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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time Out Toledo

"....I was talking to Steve about it and we said that because of the time, we didn't have enough time to do anything with it anyway (!!!!) so we were going to take it down. They have had several blocked kicks. That's what we were hoping for, that we could get through and block the kick because they have had like five or six of them this year. It didn't work out that way.

....Ha! It didn't work out!? I'll say!!"

So the title of my post today was gonna be "WHAT A RUSH" because Xavier Rush is awesome, exclamation point...

But alas, Coach Toledo hasn't figured out that momentum can be iced with time outs or preserve time for a last ditch effort to score. What happened with skippering a game? Old man just watching the game like it was on TV or something. This was very Admiral Stockdale in the '92 VP Debate.

So because we have to sadly break it to him that he can't hoard time outs, try bring them home to display on his mantle, stockpile them like coupons, use them to pay for the early bird plate with the other Blue Hairs at The Peppermill or have 5 for next week's game, I decided to interview fellow fans on what they would buy with 2 time outs. A store credit if you will...

"'I would buy you!" (why thank yoouuu! But I'm waaaay expensive! Just ask Coach Hullabaloo.)

"Mike Leach!"

"A sense of humor..."

"A reimbursement..."

"A Playbook for the new Millenium" (Mrs. Hullabaloo concurs. Cause LAWD, up the middle!)

"A Tulane Bowling key go with the million dollar hot dog I bought at the dome." (ha ha Big Mike!)

"Scott Cowen's buy-out clause for the first Time Out. And Rick Dickson's with the second."

"I'd pitch in for Bob Toledo's One Way Bus Ticket."

"Forgiveness of the Players for not giving them a chance to win"

There you have it folks, your Post-Game Pulse TM.

Now. if yous ak-sin' me - I think I would have to buy a pair of refs who could do some homecookin'. I think that might be nice for a change instead of ones who constantly have it in for us.

And I just have to add one more thing: Blocking a Kick? After serving up 5 years worth of mealy-mouthed conservative playcalling, and suspect Special Teams skippering, all of a sudden we've mastered the art of kick blocking? We didn't even manage to do it earlier in the same game. Yes, we did that against Southeastern. But they have a 1-4 record. In Division 2.


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