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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Exciting! SuperFanTM profile for today!

I just love this Greenie Dat. She is fabulous and perky and cute and fun. and most of all she Adores New Orleans. All of the qualities that make being a Greenie Dat awesome.

I call her Major. As in, "Major Fun." Major is such a trip, love her!

So without further ado, Major's SuperFanTM profile:

Major, our readers are dying to know: When did you become a member of the Greenie Dat Nation?
I became a Greenie Dat when I was welcomed to Tulane with an internship position in February 2011. I needed the internship in order to graduate, May 14, 2011 from my college in Kansas with a degree in Sports Management and a minor in Business Marketing. While at Tulane, I worked in the Athletics Department, working on different events; Allstate Sugar Bowl Women's Golf Tourney, NCAA Regional Rounds, Tulane 5K and the Tulane Classic, as well as singing the National Anthem at various sporting events. (In addition to just being cute and fabulous at all times).

Who is your favorite Tulane Student Athlete?
I really don't have a "favorite" Tulane Student Athlete. I enjoyed watching men's and women's basketball, and baseball. I was usually working the events, so I didn't really have time to form a "fan base" for any one individual. (well, of course, except for forming a fan base for the Greenie Gals, but I digress)

What is your favorite Greenwave Memory?
My favorite GreenWave moment would have to be when I sang the National Anthem at a baseball game. The overall atmosphere was amazing and I enjoyed the support for the baseball team from the GreenWave community! (and we enjoyed you!)

Which Tulane SuperFanTM are you glad you had the opportunity to get to know?
Help me out with her name...she is a Greenie Gal and wants to be the Mascot? She helped with the NCAA golf tourney? I choose her as my fan that I was glad to meet because her passion for Tulane Football and her enthusiasm for Tulane Athletics became contagious for all who were around her. Her desire to be Riptide, her energy and love of life makes her an exceptional candidate for my "favorite fan". She was a joy to be around!

......Whaaaat? You mean Booty Judy?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shopping Alert

Adorable Maxidress at K-Mart. For $12 you can't not buy it. Perfect for spring or fall scrimmage methinks!

Bring along a cute jean jacket during football season so you can be comfortable both during the steaming Superdome tailgating and then not freeze when you go inside for the game.

And you can get a nice bare-shoulder tan on sunny days at Turchin.

When you click on the link, make sure you select the correct blue and green pattern from the choices on the far right of the screen.


Monday, May 23, 2011


okay, I officially am upset with my career for keeping me from checking my greenwave email address regularly. I hadn't bothered mentioning the Saints using Westfeldt, because if you are in New Orleans you know that the Saints have been holding volunteer work outs at Tulane for the past few weeks during the NFL lockout.

I am happy, though, to report that LSU fans bid on this. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION TO THE TULANE ATHLETIC FUND, TIGGERS.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Where Are They Now?" Part Deux

(to be contributed by our Exiled Contributing Editor, Che. Thank you Che!)

So the official baseball season has ended, and the Greenies made it into the Conference Tourney by the hair on their chiny-chin-chin. While a mid-week trip to the hamlet of Pearl, Mississippi is quite enticing, I don't think we'll be going (why again is it in Pearl?).

Of course, unless we win the tourney outright (ha!) we will not get an at large bid for the regionals. It's disgusting to me that the barney purple will get a bid even though they don't even have a .5 in conference record. I swear, I feel chunks rising in my throat just at the very thought of Miss Scott Cody producing breathless segments on this. I hope they get embarrassed. That alone will soothe this injustice.

I did not stay for the final game yesterday, although those extra innings sounded quite exciting and I held out hope. I was only able to swing in for a hot dog at tailgating and then had to head back to my sweatshop. Mega sighs.

Coach Hullabaloo made me SO proud and made his very first Coleslaw! Yes! Very easy:

Coach Hullabaloo's Coleslaw
chopped cabbage
chopped green onions
shredded carrots
pickle relish
marzetti's coleslaw dressing
you could add regular onion in this, shred it with a grater.

It was a great first start!

