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Monday, October 17, 2011

Her Name Was Destiny

The stripper who "undid" Mike Price at Alabama, that is.

I bring this up because Mrs. Hullabaloo was fit to be tied when I learned that Messieur Price dared to impugn Tulane's name as One-Lane during his post game interviews with the El Paso media.

If Mike Price wants to take a cheap shot, well there. He now has himself a reciprocal cheap stripper shot.

Anyways, the Greenie Dat Nation is restless. And I'm hearing they want to picket en masse to the Coach's Radio Show. That would finally make the news huh? Faithful Fans Have Had Enough.

Well, at first they were agitating that they wanted to really sock it to Toledo with some very unfortunate language on their placards. I think I've walked them off the ledge by encouraging we do Greenie Dat paper bags like Saints Fans did in the 70's and 80's.

And so in honor of my "Lunatic Fringe" brothers and sisters who heading this call to to RISE UP TM like they faithfully did in 2003, I sent this first shot across the bow to Dickson and Cowen (oh, but yes I did)

Dear Rick and Dr. Cowen,

You know that Coach Hullabaloo and I are faithful fans of Tulane and Tulane student athletes, but what has been allowed to happen the past several seasons and since the UAB game has become completely unacceptable.

In my new unique position as president of a nascent booster club which includes many student athlete mothers, it is painful to watch these seasons unfold year after year and watch these women's disappointment.

I've had discussions with fans of every stripe and background: from well-heeled donors whose families founded TAF to Tulane Hall of Famers to humble "local" fans who grew up with Tulane Football. Everybody is disgusted with the state of affairs and frustrated at the bunker mentality taking hold by both of your offices.

Coach Toledo has been given ample opportunity to craft this program in his mold. He is currently working with an entire crop of student athletes recruited by his staff. If they aren't responding, why did he recruit them? Every week the excuses for our losses are blamed on unresponsive players, schemes that are "difficult" to prepare for, an empty superdome, etc. etc. - No More Excuses Please - Tulane does not accept mediocrity in any aspect of the University, why is it allowing the Football program to just bottom out in such a sad manner?

Dr. Cowen, in your invitation for your Town Hall on Friday you lamented not losing 15 pounds.
(YES! He actually wrote this!) How about losing generations of fans and alumni? How about going from 25,000 turnstile count for the Tech-Tulane game your first year as President to 970 last weekend against UTEP?

In New York, my husband and I had the opportunity to have dinner with several members of the 98 team the night before the game. When they gave up and left the game in the 3rd quarter, they commented how difficult it is to be a Tulane alum. A former player from more recent years, turned his Tulane shirt inside out.

If nothing else, I have had the amazing pleasure of spending time with Elaine Toledo and their sons in law throughout Coach Toledo's time here at Tulane. They could not be a lovelier family. Elaine Toledo is absolutely the most charming I've met. I also give credit that Coach Toledo has implemented many invaluable changes in the Football program by trying the rotating camps, and bringing the students in over the summer for school and strength and conditioning. But it is critical to understand that Coach Toledo being a poor choice for Heach Coach is NOT the entire problem.

It is WELL past the time to give the student athletes a Football Program which they deserve and which our alumni and the City of New Orleans can be proud to support. The Syracuse Game and the first half of the Tulsa game are proof of concept that this team has had the talent that can be coached up. Unfortunately we now have unfortunate injuries from the UTEP game that will now ensure that we coast down yet another losing season.

The larger picture in all of this is that Tulane Football is what the University presents as it's calling card to the national audience and to our alumni. Whether you want to fully realize that or not. Stanford, Cal-Berkely, SMU, TCU and countless private schools have proved that you CAN properly fund a football program AND have an academic legacy you can be proud of. This Big 12 discussion, however legitimate in the back room, is resoundly considered an embarrassing joke.

SMU, who has continually been trotted out as a peer instituion, paid their coach $2mm or whatever that enormous salary was. They got $1.5 back in ticket sales after the first year - this is feasible if you put a quality program in place. The City of New Orleans would love to support an attraction that draws 15,000-20,000 people downtown each weekend in the fall. That would be least $300k in ticket sales alone each home game, not counting concessions, parking, or hotel stays. But you have to get behind the program for this to actually happen.

Community Outreach by Tulane students is apparently an important goal for Dr. Cowen. Why can't our student athletes be the face of that outreach to underserved areas of New Orleans? Why can't a unique education major be crafted for student athletes with that goal in mind? We are in the #1 recruiting pool of the nation, yet vast swaths of the city and neighboring region either have NO knowledge of our school OR have a POOR image ENTIRELY because of what is permitted to take place on Saturdays.

This cannot be allowed continue in this manner. And dismissing the program to a division 3 or further watering down the program is also unacceptable. You have people threatening to stage picketing rallies during what should be a joyous celebration of homecoming.

You outlined a commitment to Tulane Football last spring with The Playbook, we are eagerly awaiting your leadership on Tulane Football.

Sincerely, Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo

....and if this doesn't get a response, I swear I'll make a fashionable grocery bag to wear for Wednesdays radio show. and take pictures here to show.

I Promise!

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