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Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Give Me Just One Night"

Give me just one game where we do not get at least 10 holding and/or offsides penalties.....

But seriously. How about that UConn Coach Bob Diaco? mmmmmmmm...MMM!

photos by John Wioke and Parker Waters

and here's one more for good measure....

Anyways, Coach Hullabaloo laughed at me and said he looks like Nick Lachey. Which I vehemently disagree with. But that's how come I chose my title for today's blog post. It's a 98 Degrees song.

Another cutie pie that stole my heart was this puppy!

be still my heart!

....but fer real enough about puppies and hot coaches, back to the topic of this blog: football.

If I were Nick Montana or Sherman Badie I would organize a blanket party for those same players who keep piling up penalties like they were prizes. Dang all that effort to get first downs and then bam! There strike the penalty twins.

But to be completely straight up honest, I can't just blame the serial penalty-makers all on their own. The fact is that they are just part of the machine that is Tulane. And that's the bottom line. It just would not be us if we didn't include a signature something something into the mix to remind the world who we are. It's what makes Tulane special.

I mean, remember when we had that monster 2nd and 3rd quarter against Houston in 2010. We started ramming it down their throat and we're knocking at their door again, we had a first down at their 30 and could just TASTE the lead. Except that 1st & 10 ended up a 4th & 43 because of our never-ending addiction to penalties. Oy! Tulane!

Well, I am happy for the team tho. Especially getting a safety - that's two seasons in a row with a safety, y'all. Photos by Glen Andrews and Parker Waters.

Although didn't we surrender a safety to Duke? Anyways whatever, just look at the players celebrating with the students after the game ♥ (photo by Parker Waters)

Also, I just loved seeing the band go out of the tunnel. First picture is the band members doing the Hullabaloo in a circle before going out.

lol Peggy, so cute

My favorite part of the team running out on to the field is the team going over to the student section. Look at the sunset, how pretty.

And Devon Walker was our lucky charm!

And y'all the most important news of all from the game: DiRocco actually made a field goal! If I wasn't there to witness it, I would have said: lyin'!

You haven't seen a crowd as thrilled with a field goal since Garrett Hartley split the uprights to win the NFC championship game in 2010.

So now, you can all put your suspicions away that an imposter is writing this post, because there actually were LOTS of things I couldn't resist to nitpick on. Like the broken jumbotron - umm,hello! and the Cleveland Cavs exhibition game going overtime and bleeding over into our first quarter....and omg the toilet trailers all of a sudden parked in our tailgating spot...and LAWD, the UConn fan who got picked for the dance cam prize?!! And don't even go read the @tulanealumni gameday tweets about how gamedays are like cemetaries (like what?!).

If I didn't nitpick and complain then you wouldn't know it was me LOL.

Anyways, our tailgating was still fun and I love seeing my tailgating peeps. Our theme this week was "Mystic Pizza" in honor of the movie and the actual town in Connecticut that actually has an eponymous pizza joint.

My girl Chardonnay and her man brought us some Mo's Pizza which I simply just loooooove. All yous pretentious Eastbankers who feel so self-righteous and superior that you wouldn't ever do anything so lowly as to cross a bridge, would probably faint that Westwego is the home to some mighty fine pizza. It was Patrick Ramsey's favorite pizza here in New Orleans, so there.

After you pick yourself up off the ground about the pedigree of Westbank pizza, you'll need to grab a chair for this next piece of news: I baked a cake. AND I made icing. see.

in honor of the Nutmeg State, I made a nutmeg cake with grated fresh nutmeg, and apple butter filing. The icing was like a praline royal icing and topped with chopped roasted pecans. I didn't burn anything. Although I was shocked when it came out of the oven OK, because I messed up all of the mixing instructions and my lumpy batter looked nothing like the pretty creamy version from the photos on the recipe.

We also had stuffed peppadews, hoagies, clam chowder dip, Domenica-style roasted cauliflower, Johnny Appleseed bars, and due to a funny mix up we ended up with a platter of sushi instead of lobster rolls. I loved it though, an interpretation of lobster rolls!

I also found this beer and had my girl Julie ship it to me. Two Roads Brewery for a Tu-lane game, get it? Their logo is also a VW bus. It was a good omen

Ok, so next week we are off to Florida for the UCF game. I shall be taking copious notes to see if the UCFers learned themselves some manners since our last trip to Orlando and my run in with their "Town and Gowns." Because lawd, they are something else down there.

Take care my chamudis and this one belongs to the Wave!


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