So Coach stayed and sweltered in the stands with a long lost friend, Mr. Bacchus, who also made it to the game with his little Bacchus, jr. Later on Mrs. Bacchus came after the 5th inning. I was glad that Coach got to have a man-date with Mr. Bacchus.

Coach wore his Tulane Blue golf tourney polo, apparently Football Operations Director, David Fox wore the same shirt as did Brandon from the Tulane Athletic Fund. So the three of them were standing together saying hellos and Mr. Bacchus commented that he didn't know it was wear Tulane Golf Polo day. And the response was that yes, if you actually go to the Golf Classic. Ha! We love picking on Mr. Bacchus for being a slacker the past couple of seasons. That and for letting his wife, Mrs. Bacchus, use their home plate seats for her and her lsu friends. For real! I know. I can't get over that either.

Okay, so the other funnies that have come up: last week was our team's weekendus horriblis at Marshall. Coach RJ really got worked up over that and finally said something. Cause he's had it up to here with their thundering bull. So much so that they're officially The Plundering Turd to us now. Now my dear fans, I cannot take credit for such genius terminology. Apparently that was christened by Mountaineer Fans, because these individuals have some nerve!

2 football seasons ago, The Turds, horsecollared Peyton Jason into having to get his petellar tendon replaced with a cadaver tendon. In baseball that year Tulane was in the middle of a sweep when they decided to spring it on Coach RJ that they would be wrapping up the game that inning cause their flight was in an hour or some other bullshit lie. It wasn't enough innings or points for the game to count, so we were essentially forced to forfeit. The previous friday night game from that series, their coaches were ejected for being classless fools, their players flipped the bird to our fans sitting behind their dugout and they spit on Greer Field. (!) This year, they literally tell Coach RJ at the game-end handshake that a doubleheader was happening in an hour. Because there would be too much sunshine the next day or some other equally cataclysmic event preventing a Saturday game to continue as scheduled. We took the series despite their lame attempts at mindgames.

Okay, so on to the news portion of this blogpost:

Tulane Homecoming 2011 is officially 5 months out. Crunch time on finalizing our menus. I have stumbled across some barefoot southerner, Dave, and his food blog. I'm intrigued by this biscuit sandwich with green goddess mayonaise.

Looks good, huh? Might have to include it on our menu. I'll christen it The Creole Tea Sandwich. LeRuth's Green Goddess avocado dressing is legendary and must be used. And on a biscuit! As a co-ed my favorite breakfast was a good cup of coffee and a still hot buttery biscuit from the Architecture snack bar. Yum.

Michael Aubrey hit 4 homeruns last week for the Syracuse Chiefs. And yes, Syracue-ans: it is pronounced Too-lane.

.....and, finally, my petites choux, from our Contributing Editor, Che:

With the college baseball season winding down and the major and minor leagues in full swing, here is another installment of "Where are they now" of former Green Wave baseball players. One month into the MLB season and about 1/2 a month into the Minor League Season things are already crazy. Of course that's baseball. This is up to date as of May 4, 2011.

First off the pitchers:
Brandon Gomes - Tampa Bay Rays
Aaron Loup - Dunedin Blue Jays (Class A, Toronto Blue Jays)
Shooter Hunt - Ft. Meyers Miracle (Class A, Minnesota Twins)
Micah Owings - Reno Aces (Class AAA, Arizona Diamondbacks)
Taylor Rogers - Augusta Green Jackets (Class A, S.F. Giants)

Position players:
Mark Hamilton - St. Louis Cardinals
Brian Bogusevic - Houston Astros
Brad Emaus - Colorado Sky Sox (Class AAA, Colorado Rockies) is the craziness of baseball Brad was released by the Mets, became a free agent, signed by the Rockes and optioned to AAA
Tommy Manzella - Oklahoma Red Hawks (Class AAA, Houston Astros)
Rob Segedin - Charleston River Dogs (Class A, N.Y. Yankees)
Anthony Scelfo - Charlotte Stone Crabs (Class A, Tampa Bay Rays)
Josh Prince - Brevard County Manatees (Class A, Milwaukee Brewers)
Sam Honeck - Savannah Sand Gnats (Class A, N.Y. Mets)

Roll Wave and cheers to the Wave's chances in Pearl. (Mississippi that is)!