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Monday, December 7, 2015

Pinch Me, It's Over

The "Blame Katrina" Era is O-V-E-R

What a difference, oh my goodness gracious. Mrs Hullabaloo is allowed to be a happy fan again.


The press conference on Friday was as I hoped it would be: positive, hopeful, full of enthusiasm, and there was cake and cookies. There were no backhanded compliments sneered at fans. No weather tragedies to lament and harp on. And thank you sweet baby Yahweh: no excuses!

You could practically feeeeel a new page being turned.

Coach Hullabaloo and I cleaned up good for the occasion.

I also took photeauxs with Councilman Jason Williams and with our new First Lady of Tulane Athletics, Mrs. Amy Dannen.

Don't you just love?!

So since Ted Lewis wrote his snarky "To Do" list, I thought I would do my own list of priorities. Just in case there are lurkers reading this, you know.
A New Head Coach, duh! But you already know that. Would be a grand Hanukkah gift!

Please torch this very sad and long-winded Mission Statement and pare it down to "Our Mission is To Win. And We Aint Apologizing For That."

Cease and desist scheduling Army. (ditto Massachusetts, Maine, Southern Alabama)

Only 1 weeknight game and 1 morning game a season, puh-leeze.

Find a way to put Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and USM back on the schedule. And another trip to Hawaii please while I'm axin. And if we could somehow find a way to beg and plead for Georgia Tech to have us back. Because that was fun.

Reinstate Men's Golf. Because like Jordan Speith.

Put Riptide in a real scholarship mascot program and not whatever the current non-situation is. Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo will be the first donors to the Riptide Scholarship Fund, we promise. And please replace his eyes, they creep me out. And that can't be good for small children.

Bring back the Seadoo! Completely against the Fossil Fuel Devestment that the students advocated for, I know, but still fun nonetheless.

Hot Chocolate stations throughout Yulman pretty please. and not just hidden in one corner. And for that matter: Access to concessions if sitting in Section 101-102. Because that is like Area 51 at Yulman, one way in, one way out and nothing for miles.
Ok, that's all I got. But I'm getting antsy about planning a Head Coach Press Conference outfit. So chop chop!

Onwards, Greenwave Nation!


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  2. :D And no more patsy bb schedules either!!!