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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Loss According to Big Mike

"Thank God for Breast Cancer!"

"I WANT Breast Cancer, put me out of my misery!"

"Toledo and Price are Friends? WHAT a Friend!!!"

"BIG 12?! The SUNBELT won't want us!"

omg it was hilarious. Big Mike came out with his pink Tulane shirt, just spitting out a rainstorm. I could hear him across the parking lot.

Big Mike had some competition on the outrage though. Coach Hullabaloo came out of the dome because Robert Kelly's touchdown was taken away from him by the Zebras. and he was fit to be tied. I was a little concerned, so I made sure to have a plate ready for him by the time he got to the car. Distract him a little with the food.

You see, I was already perched in my tailgating chair before the game was over so I got to witness all of this. Yes, it was very un-Mrs. Hullabaloo of me. But ya know, we had good eats leftover from tailgating and an ice chest full of drinks still. I turned the car radio on, settled in my trusty tailgate chair and got to wave good bye to everybody else leavin.

Booty and I started cutting up, laughing and then starting singing "Good Bye! Farewell! Auf Weidersehn Good bye!" "Adieu, Adieu, To you and you and you!" know, to Coach Toledo our athletic misdirector the departing fans as they drove out of the parking lot.

I wasn't that bad of a fan. at least I was still in the area of the stadium ya know. I still have a little bit of a pause though, cause I don't want to be sporting tire tracks yet again from getting tossed under a bus and trotted out again as the excuse for why we lost.

Anyways as insurance against being labeled a scapegoat, I resisted my "naysaying" ways and decided during the game to get behind Up The Middle TM. Cause honestly, I am tired tired of complaining about it. So I started cheering "Yay! Up The Middle!"

Hoo-ray, Hoo-ray, Up! Da! Middle!

Lisa and Mrs. VOW were cracking up. If I had pom poms, I would have been shaking them every time Toledo called Up The Middle TM.

But then Booty came off her shift and so I asked her if she wanted to help me polish off our ice chest and she said, but of course! So there we were just taking all of this in.

SMU just beat UCF by a. LOT. ya know. So instead of grabbing onto my ankles for the rest of the season I think I am just gonna have to continue to enjoy my tailgating. BBQ next week y'all. Always a fan favorite.

Roll tide? Wave!*

*did y'all catch that during the game? the stadium announcer?! what was that story?!

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