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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I lied

Oh alright! I admit it. I did not tell you the whole story.

It seems that I also enjoy Tulane baseball season. I'm not nearly as die-hard as section 110 ("seggy's hot corner").

But I will agree that Tulane baseball is a perfectly satisfying fling while waiting for Football season to finally get underway. Especially on those stunning New Orleans days when the sky is that crazy blue that looks like it just goes on infinitely forever. And section 110 is just a crazy hoot. I will miss Aryan and Aja Barto's mom flinging ice at the back of my head from her section - hey, you: fun girl, I want to talk with you.

Last year, Mr. Hullabaloo threw me an absolutely fanTastic fiesta in one of the suites at Turchin in honor of the occasion of the date of my birth.

Baseball themed decorations were immediately ordered and as kismet would have it: the season colors at Ann Taylor were olive and aqua. Adorable sundress was purchased.

Mr. Hullabaloo and I even ventured out to this hilarious Grocery/Bead Distributor in the Marigny for Tulane flag mardi gras beads for Party favors. Quintessential New Orleans. Stock up on your bulk mardi gras throws, make your groceries, grab a drink and some fried chicken. All set. You got yourself a party. I guess it's parade-going all in one. What a novel marketing niche.

So then came the saga of the cake to go with the baseball theme. Mrs. Hullabaloo will go to great lengths for party confections. Oh you just don't know. Stop by our homecoming tent and you will see. Well, I don't want a stampede, so you'll need to Rsvp first.

Mr. Hullabaloo dutifuly drove me to an old school bakery where the blue hairs running the place said "No" to everything I asked. Major desperation. But they have the crested T logo! Cake Nazis: ONLY DAY OLD SHEET CAKE FOR YOU!

Several desperate phone calls later to call in favors (you know how it is in New Orleans: make a few calls, ask how their mommas are doing and you got yourself a deal) and I got Zoe's in Covington to take my order at the last minute.

Voila: the perfect Tulane Baseball Birthday Cake was delivered to our party. The grass was edible chocolate. Inside was doberge, just like I wanted it. What a feat.

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  1. Congrats on the blog! I'm glad you have found another way to promote your Tulane pride! I look forward to reading about your activities! Best wishes for a good season!