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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Stinger Express

Oh my goodness!!! That was the FUNNEST ass kicking in the history of Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo chronicling our following of Greenwave Football!

Seriously, we had the best time.

Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo hit the road from New Orleans with a group of friends and fellow Greenwave fans on an RV to Hotlanta.

I am ever thankful that following Tulane Football has brought us so many great friends into our life.

This is a photeaux of our group in front of the Georgia Tech Wrambling Wreck. On the trip we laughed, we kareoke'd, we tore. it. up. So fun!

And to add to the merriment, I also met a bunch of former lettermen, see....This is me with Avery Johnson.

And this is Mrs. Hullabaloo with Gary Brown. He's showing off his Liberty Bowl ring.

It was awesome to see, especially being that bowl rings are so scarce and rare these days amongst our teams. Even if we do try to schedule teams like University of Guadalajara to attempt to become bowl eligible. hmmmmm, Le Sigh....

And this snapshot here - this was kinda like meeting a letterman here.

This is me with my girl I'm calling Queenie who was on TLC's "Say Yes To the Dress". I've been knowing Queenie for a few years (she has some pretty excellent taste in wedding stationers) and it turns out that Queenie has the Greenwave ALL going on in her life. Her daddy and her uncle both played for the Greenwave. Her cousin is Matt Forté (get out of town, right?!). AND she married a Greenie who played under Buddy Teevens and Tommy Bowden. Talk about Tulane pedigree.

So in order to avoid having my heart ripped to shreds watching the unwatchable, I went in to this season with zero expectation. This gameday I made my cute drink decorations and napkins, pulled out my cute gameday dress from the opening game last season. I just had me some fun shimmying to the marching band music and enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful day. Being that Tulane clearly has no interest in fielding a gameplan to like win any time soon. So I've checked out. When Eric Price announced this summer that they were trimming down the playbook again because players weren't grasping an already trimmed back playbook that hasn't worked a single season yet - I knew that this season was going to be a complete fracas.

Seriously. I am tempted to ask the band director to teach the band the Benny Hill theme song so that they can score our game vs. Uconn. Because that is going to be some kinda something that weekend

We did have a few bright spots:
(game photeauxs by Hyosub Shin for the Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Nico Marley, we are not worthy enough to deserve you.

Devon Breaux with another touchdown. I couldn't believe it when he came down with that catch. Holy Shizzles, it wasn't a shut out.


And we just love shockwave, they are so cute.

Anyways, lemme summarize our gameplan for Georgia Tech: Botched snap sailing over the punter's head: check, Give up a safety: check, Throw an interception: check, Fumble the ball inside the 10: check check, Catch a kick off in the endzone and run it to the 14 instead of kneeing it to start at the 25: yup, check that one off the list too. Oh, and continue to have 10 players on the field for plays. Oh ten man special, how we love you so. Except that this week it was a 9 man special. Yes, we had to call a time out because we only had 9 players on the field. #facepalm

Dear Tulane Alumni: if you left at the half and did not shoot off an angry tweet, email to President Fitts or tell Rick Dickson that the jig is up: You are Not Doing Your Part. You are feeding the machine which is Tulane Athletics which has been allowed to continue unfettered in the direction of complete disarray. We are What We Are, Because We Don't Do Anything to Stop It From Being So.

Anyways, I completely approve of playing at Georgia Tech again if they will have us.

I had a an absolute ball.

Their fans were delightful! Here is Coach Hullabaloo with his brothers he introduced himself to at the Georgia tech Delta Chi house.

The Georgia Tech stadium is so fun!

and I loved their traditions. This is the crowds parting the way for the drive of the Wrambling Wreck to the stadium

And this is the Yellow Jacket mascot crowd surfing in the student section. Loved this.

And on top of all this fabulosity: their lady fans dressed SO cute! The gameday fashions at Georgia Tech were completely opposite of some of the utterly cray outfits on display on the LBC quad. Hopefully hanging around what we should aspire to will rub off a little more. So please, please TPTB, please schedule Georgia Tech again

Thank you sir, may I have another!

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