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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Madness

It was madness, I tell you. Now it's over, gotta get your cross of ashes on your forehead today.

It was a lovely Mardi Gras season for Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo. oh, but we did miss my idol, the great Erica Andrews. She had to go on and graduate on us.

What I would not give for her majorette costume! It has THE most adorable "T" logo pocket on the back of the skirt. All in sequins. Could you just die? Just bury me in it, all fabulously bedazzled and twirling a baton in the ever after, I swear!

A tribute to the lovely Miss Andrews from Mardi Gras past.

Tulane scheduled opening weekend for Baseball the very same weekend as Mardi Gras. I think the strategy was to entice the opposing team to live up the gras and hand us an easy win.

So Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo took a break from bead catching at the Parades over the weekend and caught the final game in the series on Sunday. I had thoughtfully assembled a double-duty outfit for the occasion.

Forever21 is now my new favorite spot for Adorable Tops. Isn't that Adorable Top perfect for the smart and stylish Tulane fan? $14.50 at

At the final home game last football season, the Tulane tailgate shop was selling this beautiful fleece zippered jacket. It even has an embroidered Crested Wave T logo on the back. It is super warm and soft. Almost luxurious. $45 at

The lowdown on the scarf: fashion godesses were looking over me because when we were in Memphis for the football game over Thanksgiving, I found The Perfect knit scarf to complete the ensemble (I also found another To Die For green and baby blue striped scarf and matching glove set from Ann Taylor - I'll share that another time).

So after emerging victorious from the game, we scampered over to Napoleon Avenue to catch Bacchus roll. The lovely gentlemen of Bacchus, observing my carefully planned outfit, graciously threw Mrs. Hullabaloo ONLY aqua, green and blue beads. I have photographic proof!

Unfortunately dark clouds were threatening our revelry. Peggy NEEDED a mardi gras rugby. It was essential.

Only Mrs. Hullabaloo would think about solving a shopping crisis in the middle of Carnival. With the evacuation-level traffic on the streets. But Peggy NEEDED that rugby!

Peggy had exhausted all options in her part of town. Panic and desperation was beginning to set in that a long sleeve rugby could not be located in time. Every minute counted. So I spent all of Lundi Gras day going this way and that way from store to store until I overhead a conversation at a tucked away Mardi Gras store. I literally interrupted these ladies' conversation mid-sentence. They were commenting that they had seen some at the Walgreens down the street (of all places).

Pedal to the metal. Not only did Mrs. Hullabaloo find the last 2 apparently in existence, they were also selling these Tulane baseball caps in green or baby blue for $5! I snatched them all up. But don't panic my fellow hullabaloo fans. I popped into another Walgreens and they are still some tucked away in the tee-shirt endcaps.

Mr. Hullabaloo is very sad that the parades are over. No more pretty beads. But we do have the entire Baseball season ahead of us and if Sunday was any indicator: It's going to be a GREAT season!


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