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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Koozie's Pill Party

Tonite's post is all about Family. Because, y'all: I would not trade our Tulane family for nothing.

Shout out to the Greenbackers for having some extra tickets for Lisa and her little pelicans to attend the game. Greenbackers: if you read this THANK YOU for being awesome members of the Tulane Family.

So after the game (yes, we stayed!), Peggy, Koozie, Red and FF, and Coach Hullabaloo and I stayed and shot the shute outside in the parking lot like we like to do. We do a post-mortem, laugh our selves silly and enjoy each other's company. Y'all - the Hullabaloo Huddlers are a family and we stick together. A-men!

Anyways, during our post-game Koozie brought up that he and Peggy wanted to host a party at their place for the SMU game. He wanted Coach and I to go, but I reminded him that Coach and I would still be going to SMU. He was astounded. "WHAT!? Yous want some Cyanide to take wit ya?", sez Koozie. While I giggled I reminded him that Familia Hullabaloo are Texans, and that I would still want to see my family. Peggy was hilarious - she started doing a spoof rendition of me calling my folks and yelling into her "air" phone: "HEY: We Lost! So We AIN'T Comin', YA HEAR!!!!" and then fake hanging up. snicker!

So then we just went off on a tangent about how our next trick as fans would be to all re-enact Romeo and Juliet and all take cyanide together. Everybody commit mass suicide in the stands at the same time. Very Jamestown - or was it Jonestown? (we couldn't decide which J-Town it was, so "J-Town" it shall be). Peggy was laughing about pouring everyone "kool-aid" shots in lieu of Booty's jello shots. lmao!

And so we just tumbled down hill from there and suggested that at the Peggy and Koozie Pill Party, they would attach a hose to the car exhaust and do hits like a hookah.

I swear I laughed so hard I almost pee'd my pants!

Another thing that made me laught silly was Speedracer during the game. When we saw Up The Middle TM surfacing again we just went completely out the box. Speedracer was joking that Bob Toledo was calling the game from English Turn. No, wait - he was actually up in a suite texting the calls. Speedracer and I started yelling (for real y'all) "UP THE MIDDLE!!!!" I was laughing because this random guy down the row kept turning around and looking at me sideways. lmao! I mention this and Coach Hullabaloo chimed back that HE (as in Coach H) was looking at ME sideways. ha ha! He was so embarassed by me. Well, y'all I was embarrased by those dern Up the Middle Calls!

Anyways, so my Town Daughter did me proud today! Look at Chickadee's a-dorable shoes!

Listen y'all, every student needs to be indoctrinated by Mrs. Hullabaloo. Cute Green and Blue outfits are e-ssential. Chickadee told me that she and her adorable friend took all of their green and blue options out of their closets and styled their look for today. ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! I luvs my Town Daughter familia!

Welcome Visitors! Thank you for finding my little shtetl on the webs! So happy you came by! Miz Butterfly aksed I redact her story and I have happily obliged. Much love to y'all!

Anyways, as Speedracer so eloquently put it today during our pre-game Toast and Hullabaloo Chant (I like this tradition!) "The ONLY Good Tigah in Louisiana is a GRAMBLING Tigah!"

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