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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Oh What Could Have Been

Let's see....

With Jordy Joseph in to play this week we had 25 first downs (! a veritable Tsunami of first downs if you ask little ole moi), 23 of 41 (10 of 13 in the first half) and had 4 passing touchdowns.

What the hades has he been doing with a clipboard the past four years?!

This was legitimately the only "Moral Victory" of the CJ Johnson era that I could get behind and not be gnashing my jaws over. The team played with guts I haven't seen since the Bowl Wave season. I was SO proud of my Greenwave! Aaaand we didn't have officiating that sucked! Hallelu, thank you sweet baby Yahweh.

Most of all, THANK YOU for finally giving us our All American Tight End back!


Although some thanks can go to the refs for blocking for us on that Charles Jones touchdown lol. That's right! We finally got us some home cooking.

I can get used to this.

And how about them tackles by Marshall Wadleigh? I'm telling you: Beware the Hair! And along those lines of scratching our heads over the all of the sudden/out of nowhere spark on our team, Coach Hullabaloo wants to know why we've been sitting on Devin Glenn this whole time on the kick returns. Photeaux by Nola Dave.

We got us a little Thunder n Lightning with our Greenwave, Wham Pow!

And then I just loved, loved this sack for a 30 yard loss. Ha ha!

Anyways, on to the more important topics of why you read my blog: For my gameday atmosphere color announcing.

We finally won Coca Cola's Tailgaters of the Game. How do you like us now, huh?!

Of course there were only like 100 people tailgating on the quad. And it was literally our most slacker tailgate ever.

Everyone brought leftovers from Thanksgiving, I had no cute centerpieces or tablescaping theme. Thank goodness for my girl I'm calling Jessie's Mom for picking up my slack and bringing all of the nice tailgating refreshments. Everything was crammed onto one folding table in haphazard fashion which normally drives me totally nuts because I am too OCD and need everything to be cute and perfect. But I was so exhausted from cooking and entertaining all week at Chateau Hullabaloo that I just didn't care. I didn't even plan an outfit, I just tossed together whatever and went out the door.

It was all so un-MrsHullabaloo-worthy that I didn't even take photos to save for posterity, save this cute one with my Football Mommas. But Coca Cola gave us a really cute new folding tailgating bench with cup holders and a nice tailgating table with a Tulane greenwave logo on it. I shall display it with pride at our future tailgating. Thank you Coca Cola!

So Perry Mason changed his mind and joined us for tailgating and for the game and I am so glad he did, because I hadn't laughed like that at a Tulane game in I can't even remember how long. First Coach Hullabaloo got us totally in trouble because he drove our car onto the grass to our tailgate to load back up after tailgating was over and so of course security came over to arrest us. Not really, but Perry Mason being our official General Counsel of Hullabaloo Huddle Tailgating had wandered away, seen the Police march over to us, and in his haste to save us from certain doom in Central Lockup, he tripped over the unmarked concrete steps coming off the quad and landed toe up.

Luckily we just got a stern warning, we apologized and so I hope we can get forgiveness for that terrible lapse of judgement.

Then we were walking to the stadium and there were some little kids playing catch with football on the intramural field in front of Reily Center. The ball came sailing towards us, spiked on the grass and in order to save us from certain injury Perry Mason deflected the ball with his hand and as physics seems to work the way it does, the ball spiked right back into the little boy's face! Poor little guy was grabbing his face in pain.

I turned to Perry Mason and ask him what he was going to do next. And then he promptly started waving his windbreaker and the knots to tighten the elastic popped him in the forehead, broke the skin, and so the rest of the night he looked like an Indian with a red scab on his forehead. LMAO

And did I mention how the sprinkler system on the LBC Quad turned on in the middle of tailgating? All 100 of us out there got soaked. Oy only at Tulane. I wish I were making this up!

And then to put the cherry on top of the hilarity, Tulsa's coaches went completely ghetto on us. There's a reason I call them "Aslut" (Tulsa backwards if you are not fluent in Pig Latin: Aslut-ay). Here's the story.

Coach Hullabaloo and I have yet to sit in our seats in Westfeldt for the duration of a game. While it's a better view, only just a few of our peeps are up there, and plus it's extra windy and cold, and the rain, and so we have therefor migrated at will and sat all over the place. So this game we went and sat with Perry Mason at his seats in mid-field on the Press Box side behind the Tulsa bench.

