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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Men Like Fire

Football is my thing. Everybody knows Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo tailgating spot is where it's at. Come join the fun, grab a frosty beverage, make yourself at home.

My beloved football players came to the USC game last night and showed the folks seated behind the plate how to be a crowd. (credit to wavebaseball for the photo)

I do love those boys!

When spring rolls around Mrs. Hullabaloo cedes the merriment hosting to the baseball krewe in Section 110.

In Baseball, Section 110 sets the pace. Shooter fridays, "DIRTBALL," all of that. Well since Shooter graduated, we haven't quite come up with something catchy for Conrad Flynn. Years from now archeaologists will dig up zillions of these little shooter cups over the remains of Section 110 and just wonder about the habits of our civilization. Odd drinking ritual near what appears to be an athletic court...

Well to add to the festivities at baseball games, Turchin II is finally complete with the new parking lot over Rosen House. Hoo-ray. I think that the international and married students at the former Rosen probably watched the antics in Section 110 more than they observed the game. Anyways, we thank them for surrendering space to allow us to commence the merriment with proper tailgating.

We have a lovely couple who joins us in Section 110 who follow Notre Dame football in the fall (Do you cry when Rudy gets the sack? It gets me every time!) and Tulane baseball in the spring. Mr. and Ms. Notre Dame have no use for the 13th grade school in Baton Rouge just as much as we do. They belt out our amended version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" just as loud as us ("for it's one! two! screw L-S...!")

Last spring the delightful Ms. Notre Dame, in the quintessential New Orleans fashion, picked up a gallon of Superior Grill margaritas, tossed it in a backpack with SG to go cups, straws and popped a squat with us on the neutral ground on Claiborne across from the Frostop. A merry time was had by all. And I do LOVE me some margaritas. Especially Superior Grill margaritas. Frosty perfectly blended wonderfulness. Mrs. Hullabaloo was in RARE form that night. And then the hangover set in. Mrs. Hullabaloo lolled and napped on the couch all the next day and coo'd at Mr. Hullabaloo until he fetched us some Popeyes.

So now that we have ourselves a real parking lot to put to good use, the Founding Fathers of Section 110 have gotten serious about this tailgating thing. The battle has begun between baseball tailgating and football tailgating. But the funny thing is: Men Will Be Men.

I keep this genius notepad as my "Honey Do" listmaker for Mr. Hullabaloo. It say "MY HUSBAND DOESN'T COOK, HE BARBECUES. MEN WILL COOK AS LONG AS THERE IS DANGER INVOLVED." It reminds me of when Mr. Hullabaloo got all fancy on me and prepared orange roughy with a pesto sauce. yum. green fish.

This week we received a hilarous email from a Section 110 Founding Father: he was going to be "Prepared" this Saturday and wanted to "Cover All the Bases", interogate us all and gather together VERY detailed and copious data on the upcoming tailgating preparations.

You see, in his haste and mad dash from the Northshore to Turchin last weekend, his brain was absolutely focused as men's brains are. As he sped along the causeway and past 2 Winn Dixies, 2 Rouses, a Robert's and a Dorignac's, his mind was on how he was going to unveil a beautiful shiny new grill and impress us with his barbecuing skill and prowress. Afterall, he had thoughtfully packed everything that mattered. To a man. His beautiful new grill. The Charcoal. and The Meat. What else would one need?

Napkins? nope. Utensils to cook or serve? nope. Plates? nope. Condiments? We have meat cooked over open flame! Why ruin the trip down caveman memory lane? He was turning hot dogs with his bare fingers!

Hilarious. So today FF will get his mulligan on tailgating at Turchin.

Peggy made deli meat po-boys to contribute. Priscilla made delish potato salad. yum. It's crawfish season: so Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo ventured out to Schaeffer's seafood in Bucktown for those tasty little suckers, the died and gone to heaven boiled mushrooms, corn and potatoes. Lisa picked up a lovely assortment of petit fours from Marguerites in Slidell. Mr. Peggy whipped up sone sinful White Russians. FF graciously shared some Craft Beer from his collection with Mr. Hullabaloo, while serving as master griller with brats, burgers and hot dogs.

It was a GLORIOUS day at the ball park. Mrs. Hullabaloo even got a "Cute Top!" greeting from the one and only Mrs. Bob Toledo. I am still pinching myself.

Here's some recipes from the day:

Priscilla's Potato Salad
whomp of Blue Plate mayonaise (very important)
generous smidge of must be Fresh parsley (Priscilla grows some in her backyard, also important)
handful chopped boiled eggs
handful green onion
handful chopped BELL PEPPER (secret ingredient)
squirt mustard

salt and pepper to taste
oh, and of course the potatoes. I myself prefer yukon gold.

Boil your potatoes whole, chop and mix with all the other ingredients, bring in a cute container and keep it at a table far away from me or I WILL finish the entire bowl. Delicious as a topping on pringles. Multi-tasks as an hors d'ouevre!

No Mistake Burger Patties
Choice of ground meat (Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo use turkey, sirloin or filet)
smidge Ground mustard powder
smidge Italian seasoning herbs
few dunks Worcesterchire sauce
dash salt and pepper

Mush ground meat and seasonings and sauce together into patties. Grill 3 minutes on each side.

Even Mrs. Hullabaloo can do it and Mrs. Hullabaloo is a disaster with the grill.


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