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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Battle For The Bong

Yes, this is what I'm calling the Alabama game next week. Can you be-lieve that Southeastern re-arranged their own homecoming festivities AND game so as to not interrupt people from ditching it for what's happening in Baton Rouge? Y'all that would just be my darkest day as a Tulane fan if that should come to pass in New Orleans. Really.

Anyways, I heard this clip on the radio on the way to work, and while I have some kinda words for Gus Kattengell, Larry Holder, Kaare Johnson AND most certainly with Eric Asher for their incessant infantile discussion of anything related to the Tulane Greenwave*; I AM giving WIST props for their commentary today by Joe Cardosi. I simply loved, loved what Signore Cardosi had to say and had to give it a hell yeah! mais oui!

*With a "flagship" station like THIS who needs friends?! Seriously, is it THAT hard to present Tulane's side of the story? Piggy-backing on Ed freakin-wears-purple-to-pressconferences Daniels for "insight"? and WHAT is exactly the hot potato deal with Frank Wilson? NO, WE DON'T WANT HIM! GET A FRIGGIN' CLUE! It's like these people refuse to believe that YES the Chancellor of Texas and the Chancellor of OU called our Old Man, who is now Vice Chairman of the entire AAU, and said: We Want to Play B12 Championships in the Superdome. We Want Access to Your Recruiting Pool. Manhattan, Kansas Sucks and Our Fans Would Rather Be Toe Up on Bourbon Street Than Drinking Decaf Sugar Free Sprite at a No-Dancing Allowed Wacky Waco....but I digress....

Click on this link to listen to Joe read his commentary. Transcript is below:
"Yeah lsu! Yeah Alabama!"
"Yeah! My teams gonna beat your team!"
"No! My teams gonna beat your team!"

We have about a week and a half left of this. I'm not gonna lie...It's exhausting.

Leading up the event? -Okay.

But two weeks, a week and a half out?

I've got no interest in smack talk. Honestly, I've never been a big smack talker when it comes to sports, when it comes to politics, even person to person relations.

All this back and forth sniping between lsu and alabama reminds me of when kids would get into a fight in grade school and they would spend ten minutes going:

"Yeah? why don't you swing?"

"Yeah? why don't you swing if you're feeling tough!"

"Well, c' c'mon then!"

"Well, if you're feeling froggy, jump!" (lmao! good one Joe!)

At what point do you just shut your mouth and punch a guy in the face? Let's be clear, one of these teams is gonna punch the other team in the face.*

* (oh! remind me to tell you about the woman who got into a fist fight with Comedian Al at the TU-lsu baseball game at the Dome. I swear this is a true story.)

I'll let you in on another secret. I don't win or die by the wins or losses of any team. I'm a much bigger Saints fan, than I am an "Alabama" fan. I'm an Alabama fan by de-fault. I was born in Alabama and I was raised for about the first half of my life in Alabama. If they win, I'll be happy. I won't talk that much about it. If they lose, I'll be bummed out.

Not so much for the team but just for the fact that I'll have to hear from a bunch of goons (yes! excellent description they are so totally goons!) who take this waaay too seriously.

Let's not lose sight of a very important fact: Sports are fun. They're still a game. Trash talk is one of the elements that helps fans participate in that game. You're on a team by extension.

At this point, the smack talk by lsu fans AND Alabama fans is only slightly more elevated than the vomit and drool freckled babbling of an infant. But, because I have had to deal with quite a bit of abuse this week: ROLL TIDE!


Thank you Messieur Joe Cardosi for your very refreshing insight! And please tell Gus Kattengell and Larry Holder to KNOCK OFF the ridiculous suggestion about Tulane in the Sunbelt. Puh-lease. That is the sorry-est piece of analysis ever. A founding member of the SEC goes to the Sunbelt. Get OUTTA here!

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