After halftime, we kept noticing that the Aslut equipment people were taking their hurry up sideline boards (you know the big ones with the pictures to signal the plays?) and making a little tent with them for their players to urinate on our sideline. !! Directly in front of us! Like I could have reached over and lifted one of the signs and had us a show. A group of guys a bit further down took their plastic megaphones and started mouting off at the Tulsa peeps. I don't really know what they said, but security escorted them away. A lady next to us who works in public health had some serious commentary to give to the Tulsa Sideline Monitor Guy.

His name is Chad Cain. He is officially in charge of monitoring Aslut's sideline. And he is a fool.

Mr. Cain and his foul mouth yelled back at Public Health Lady to "Shut the Fuck Up" - YES! He said the F word! I am not making that up or being a whiny drama queen. I swear on my cats. Public Health Lady was saying "Take it to the Tunnel!" I mean it's not like Yulman is this expansive stadium and besides halftime had just happened. And lawd, we could catch the clap if some of it splashed up at us. Mr. Cain and his potty mouth wasn't having it and so he threatened to come in the stands and beat us up!

What is this? The Malice in the Palice? The Detroit NBA where the opposing team went in the stands and beat up the fans?! Seriously, and then another Aslut coach with cauliflower ears came over and mouthed off at us too. I couldn't find his name and matching photo so that I could out him on the interwebs for his irresponsible and unprofessional behavior, but the rest of the night we made pissing jokes at them, asking them if they'd eaten asparagus and about how they still have outhouses in Tulsa, instead of indoor plumbing, and such.


Police came over to interrogate Public Health Lady and were equally appalled. Next thing you know, Barbara Burke and Vince Granito marched over to have a stern, hand gesture-full discussion with the Aslut PTB/Brass on the sidelines about their completely inappropriate urinating on Benson Field at Yulman stadium. And so then I guess it was agreed that Aslut graciously move their urination station a few feet forward to in front of their equipment box which was still between us and the sideline marker, but not directly attached to our handrail. And they politely had the players urinate inside gatorade bottles which they flung into the garbage cans within whiffing distance of us.

Anyways, I hope they choke at their bowl game now. But you know that Tulane PTB is smacking their foreheads now that where there's drama I happen to somehow be involved or in the area. Mrs. Hullabaloo is just a whole lot of trouble. In my defense, I cannot be held responsible for urinate-gate!

Sigh, so you are also probably wondering about my take on "The News". Leave it to Rick Dickson and Tulane to take something routine and simple in the football world and making it completely ridiculous. Rick Dickson has been AWOL since graciously announcing his retirement 2 games into the fall season, but yet piped up with his "No Decision" press release like if a national publication like USA Today were into running breaking stories full of inuendo and unsubstantiated gossip. And then today Dickson went on to made sure to make it was properly noted that his decision to fire was done on Saturday morning and not a minute earlier. Eye roll.

In his effort to be all gentlemanly about letting CJ bleed out via a zillion papercut, he left our program twisting in the wind and recruits prime for the picking with all of the uncertainty. Rick Dickson just really sucked at strategy thing and this was just frustratingly handled in such a Rick Dickson manner. Anyways, good riddance Rick Dickson.

Despite my snarky commentary, I do feel terrible that this didn't work out for CJ to be here. I saw the trainwreck coming the moment CJ opened up his mouth 4 years ago at his Wilson Center press conference. I am not pleased about that. Trust me, I would rather be eating crow and have my beloved Greenwave with a winning record, locking up local recruiting, and planning my bowl game tailgating instead of chewing my fingernails about what is going to happen next. CJ was always friendly to me in person, more than I deserve for my insufferable behavior, and lawd I have always been in love with his wife Angel. She was the classiest, most stylish woman in all of Greenwave Nation and there won't be another like her.

Here is a parting photeaux of me before the season started with Angel. I will always admire her sparkly personality, her sensational sense of style, and her positive, cheerful attitude. And her adorable mom Mildred and all the cute hats Mrs. Mildred would wear to our annual Pre Season Teas.

Another thing that I will miss of the CJ Johnson Era is how the team does this wave thing before running on to the field and before kick offs. Don't you just love this? I watch this and it's like we are a real team with swagger ready to just kill it.

So cheers to new traditions my Greenies. Let's get us some wins to go along with them. Roll Wave!

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