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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crime on Campus

I'd like to report a crime!

The new Riptide creeps me out. I like silly rasta riptide. I wonder what he did to get banished.

Hey now .... if a $500 robbery can garner headlines, then maybe the $925,000 head coaching salary on top of the checks being collected by the man responsible for the hire (who is currently on this extended retirement situation) can also get some sort of attention. Maybe.

Y'all. I am seriously beginning to give credence that this is all just a case study being conducted by Tulane and that there is a textbook being written for Sports Management classes: "How to Sell Losing, Hide it From Your Alumni, and Stick It To Your Fans" with the subtitle "All While Getting Paid To Do It!"

I mentioned on twitter that I might do a football pool for this week's press conference/radio show with each of the squares being a different excuse. $10 per square. Who's in?!

As you read this the former employer of our current OC beat Ole Miss 37-24. And their band played "We're Not Gonna Take It" to close out the game lol. And ESPN replayed former Coach Tommy West reading the riot act when he resigned about how Memphis needed to get behind the program in order to win. But meanwhile we in the Greenwave Nation aren't allowed to dare to dream.

Coach Hullabaloo believes that we were no less than Houston. I agree, except for them slicing through our line like butter. But as far as Ass Kickings go that I've been through in my 25 years of being a Tulane Fan - this one actually was not among the worst. I was expecting wham-bam-pow right in the kisser from the get go, but it was a smooth trickle. Very much a soft landing on the tushie. According to Toledo's measuring stick, we are losing better now I guess (remember that? lol).

Anyways, my friend who I call my Cajun Queen posted on my facebook this morning that she sure wished it had been a win, but since this is her team she will not turn her back on them. Oh my goodness I just love her! She is such a doll and I am such an awful cynic. So it reminded me to point out the positives: things like that we looked super cute at the game yesterday.

I bought my dress for $8 at WalMart (yes girl! come follow my pinterest gameday shopping page). I styled Coach Hullabaloo with a cute dress shirt I found at SteinMart. When life feels like it is spinning out of control, go shopping. Like perhaps maybe at -->

And another somewhat positive is that in honor of Punting being so effective and in demand yesterday, Tulane fashioned the programs accordingly. Very proactive, bravo.

The Marching Band's halftime performance was truly adorable. I wasn't sure how the "It had to Be You" cover was going to go, but it was really cute.

And how can I possibly wait this long to mention: Holy Trick Play Toledo, the highlight of the game, THE FAKE PUNT!

Again! Twice in one season!

And lemme tell you, I had some pretty bad karma hit me for being such an insufferable fan: literally at the moment that the team lined up for the punt, my contact lens crumpled up into the corner of my eye and I missed the play entirely! What?! How does that happen? The Universe tried to poke my eye out for being such a whiny baby complainer! lol Hilarious. Rolllllll Wave Rollllll!

Anyways, we didn't put up an official tailgate for our Hullabaloo Huddlers yesterday so I don't have any cute centerpieces or recipes to share. We just strolled around to all of our various friends' tailgatings which was a nice change of pace because we are usually so wrapped up entertaining people at our thing. Most of my chickadee students went home for fall break so I did not get to ply them with the heaping plates of yummy tailgating food which I normally do.

Coach Hullabaloo surely did enjoy the margaritas up in Westfeldt and afterwards we went to Dat Dog on Frenchmen.

I also very much enjoyed watching the Houston spirit organizations keep their fans pumped.

I must comment that with the departure of Kevin Sumlin that their fan base is now a whole other group of people. These people who came yesterday were actually civil and not nearly as trashy as the Cooters of Yore. Although whoever at Tulane Athletics approved of them bringing that bell really needs to be addressed, because what was up with that? Let's agree to not do that.

Anyways, I completely admired UH's spirit. Their fans cheered them coming on and off the field at the beginning of each half. Their band played and the dance team shook their booties the entire game. There was literally not one moment that anybody stood still over there. I salute them, Mrs. Hullabaloo was very impressed!

It was pretty big of a contrast to see their sideline versus ours and that pretty much encapsulates how their team was prepared/pumped in comparison to our $925,000 situation. And this is to OUR sideline music!

It made me sad to watch our team all still like they were watching a funeral. I was also sad that our team discipline has gotten to where a player thought it was ok to sass back at a ref like that. Excuse me, but no, we will not behave like that.

Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo stayed til the end. Again.

We went over the student section to sway to the Alma Mater. Afterwards we shook hands with a few of the players who also thanked us for staying to watch them play (omg, just rip my heart out please)

Anchors Aweigh Greenies, Navy is next. Oy Vey.

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