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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Must Have" for Tailgating

Peggy and I are mastering the art of tailgating. We are going to town on the tablescaping. We are uncontrollable.

I am always on the search for "the perfect" tailgate recipes. Clearly, since it's February and I'm discussing the topic about food in the fall. But in New Orleans we are always talking and obsessing about dishes to be enjoyed at our next earliest opportunity.

On a trip to Buffalo (no, I did not stalk JP Losman) Mr. Hullabaloo and I had the pleasure of trying out the grub at 800. I think the full name of the restaurant is actually 800maple in that new-hip-retro-helvetica-font kind of way where they intentionally mispell things. It seems de riguer these days. 800 is actually also technically in Williamsville. But they had this amazing red pepper tapenade that they served with the bread. jesus, mary and joseph was it delish!

For those precious few of you who brave Tulane tailgating: us seasoned professionals require the most ultimate of MacGyver moves in order to enjoy this classic American pastime. The superdome management does not allow open flames. Grill Nazis are they.

There's also not a store within a 3 mile radius of the superdome should you forget something. We also have to tailgate 3 stories up in a parking garage. And if you don't get there in time to get a decent space, you have to lug up all of your wares like The Clampits to the "official tailgating area." Lots to deal with here. So whatever it is you have, must be found in the "packs up beautifully" section of your cookbook. Nod to our steel magnolias out there.

I have added the tapenade from 800 to my list of "the perfect" tailgating recipes. I've been whizzing up experimental batches in order to nail down the exact recipe. My last batch for Mewelde's Super Bowl sunday seemed to be a crowd pleaser, but it's just not the same. The evil waiter at 800 refused to give up the exact recipe. I may just have to phone 800 myself and throw myself at their mercy like I did to Whole Foods when they quit selling their house basil pesto. Hello: Mr. 800? I am a former hurricane victim and I must have that tapenade recipe!

(mental note: will share said list of "the perfect" tailgating recipes)

So my next project to be fully prepared for tailgating season is going to be making a beadie meanie greenie. The olive and blue football pundits are whispering about some sort of delicate deal making regarding another cameo to gormley in 2010 (shh!).

I found this beautiful creation on BobbyofNola's homecoming pictures on flickr. Thank you bobbyofnola for capturing this absolutely fabulous "must have" tailgating accessory. A game day experience just will not be complete without it.

Last year I made, well I can't take all the credit...Mr. Hullabaloo graciously gave into my pleas and cut out a plywood helmet shape that I then painted and included in our adorable homecoming tent. Mr. Hullabaloo is very good with the woodworking when he has the time. Quite very much like Aidan of Sex and The City. I am THE luckiest girl to have landed Mr. Hullabaloo and his many woodworking talents. and not to mention his infinite patience for my enthusiasm of all things Tulane football.

Did I mention we also had a chandelier in our tent? Anyways, seeing this beaded meanie greenie gave me the idea to bead up my helmet and then add meanie to the group.


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