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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Triple Coverage!

photo borrowed from the new orleans advocate newspaper

Thank goodness Perry Mason was with us last night, because we ended up popping the cherry on Uptown tailgating celebrations. We got ourselves towed! LOL

It's officially a party now when the law gets involved! ha ha!

Coach Hullabaloo is SO pissed. He has been a complete bear about it. All I can do is giggle. We have a selection of parking at our disposal - a paid lot, a generous friend's driveway situated on Broadway, other driveway invitations from other nearby friends. But Coach Hullabaloo wanted to tempt fate and got burned.

I will keep you aprised of his legal manuevers on the situation because after rescuing our car from the impound lot over by the cemetaries, he drove back to the ill-fated parking spot and took copious photographic evidence of the curbs, the signage, the parking striping, etc. He spent 3 hours going over all of the parking communiques from Tulane about gameday parking and reading the agreement with the city. He'll be representing his own defense.

Hopefully after his expertise at defending himself to the city, he can go represent this guy who's parents probably want to kill him anyways. Coach Hullabaloo caught one of the streakers on video as he taped the final play of the game.

Coach Hullabaloo can also maybe go try his hand at representing all of the fans leaving the game who got snared in the checkpoint on Earhart. Now that the city of New Orleans has decided what a moneymaker Yulman is for them after that IZD business. Mothercluckers.

So, speaking of defense.....

I missed the heart attack portion of the game last night. Leftover popeyes and my super boss spinach dip were calling out to me and I had to get back to our post game tailgating. I left we were 28-3, but as you know this is Tulane and that's never a sure thing. Listen, in 2011 we beat UAB 49-10 and I was still having heart palpitations going into the 4th quarter.

Tyrone did his best to try to keep me abreast via text, but my phone soon died so all I could go by was the cheering and the announcer's calls from the stadium (omg on the Nimbys! ha!). Tyrone was certain we were going to lose the game, he could taste the loss. Coach Hullabaloo concurred that we were trying to give it away. Tequila said that the players were all dancing and laughing on our sideline in the 4th quarter like this was all a done deal. Oh but noooooo.

I am such a terrible very bad Tulane fan that I went into the game last night convinced we were going to lose another one. Straight out the gate. Speaking of which, I did love how the team ran out on to the field by swinging over to the student section first for some high fives to get them pumped.

We are so prejudiced about how the season is going to go that Coach Hullabaloo and I had already decided we are skipping traveling to the Duke game to witness a potential loss (Well Coach Hullabaloo decided, and I decided not to fight him on it).

Also, I totally fell for all of the pre-game hype about Southeastern being another McNeese or Appalachian State. I had heard so much fabulosity about Bryan Bennett that I have been following him on social media for a year. So I was actually eager to finally see some of this Bennett gunslinging live and in person. Quelle disappointment, Mr. Bennett..... The first half I was like, is there a replacement QB out there? How come we aren't seeing any of this amazeballs quarterbacking I have been hearing so much about. Are you sure this is the right person?

The gunslinging which DID occur was Tanner Lee going all Brett Favre out there throwing into double and triple coverage and Justyn Shackleford coming up with the ball. TWICE into triple coverage. Like Whaaaat?!

Here's one of the "General Lee" to Shackleford connections that got us a touchdown

Peggy and I were screaming "duh nuh nuh! duh nuh nuh!" for our version of SportsCenter play of the day.

I hope that the Greenies don't get all over confident on us about throwing into triple coverage now and decide that we can henceforth commence to do that against Houston or Rutgers. Please Sweet Baby Jesus, No!

So Play of the Day was our tailgating. Look how cute.

I draped seersucker fabric underneath, repurposed an old homecoming tablecloth with a new trim, and topped the table with my tried and true fleur de lis vase which I tucked some cattails into for a Louisiana flair. Our menu theme was Strawberryganza.

We had a ponchatoula spinach salad, strawberry guac, some of Covington Brewery's Strawberry Ale and then South Louisiana favorites: stuffed artichokes, mini muffulettas, crawfish pies. I made some divine spinach crab and artichoke dip which was delicious.

Package of chopped frozen spinach, fully thawed and drained
Pound of crabmeat, also drained
14 oz can of quartered artichoke hearts, drained
cup of mayo
cup of sour cream
cup and half of shredded parmesan
cup, plus a quarter cup reserved, of shredded jack cheese
4 stalks of green onions, chopped
tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme
half tsp white pepper
half tsp cayenne
half tablespoon hot sauce
dashes of worcestershire sauce
1 garlic clove, pressed
an extra dash of creole seasoning for fun

Preheat oven to 350. Mix everything, except the spinach and crab, until combined. Fold in the spinach and crab and then pour into a baking dish. Top with the reserved quarter cup of shredded jack cheese. Bake at 350 for 30-40 mins until the top is golden.

Make ahead tips for gameday: mix the liquid ingredients, vegs, and the seasonings and refrigerate. Then before baking you can add the shellfish in fresh and top with the reserved jack cheese, etc. Another tip: make sure you squeeze all of the liquid out of the spinach and the crab. The extra liquid will make the dip watery and running and aint nobody likes watery dip.

I also got one of my chickadees who bakes, to make me these fab Louisiana boot shaped cookies and kingcake praline cookies. They taste even better than they look.

So my chamudis, unless Coach Hullabaloo has a change of heart, buys me a private plane, or instant time travel gets invented I shall be homegating or at a watch party next week for the Duke game. I'm somewhat conflicted on not traveling as that is "our thing" - to follow the wave wherever they go. Durham is a fine town and I was glad I got to see Ryan Travis get that pick 6 in 2011 when we played Duke last. But I hope that we aren't at the back end of a lopsided score this go round tho, because that game we didn't score an offensive touchdown until the 4th quarter when the game was already way past saving.

Cheers and prayers for a strong road swing! Hullabaloo ray ray!


  1. Wish I could have made it.

    I brought my parents with me. My mother was having a hard time breathing, so we had her checked out in the Wilson Building before the game. Sitting inside and seeing Reggie Reginelli was again was enough for her to make a recovery and watch the entire game.

    Roll Wave.