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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Coach Hullabaloo is SO glad we didn't spend money to go to Durham and watch us embarass ourselves at Duke in person.

As much as I loathe the corndogs of Bataan Rouge, Coach Hullabaloo, equally if not more so, wishes evil juju upon Duke. It stems from his alma mater having to play them in basketball. Because they are both in the same region, it usually means his college gets mowed down in the first rounds of March Madness by Duke whenever they make it to the party. So that's that story. But can you believe it's already been over 20 years the last time Tulane has made it to the party? Time flies.

Anyways, Coach Hullabaloo and I went to watch the game at Rock-n-Bowl at a Watch Party hosted by the Tulane Alumni Club and the Gumby Social Aid & Pleasure Club. I had a great time visiting with other greenies, it was a fun event. I also finally got to try the duck nachos served up by the Rock-n-Bowl kitchen and it was a tasty concept. But y'all knowing how uber bossy I am - my head was totally thinking of ways to jazz up this gameday dish.

Rock-N-Bowl Duck Nachos
duck confit in gravy
pickled jalapenos
blue cheese
cherry tomatoes
scalloped fried potatoes

Mrs. Hullabaloo's version would have pepper jelly instead of the pickled jalapenos, or bing cherries, and goat cheese crumbles instead of blue cheese crumbles. But otherwise an interesting gameday treat.

The game? Lawd, please do not make me talk about that game. Thats what Fear The Wave blog is for.

Lazedrick Thompson tho.....

photos by Parker Waters

LT pounded out a 124 yards and a touchdown. Sam Scofield also did awesome.

However, after the infamous "hot potato play" I ended up focusing on spending time chit chatting and socializing with my greenwave peeps at Rock-n-Bowl.

It is curious why Picarelli's immediate reaction to plays going awry is to stand there.

Something more curious to me though... I am trying to figure out what exactly about inaugurating Yulfogelmevlin took priority over addressing our pitiful special teams situation. Heaven forbid the fancy pants people have to be patient about something. That would be such a debacle. (rolling my eyes). Us fans have been waiting decades, decades, for our "young team" to finally grow up. If you are searching for Neverneverland, well just cool your heels and put down some stakes y'all.

I already know of two social media friends who are either going to try to walk-on to the team as kickers themselves, or who have brothers who are doing so. It just frightens me how much this is like the days of yore under Teevens. The call for walk-on players, talented team with no discipline, an incredibly nice coach who recruits well.... Anyways, I plan to do my part by packing my checkerboard tablecloth to take to Rutgers to lay down in our endzone so that our team knows which direction to score in. Hopefully that will make them feel more at home.

After the game mercifully came to its conclusion, Coach Hullabaloo and I went and drowned our sorrows over sushi and then God showed us a rainbow when Mississippi State hung on to beat the corndogs in Bataan Rouge. Coach Hullabaloo and I have learned the hard way that pre-emptively celebrating a win for the Wave, or a defeat for the corndogs prior to the end of regulation, will most certainly bring doom. So we were chewing our nails right along with the bulldogs. Coach Hullabaloo was on his knees in prayer for that hail mary. And we were ever grateful the game swung our way in the end.

Because as any Greenwave fan knows, our losses are so much more bearable when the corndogs go toe up too.

And sigh, hopefully next week we'll reprise our 2010 visit to Piscataway

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  1. My sentiments exactly....especially about special teams.