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Friday, August 29, 2014

On The Anniversary of Katrina This Happened

Good Morning Greenies!

So today is the anniversary of Katrina. And last night we reprised our favorite way of losing: giving up a lead and losing in overtime. And all I get to see in the papers and on recaps here in Tulsa is of the amazing rally that Tulsa got to stage for a national television audience. How awesome!

So reminiscent of the Michie "Miracle" of 2007 when Army came back in the final 2 minutes of regulation to tie the score with a questionable out of bounds "TD" catch and then we promptly shanked a FG in overtime. Gift wrapping a win for our opponents. Oh gut wrenching losses! How I have missed you!!! Welcome back!

And because we haven't quite completed our stroll down memory lane: next week we face a West Point style Option in Georgia Tech.

New "Era" of Tulane football? yeah, mmmmkay.....

Coach Hullabaloo made me giggle when he pouted after the game and said "They wouldn't even let us win with Devon Walker being here and everything". awwww, my manpie!

This morning my dearest friend Peaches whom I love, but who doesn't follow football - bless her heart - sent me this, along with a text of "Must have been exciting!"

omg Yahweh give me strength. So yeah, I can think of many, mannnyyyy, other adjectives to describe my gut being ripped out and dragged all over Chapman stadium.

My completely awful, pessimistic, and cynical attitude about this "new Era" (I'll believe it when I see it sez MrsHullabaloo) is of - God bless them- alumni who have been so out of the loop on things that A) they don't know the hullabaloo (see photo below shared by Booty Judy) and B) they are easily pleased with moral victories.

This photo here ^ of Tulane alumni after the first touchdown when we were actually up 7-0. Can't tell if they are shocked or just don't know what to do. Lost lambs.

Booty of course posted a progression of Hullabaloo photos from the alumni party, each being more spirited than the preceeding. But no wonder the Tulane Alumni office called this party a "Training". Indeed. Everybody's homework is to go and belt the hullabaloo in front of a mirror until you are television camera-worthy. OK?

Anyways, meanwhile back in Tulsa... I got to meet the SWEETEST and most passionate greenies on the planet. Why is it that the most passionate Greenwave fans are not alumni?

This is a family who have stuck by this team through thin and thinner since the days of Warren Bankston being under center, and who traveled 11 hours to Oklahoma from South Louisiana complete with signs, spirit shakers, and 4.5 hours worth of cheers.

Aren't they fabulous? I loved them!

I chatted with the matriach whom I'll call Delilah. Delilah had a bunch of stories and I wished that I could have sat all night and heard more. Her uncle was a passionate Greenie from back in the days of yore and instilled his passion in all of the family's offspring. So at the game last night was 3 generations of nieces, nephews, and cousins, who all hailed from Hammond and who are devoted to the Greenwave. Delilah shared that her uncle (also not alumni) donated and supported the program his entire life and when she was a little girl, her first memory was getting to go on the field with her autograph book and get Warren Bankston's autograph. Delilah said that the family didn't end up getting enough season tickets this year, but that everybody in the family is going to campus next week anyways just to experience the opening of Yulfogelmevlin. Talking with her warmed my heart.

The highlight of the night - besides Sherman Badie being a complete Bad Ass which I can't wait to see more of - was Devon's poignant half time program.

Devon and his mom were there. Devon wore his jersey and wheeled out to the field at halftime. Tulsa gave him a football signed by the team. In the video he thanked the first responders for saving his life, and he thanked the hospital where he initially stayed, as well as the outpouring of donations and support from the UTulsa community. He asked for continued prayers because he intends to walk again. The Tulsa marching band played the Tulane fight song, and they handed out these face paddles with Devon's picture on the front and the Saints fleur de lis on the back since he was a New Orleans Saint.

Devon also mentioned in a Times Pic interview that he gets more letters of encouragement and support from Tulsans than he does from those in Louisiana. Which is a lapse that I personally will see is corrected. Devon was inspiring and beautiful and I hope that the video of it is made available online because it was a tremendous representation of how awesome our Greenies truly are. GEAUX DEVON, we love you!!!

So next up, I am off to Norman, Oklahoma. We brought Daddy Hullabaloo to Oklahoma for a full weekend of football.

