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Monday, August 11, 2014

Drinking the Tipsy Tea

I wanted to just go get toe up over at The Boot when I walked in and saw this on Friday.

Like ohhhh emmmmm geeeee.

What's that? This WAS our venue for our annual PreSeason Tea, which me and my gals throw each year before football season. I walked in there 2 days before this year's event and fainted.

Peggy was with me thank Yahweh because I was not going to be responsible for my actions if she hadn't been there to control me.

It was a typical Tulane scenario - nobody knows what's going on anywhere until something hits the fan and then everybody is scrambling to fix it. The office responsible for not notifying anybody this was happening totally stepped up and found us a new venue and got all sorts of concessions worked out since we already had catering lined up and blah blah blah. Thank goodness, because like MrsHullabaloo's wrath is like no joke.

I had been having nightmares for weeks, for weeks - but they were all around the idea that food didn't arrive in time or that I forgot something critical. I even dreamed that Peggy was bouncing people from the tea - vicously, I might add - due to their attire. As a joke, she brought a "fashion citation" pad on Sunday and we laughed about it.

It didn't even cross my mind that the nightmare could be that our venue was flippin caved in.

Anyways, me and my girls are all pretty much Type "A" people (but we follow the Greenwave, so go figure that one out) and we worked ourselves to almost our final breath getting it set up in the new location.

It turned out so fab that society editor Nell Nolan is going to cover it for the New Orleans Advocate!

We were initially having heart palpitations because the RSVPs were coming in like a runaway train and stress doesn't adequately describe our worry.

And another major stresser was donations for our silent auction were just pouring in. We were going to have to display things straight up on top of the floor or something in our original venue.

Everybody in New Orleans is waking up to the fact that we have a college team in New Orleans and so they are all bandwagoning now - good problem to have in the silent auction business.

And lawd have mercy the silent auction. LMAO - we have some serious silent auction shoppers here in New Orleans!

Ladies were parking themselves in front of "their" item and not letting others get to the clipboards! My friend Peach's decorations and centerpieces for the tea were so cute that people wanted to bid on those too.

One of the donors was Sew Much Fun and I had asked her to make me an adult version of her cute baby bubbles with the meanie greenie on it that I love so much. We compromised on a fancy ruffled apron. But people were wanting to bid that sucker right from off my body.

I had found this miniature scale VW van online and didn't realize that it actually had to be assembled and painted, so Peach's son T got that as a little summer project (We take our tablescaping serious around here, there's no child labor laws when it comes to tailgating and tablescaping). Ladies tried to bid on the little volkswagen too!

Anyways, it was fab. Not sure what we can do to top it next year..... But whatever we do I am making these tea sandwiches again because they are now my new favorite thing:

1 carrot, shredded
1 tbs of chopped fresh mint
2 tbs of raisins
1 tbs of olive oil
1/2 tbs of white vinegar
a dusting of s+p
loaf of good wheat sliced sandwich bread
tub of plain hummus

Mix your veg, add the olive oil, vinegar, taste for s+p. Cut the crusts off the bread slices, slather each side with hummus and put a pinch of the veg mixture between and then I cut into 1.5-2" strips - you get about 3 out. and I ate the random ends as I went along. So that's my secret.

'til Sept 6th y'all!

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