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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blaze of Glory

pictures from Jimmy Mitchell for Tulane, Linda Stetler for the Birmingham News and Coach Hullabaloo just for fun!

UAB went dooooown, in our Blaze of Glory, UAB went dooooown, in our Blaze of Glory!

and while I loved, loved it (!), I am not allowing myself to celebrate until exactly 7 days from now.

When the Saints had their magical season in 2009, I think it was about 10 undefeated games in when I finally said "OK, this is for real!" My friends thought I was so funny, because it wasn't until the Patriots game that I finally started having fun watching the games, instead of just expecting something horrible to happen.

Do any of yous remember the 2007 game vs. Les Tigres at the dome? (Yeah, that one. The last "home" game in a "Home and Away" contract that Joe Activia broke). Anyways, I sat there shocked the first half. Just stunned and I kept asking Coach Hullabaloo "Wait, LSU has GOT to be throwing this game on purpose. Is this for real?" I even turned around to one of Scott Holt's cousins and asked her, "Is this for real?!" and she nodded "Yes!"

I swear I was prolly the only Tulane fan in the stand at that '07 game who was convinced this was all a joke, Ha Ha and then the real Tulane team would stand up.

So this might be blasphemy to some of yous out there, but I think that our for real test will be next week against Duke. I think that our win yesterday was a combination of UAB being on a downturn and luck. Like how many times did #12 have to break tackles and outrun us for us to start keeping him in check? He was giving me heart palpitations.

Our special teams was also giving me heart palpitations. At first I was throwing daggers in my mind to Coach Toledo for calling for a fake punt instead of a field goal, but then I realized it was a botched snap. Sigh. And I am not knocking Derrick Strozier: but what exactly is happening at Special Teams practices. In the NCAA you cannot signal a fair catch and then go running. Hello, what was that story.

So you can understand that at 35-10 I refused to stop biting my nails as I tend to do when we are ahead. Just waiting for the hatchet to fall and for us to lose. I wasn't comfortable until the score got to 42-10 and the scorching sun was finally behind the west sideline boxes. Listen: I was THERE at Michie in '07 when we were up by 17 in the final minutes of the game and lost due to bullsh&t officiating. That quote/unquote "Miracle" was a farce, so there. (can you picture me doing air quotes on miracle? cause I am ha ha). The bottom line is Tulane has mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for longer than I've been a Tulane fan.

Yesterday at UAB we got to sit with Mike Cammarata who was a guard for the Greenies from '65-69. His first college game was opening against Texas on the road. Da-um!

As Coach Hullabaloo likes to laugh about Nola locals: dang Messieur Cammarata could talk. New Orleaneans can talk to walls y'all. Anyways, Grandson Cammarata kept wanting to comment on the game and I kept shushing him. "SHHHHH! until the clocks says zero, zero, zero don't El Gato Negro us, this is a Tulane game!" You musn't comment while we are ahead and inadvertendly add some juju.

I even turned to one of the Greenbacker wives and said, Man I have so many comments in my head but I don't want to ruin everything by saying anything. And she agreed! "Don't! Rick Jones wouldn't want you to say anything either!" So I just zipped it.

The funniest comment though was Coach Hullabaloo bantering with the Greenbackers about the spread for the game. Coach admitted he had wanted to vote on the spread on Sportsbook, because he didn't feel that it would be 2 TD's. Now, y'all: I was confident we would pull this one out, just not by the margin that it was. I was expecting some crazy '07 SMU overtime situation. Big Mike chimed up and said "I bet on this game today too! I bet $10,000....Lira" LMAO, Lira.

Also my hesitation to start booty shaking about yesterday's win is that Duke just hung one on Boston College. Them devils gotta have some Mo happening to carry them into their own Homecoming. There is nothing more that I would love than to initiate a Homecoming Spanking Sweep TM. I am tired, tired of being everyone's homecoming bitches, time to feel like we did leaving the Mississippi State game in 2006 when State fans put "For Sale" signs up in Croomer's yard. tee hee!

So Mega props where Mega Props are due: 1. To the UAB Band for our awesome soundtrack throughout the game and playing the Darth Vader every time we made a first down.

2. Mega props to Wilson Van Hooser showing off to his family and friends by hanging on to catches and making a TD. Yaaay!

3. And Holy facundus on Trent Mackey's pick six, he is like the gift that keeps on giving.

4. and Mega props to the Running Back corps lead by Erleens.

Albert Williams leaps made me want to stand up and applaud, his backflips are starting to pay dividends. and Mrs. Hullabaloo can't wait to see Dante Butler unleashed, because he looks killer.

I was also pleasantly surprised how many Tulane fans and alumni showed up. Our player's families even showed up en masse. Here a picture of Flat Riptide with the LeBeau's (look at the little LeBeau's lmao)....

I am starting a Novena tomorrow, so I will include the Greenies to keep some of the Confidence and Swagger that they got from creaming UAB, showing up against Tulsa and having their way with Southeastern. And for Rick Dickson and Scott Cowen to finally just get over their myopia and just get us into the ACC already. Amen.


  1. Great writing! I visit each week now to laugh with you and marvel at your Green Wave pride. Roll Wave! Down with Duke!