A Football Fest in honor of his birthday if you will. I hope that the game we see on Saturday will erase some of his ire from last night tho. LMAO because Daddy is an OU fan so watching Tulane football for him is like completely foreign. He was still complaining on the way home about some of the play calling and Sweet Baby Jesus our absurd kicking situation.

Did you know Ade Aruna volunteered last week to do kick-offs? When he lined up to kick I was shocked and damn if he wasn't better than anybody who was recruited at that position.

Alright, list of favorite plays from the game:
That Charles Jones touchdown where Tanner Lee faked handing it off. OMG genius!!!! More of that please. Makes me forget the trick plays that always skidded sideways under Toledo. Talk about a new era!!

Sherman Badie running it back for the TD and then the 73 yard dash at the end of the game that gave us a flicker of hope for putting the game away. More of that too.

Ade Aruna kicking a touchback. LMAO.

Brandon LeBeau's genius interception. Which was called back due to penalty. Dagnabbit!!

So onwards now, and cheers to making new memories at Yulfogelmevlin. Til Sept 6th!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Drinking the Tipsy Tea

I wanted to just go get toe up over at The Boot when I walked in and saw this on Friday.

Like ohhhh emmmmm geeeee.

What's that? This WAS our venue for our annual PreSeason Tea, which me and my gals throw each year before football season. I walked in there 2 days before this year's event and fainted.

Peggy was with me thank Yahweh because I was not going to be responsible for my actions if she hadn't been there to control me.

It was a typical Tulane scenario - nobody knows what's going on anywhere until something hits the fan and then everybody is scrambling to fix it. The office responsible for not notifying anybody this was happening totally stepped up and found us a new venue and got all sorts of concessions worked out since we already had catering lined up and blah blah blah. Thank goodness, because like MrsHullabaloo's wrath is like no joke.

I had been having nightmares for weeks, for weeks - but they were all around the idea that food didn't arrive in time or that I forgot something critical. I even dreamed that Peggy was bouncing people from the tea - vicously, I might add - due to their attire. As a joke, she brought a "fashion citation" pad on Sunday and we laughed about it.

It didn't even cross my mind that the nightmare could be that our venue was flippin caved in.

Anyways, me and my girls are all pretty much Type "A" people (but we follow the Greenwave, so go figure that one out) and we worked ourselves to almost our final breath getting it set up in the new location.

It turned out so fab that society editor Nell Nolan is going to cover it for the New Orleans Advocate!

We were initially having heart palpitations because the RSVPs were coming in like a runaway train and stress doesn't adequately describe our worry.

And another major stresser was donations for our silent auction were just pouring in. We were going to have to display things straight up on top of the floor or something in our original venue.

Everybody in New Orleans is waking up to the fact that we have a college team in New Orleans and so they are all bandwagoning now - good problem to have in the silent auction business.

And lawd have mercy the silent auction. LMAO - we have some serious silent auction shoppers here in New Orleans!

Ladies were parking themselves in front of "their" item and not letting others get to the clipboards! My friend Peach's decorations and centerpieces for the tea were so cute that people wanted to bid on those too.

One of the donors was Sew Much Fun and I had asked her to make me an adult version of her cute baby bubbles with the meanie greenie on it that I love so much. We compromised on a fancy ruffled apron. But people were wanting to bid that sucker right from off my body.

I had found this miniature scale VW van online and didn't realize that it actually had to be assembled and painted, so Peach's son T got that as a little summer project (We take our tablescaping serious around here, there's no child labor laws when it comes to tailgating and tablescaping). Ladies tried to bid on the little volkswagen too!

Anyways, it was fab. Not sure what we can do to top it next year..... But whatever we do I am making these tea sandwiches again because they are now my new favorite thing:

1 carrot, shredded
1 tbs of chopped fresh mint
2 tbs of raisins
1 tbs of olive oil
1/2 tbs of white vinegar
a dusting of s+p
loaf of good wheat sliced sandwich bread
tub of plain hummus

Mix your veg, add the olive oil, vinegar, taste for s+p. Cut the crusts off the bread slices, slather each side with hummus and put a pinch of the veg mixture between and then I cut into 1.5-2" strips - you get about 3 out. and I ate the random ends as I went along. So that's my secret.

'til Sept 6th y'all!