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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calling In The Big Guns

Bobfather, who art a Greenie,
Shaughnessy be thy name.
Thy play be run, thy game be won,
At home, as it is away.
Give us this Saturday our gameday win.
And forgive us our turnovers,
Though let us Ponce de Leon on those who
Turnover against us.
And lead us not into 4th & long,
but deliver us from false starts.
In the name of the Cairo, the Strozier
And the Holy Mackey.
For Dezman to have the Glory....

I am serious! (not really, this is a satire, so don't freak out y'all). But I felt I needed to lighen up the mood a little with us being 2-2 and going in to Army (kill me now).

(and Yes I know Oscar Ponce de Leon graduated, but I just had to take advantage of subbing his name for "pounce" in the prayer.)

So Peggy helped me put the little black voodat doll together. I made the greenie voodat doll and the football rosary. I wanted to get a plastic menorah, but I just felt bad about treading on that by going to the JCC and buying a real one. I figured God would have a sense of humor and forgive me for using one I printed out online and cut out.

So in other news: I went shopping at the bookstore today and they had these a-dorable scarves.

I totally snatched one up since it's supposed to be rainy, cold and just dreary at West Point this weekend. Oy vey.

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at getting some spiritual cleansing happening in time for this weekend ~

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