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Monday, October 17, 2011

Cinco and Dos Equis

Cinco - the magic number. This is it folks and then I pray we'll have ourselves a countdown watch of another sort. A vigil if you will.

First - I want to thank Toledo for saying he takes The Blame in Peter Finney's Times Picayune article. Quelle Relief. I was worried we'd be told to go across the street or something again. Sigh.

Too little, too late though.

So I had an exchange with someone who we'll call Sassy Pants. Sassy Pants brought up the name of a Coach whom we'll call Loudmouth. Lawd. Loudmouth wants to do us the favor of being Tulane's next head coach - honest to God - and I just about fell out of my chair, but not in a good way. First, Loudmouth's spouse is about the complete opposite of Our Current First Lady of Football, the very Jackie-O, Elaine Toledo. Yeah, I see that fitting in smashingly here in New Orleans. And second, I just don't know about Loudmouth being Head Coaching material again one bit.

Now, I know we aren't exactly in the position to be picky - but really. I want to swing for the fences. Not just settle on Tommy Bowden because he's been humbled and has his hat in hand now or on Loudmouth neither just because he thinks he's a hot shot. I want young, I want aggressive, and I want one who's got a charming wife. ♥MARIO CRISTOBAL!♥ Or I want proven, aggressive winners. Like Mike Leach + Hal Mumme. Come in a storm the place like pirates. Arrrggggh!

Why, why, why can't I have it all!?!

But let me tell you what we need. Rick Dickson, please start hearding us cats or come out and say something. Tomorrow will be the two week anniversary since your last weekly chat, which was previously on hiatus during the first three or four weeks of the season and then I think it had last appeared sometime before 4th of July. Kind of a not weekly, but rather Random Wave Chat. (Like my Random SuperFan TM Profiles which I will try to revive soon, I promise). But with all of the ugliness that people are saying or want to stage, donors calling and meeting with potential coaches or donors now swearing off ever coming to a game again - and here is silence like nothing's the matter. This is anarchy happening in Greenwaveland and I have tailgating responsibilities to tend to.

Aiy-yay-yay! Enough to make my head spin like a tray full of tequila shots.

Of which I dispersed plenty of at the tailgating for the UTEP game.

This deliciousness I received as a gift from Terry from Baseball's ex-boyfriend at My Fabulous Turchin Birthday several years ago and I have been waiting to share it with more people. I was glad to have it on hand Saturday as it was much needed.

Y'all this tequila is the shizzle! It's kinda amaretto-ey. Very very good.

So we also had us a feast of Tex-Mex. And YES, I made sure we served blue corn chips and guacamole corn chips so that we had color appropriate food. I think of everything.

PreacherMan made some ham carnitas and brought this delicious coleslaw which I slathered on my Chicken Tinga tacos.

1/4 head of green cabbage, thinly sliced or shredded
small fistful of chopped parsley
whomp a mayoneze
capful of vinegar
sprinkle of sugar
a shake of salt
cracked pepper, to taste

Like, I said - this cole slaw paired perfectly with my famous guacamole and the Chicken Tinga we cheated and brought instead of making.

Yes, I totally cheated and had Coach Hullabaloo pick up a tub of Chicken Tinga from Felipe's to serve at tailgating. I had cupcakes and my famous guacamole to make AND tablescaping and I took a short cut so sue me.

Anyways, I had a lovely time at our tailgating and post-third quarter in the parking lot, so there.

And this kegorator made me chuckle ~ do you see the Residence Life stickers all over it? I know this kegorator has a story and I want to know it!

I can't wait to dig into our version of Rendezvous in New Orleans - which y'all: Tulane's Helmet is up as decoration at Rendezvous in Memphis and guess whose is NOT. YES! Tulane one ups the Tigahs!

On the Menu: Priscilla's Brisket, Peggy's Ribs, Holly's Mac and Cheese, Greens, Fabulous Cheddar Cornbread Muffins, Sweet Potato Blondies and Baked Beans .... yummmmm, I can't wait!


  1. That is the surviving mini fridge from my undergrad years! It used to sit in the back of my car... too lazy to carry up 3 flights of stairs. Now it hooks up to a 'generator' under my tire and serves food. We keep the non perishables in it just for fun.

    Always a great blog, read it weekly. NEW COACH NEW COACH!!!!!

    -JD and the Krewe Du Booze.

  2. I like it! We here at Hullabaloo Huddle welcome and encourage any and all traditions, so cheers to the kegarator! Has it been christened?