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Monday, October 24, 2011

My four cents

I think I may already have a "My .02" post - heck my entire blog is what goes on in my brain, so whatever: I'm writing and you're reading, so my legal disclaimer is that this is for entertainment purposes only. Do not let the chirrens play with this while unattended. Do not leave near open flame. Professional gossipers have contributed this so do not attempt to do this at home without proper training by a professional gossiper. and do not follow without advice and consent of a medical professional. and heaven forbid: be wary of LSU fans whose feelings could get hurt. sniff!

Okay, now.....

So I wrote (dern I do a lot of writing) to WaveProf from yogwf, because after I took a nap (YES! when I nap during Saints Games, they win. So I am keeping up the mojo) I woke up to my facebook messages all blown up by people sayin' there's talk over at yogwf about little ole me. Lawd!

So this is what I said to WaveProf and I'm sticking to it:

Anyways, The person mentioned didn't think anything of my post and then they decided they didn't want it up, they were over it and asked me to to take it down after they read people's comments on it on yogwf. It's a good friend, so I obliged.

BUT I will tell you the truth after reading people's comments. It wasn't about the folks in question having another team to cheer for, because there are plenty who do and that's their prerogative. Look at Mr. Fancy Pants. Cheering for his War Chicken while he's got one son playing in olive-n-blue and another on the way (Coach Hullabaloo teases that it was really a chicken and they're just in denial - lol!).

Also, one of my favorite-est Greenie Dats is an Alabama alum and she cheers for both. RIPTIDE is a good friend and she spent 7 years at LSU (I'm not kidding! She's so cute about it too!).

This particular situation I blogged about was very unfortunate because these people were indeed meanspirited about the olive and blue. To OTHER members of the Greenie Dat Nation!

So this is my opinion: if you didn't want reaction to how you truly feel, don't be spouting off in public. It's out in the domain at that point and fair game for Mrs. Hullabaloo.

PreacherMan is always a wonder how I know so much dirt. Dern it. People just spout off to me. If I wrote HALF of what people share in confidence this would be out of control here in Hullabaloo Huddle. For reals.

(plus, I shant let an opportunity pass to poke fun at Tigahs, so there.)

Second, how can you expect the team to play with pride, when your family isn't even behind the team? (or even come break bread at our tailgates!) Nobody is happy with this season, starting right here with me, but there's disgruntled and then there's disparaging.

and third: Don't tell Mrs. Hullabaloo something you may not want commented upon :0)

and fourth: I assure you that Mrs. Hullabaloo tailgates will run circles around anything happening upriver. Bring it: Game on.

And fifth: Roll Wave!

PPS. My final comment (for today anyways). Nobody is holding a gun to anybody and forcing them to accept the honor of a scholarship at our fine institution. You can spend the time of your child's eligibility making new life-long friends, enjoying new traditions, having our wonderful tailgate grub or you can spend 4 or 5 years resisting that and wishing they were somewhere else. Luckily I've met plenty of wonderful peeps who chose the former rather than the latter.

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  1. Preach it mama! From a fan who agrees whole heartedly. Tigah fans be triflin.