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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our Noffensive Juggernaut

Sigh....and just like that, our "bowl season" is over.

Boo Hiss.

Back to our comfort zone: losing our homecoming game and finishing out just playing for pride.

So thank goodness for the rain, right?! I mean we ran Scelfo off and he actually won us some games in the rain. and on real grass fields. But we have been running out of what else to say to defend why our non-existant offense (henceforth "Noffense") isn't working.

Our Noffensive playbook is so square that even UConn has it figured out. Which will make the Army game at West Point even more intolerable, Oy. So thank you rain for your timely appearance.

So yes, it was homecoming this weekend as well as my reunion year. I got to see some of my friends from my freshman dorm. Yes! Our dorm had a reunion at the reunion. Not everyone came, which made me sad, but I was glad to see some of my girls.

Me in 19ninety-something

and Now. Look at us old ladies!

But anyways, on gameday, after fervently praying novenas all week, the weather mercifully held out just long enough to enjoy tailgating with our peeps. I got these new table toppers (from a designer on redbubble) to debut for homecoming. and I just love love l-o-v-e them. I can't wait to tablescape with them again.

We had tailgating classics: burgers, tater salad, cole slaw. Perry Mason grilled for us. I had these adorable cookies made for Mr. and Mrs. Buggy who are in our tailgating group, in honor of their VW Combi truck that they drive to lead the Tulane Marching Band.

Shannon's cousin started a new jello shot business in Metry called Wasted Fruit and they made us these custom jello shots she called The Greenie. They were blueberry something in green and blue, and quite tasty. Go check their facebook page out: Wasted Fruit

As you can imagine, it's usually a little hectic at tailgating for us, but I was able to steal a few seconds with Coach Hullabaloo to take this cute picture.

I love my Coach Hullabaloo.

So sighhhhhhh, the game. What more can be said? At least the Homecoming Court presentations were cute. This is Tulane's official photo of the moment captured by Paula Burch.

Peggy and I lol'd and lol'd during the presentation at halftime. First, our adorbs new Queen immediately started bawling when her name was called like she just won Miss America or something. And then her King ran over and threw himself on her, practically attacking her when he was announced. It was hilarious and just lacking a teeny little bit of decorum, enough to say ermagerd, what is he doing to her?! And then the rest of the Court proceeded to stand there with their umbrellas and left her getting drenched in the rain like they wanted her tiara to rust and mascara to streak.

Peggy and I were hooting with laughter.

So Coach Hullabaloo and I stayed until the very end of the game, just like some of our favorite students!

We stayed, because we are nuts, but also because Coach Hullabaloo was hoping upon hope that they would pull Tanner and put in Jordy Joseph. Jordy knocked our socks off for the Memphis game. Where has he been all of our life?! As Peggy was sayin - we weren't playing a defensive juggernaut in UConn and so even if just for giggles we should have put him in there to see if we could give them just a different read or something.

Nope. denied..... If only the staff took requests from the sidelines, right?

Our fake punt play is still paying dividends though. It accounted for one of the 10 first downs of the game. So there's that positive.

But anyways, Greenies: The writing is on the wall. Not only has Goldring said "No" to upping the ante and Greenbaum wants to re-up Dickson again, but President Fitts went and said at his Town Hall on Friday that he wants to observe this fiasco for yet another year (!) before making any hasty decisions.

So check back at the end of 2016 to find out if something may be amiss with our football program.

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