexy as far as our offense and UCF was doing even worse. We were stuck at 7-7 and then special teams gaffes started coming, the penalties started happening, we were at 3rd and 26 and Coach Price be calling in UptheMiddleTM and little bitty screen pass small ball into traffic. I was like Oh, Green Pelicans, Here We Geaux Again. At that moment Tyronne texted me "Apparently Maine was horrendous"

LOL. Lawd, I laughed and laughed. I even showed the text to a former letterman I'll call Mickey Mantle that I was sitting with. Mickey Mantle lol'd too.

And then low and behold The Hair (what I'm calling Marshall Wadleigh) faked the punt for a first down.

Pixie Dust got thrown on the field. Where'd this team come from? There was even a 700% improvement in sacks from our last game. Can this team stay a while please?

Later When Nickerson stripped the ball, Tyronne texted me to share that he was sitting next to the UCF section. One of their obnoxious fans was recording their Citronaut running towards the endzone with what UCF fans thought was going to be a score. And when it turned out not to be, another Tulane fan nearby asked obnoxious UCF guy if he could have a copy of the video. ha ha! Obnoxious UCF fan told Tulane fan to F himself. Yes! Those Citronaut fans are like that, very crude and can't take a joke.

I screen captured the strip in slow motion for posterity. I just need Graff's audio to make the memory complete.

Anyways, despite that we still had yet another Picarelli punt blocked in the 4th quarter, I very much enjoyed the following moments of the game:

Corey Redwine recovered a fumble, way to go big guy!

Rae Jean Marbley getting in a takeaway

Royce LaFrance with a huge game!

And of course, the aforementioned highway robbery by Nickerson and Allen captured above which was the highlight of the game.

But not to be missed in mentioning, was our early morning tailgate which I enjoyed for a nice change of pace.

Our theme was Carnival/Disney which we had to adjust for it being a breakfast thing, but I did make these cute donut hole/oreo cookie Mickey Mouse ears and put these cute cut outs in our centerpiece.

Tequila and Perry Mason brought homemade bloody mary fixings and quiche which were delish. Peggy brought Mimosa fixings. We had a potluck breakfast feast of bagels, lox, yogurt, asparagus, hashbrown casserole, and conecuh sausage. I made a pretty tasty Spiked Coffee. Recipes are below.

Perry Mason would like it noted that Zing Zang simply has ruined, just ruined, the state of Bloody Marys in New Orleans. He is outraged about this and preaches about it to anybody who will listen. So despite the fact that he is completely offended that I love Zing Zang, I managed to talk him into sharing with us his personal Bloody Mary recipe, which I actually enjoy very much.

Perry's Proper Bloody Mary Mix
1/2 Clamato Tomato Juice (clam broth+tomato)
1/2 V8 juice
Your choice of garnishes and vodka

And this was the star of the show - Gailicious' Hashbrowns
2 Lb. freezer bag of "Southern Style" hash brown taters or tater tots
½ C Butter
smidge salt n peppa
dash of nutmeg
1 can cream o' chicken soup
2 C. Grated cheese (2/3 pepper jack, 1 1/3 plain colby jack)
½ C. chopped onion
2 c sour cream
1 cup crushed pork rinds (!)

Pour out hash browns in a 9 x 13 pan to thaw. Preheat your oven to 350. Separately sautee onions in butter in a pot with salt n pepper. Then add sour cream, soup, and cheeses all together in the pot until melted and mixed together. Spread on top of potatoes, which have been thawing and sprinkle a dusting of nutmeg over the potatoes. Toss the crushed pork rinds on top and bake for 45 mins. Garnish with parsley flakes or chopped green onions. Or keep mixture in the fridge overnight and bake before taking to tailgating. And then serve yourself the yummy crispy edges in the pan first before everyone else gets to them. and OMG the pork rinds! Who knew? delicious.

Spiked Coffee
6 shots of Butterscotch Schnaaps
12 cups of Brewed Coffee
1/2 cup of Creamer
Can of ReadiWhip

Ok, this is really hard. Brew your coffee (I just used regular ole folgers) and pour into a thermos to keep warm. You could be fancy and use good coffee. Add half a cup of plain creamer. Add the shots. When you serve a cup, top with ReadiWhip. If you want to be way fancy you could put some chocolate shavings on top. I added one of my cute pompom stirrers.

Stay Hungry for Wins Greenwave Nation! Let's go out and get more of these!