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Saturday, October 1, 2011



Coach Hullabaloo used to tolerate it. But no more.

What is IHTFP? Well, you need to read Jarhead the book. or be a Marine. And listen my chickens, Mrs. Hullabaloo loved marines. Thankfully God is good and gave me a great Marine as a husband.

Why do IHTFP? Cause our weekends at "Tulane North" (quote by Rick Dickson) are just soooooo predictable. Let me count the ways:

1. Rick Dickson and Scott Cowen both have a higher tolerance threshold for bull than moi. That's predictable. We'll see what excuse is trotted out this week and deemed acceptable.

2. Army Refs are awesome! They are so on top of it! Dusting off every arcane penalty call in the playbook. They even closed out Army's final extra point at the end of the game and gave Tulane a penalty for "illegal substitution." WTH was that about? I thought Coach Hullabaloo was going to go beat up one of the Zebras when they didn't call a late hit penalty on Army, because they are perfect in every way. I even saw little Coach Bobby T burst a blood vessel screaming at the refs over that one. I say little, cause from our vantage point in the endzone seats - he looked tiny.

3. Army's coaches are always so classy! and didn't you just love, love how they put the student section with the band directly behind our bench? and could just jump out and about amongst our line to do their stupid push ups? Clearly, there's no arcane penalty call for that. Because they are perfect in every way.

4. Oh, but I also ♥ Army's play announcer. Most schools think that it would be sufficient to say "Orleans Darkwa, 5 yards on the carry. Tackled by #9 John Doe" But no, not at Army. Here the superlatives abound. This sounds so much better and descriptive: "John Doe, just flying out and stuffing and stopping that run in an astounding manner! Obliterating all hope for Orleans Darkwa to make a first down! Oh yes, I guess it's 3rd and 2. Everybody stand up and make noise!

4. It is just sooo awesome to hear Tulane Alumni say "It is really hard to be a Tulane Alumni." for reals that was heard in the stands. Even David Skeehan turned his Tulane shirt inside out.

Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo were very lucky (no sarcasm, I mean this) and got to have dinner the night before the game with some of the defensive line members of the 98 team. These guys were enormous, I can't think of any of our players who compare in size. Buddy Teevens was apparently an excellent recruiter. Some of them played pro with AFC teams. For the game they had matching hoodies with their numbers stitched on the sleeves and "Greenwave" on the hood, it was totally Hullabaloo Huddle-worthy. I loved it, loved it. I woulda taken a picture to share, but you know when your Coach calls sissy and predictable plays, your team is all around unprepared, Army just oozes class, and the Zebras are insufferable, I couldn't fault them for leaving at the beginning of the third quarter before I could corner them for a photo opportunity.

...but anyways y'all, what is most alarming about this game is that Dickson is bummed Army wants to cancel the contract til 2015.

Who wouldn't want more of this?! Sign me up!

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