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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I bleed Olive and Blue

I live for football season and I live in the Crescent City, the crown jewel city. I bleed Olive and Blue. Tulane olive and blue that is.

A fascination that is unhealthy enough to start this blog. Welcome. Grab a cocktail.

I literally count the days until the next Tulane football activity: next one coming up is the spring scrimmage.

Spring scrimmage is April 25th this year. Time to pull out the sunscreen and hat. Isn't my hat the most?! Nordstroms Dallas Galleria. Purchased for the fabulous events surrounding my wedding to Mr. Hullabaloo years ago. Wore it in the infield when Barbaro's win helped pay for our weekend at the Derby (that and selling horse themed Mardi Gras beads to benefit a family directly affected by Katrina. us.) Lucky hat. I'll also need to bring my spreadsheet and a radio to keep up with the NFL draft.

Normally I get a little bit of a nibble to quench my insatiable football desire with NFL draft weekend. Tides me over until spring scrimmage rolls around. This year it's all rolled into the same weekend. Oh well, will have to just make do.

Last year was quite exciting with Matt Forte going earlier in the 2nd round than previously thought. Only his first official NFL touchdown brought more excitement (50 yard scamper that stunned the Colts). The moment was punctuated by an equally enthusiastic phone call from my equally olive and blue crazy friend Peggy. Apparently, we had both celebrated by screaming a round of "Hullabaloo" to our televisions in opposite ends of the city. Her scream was loud enough to alarm a neighbor.

But back to Tulane's appearance in last year's senior bowl. I bought Mr. Hullabaloo and I tickets to the Senior Bowl to see Matt Forte play. I snuck away between work that day and we drove 2.5 hours to Mobile to sit in a drizzly nasty cold, wet stadium and witnessed his rise in the NFL draft charts in person. When a customer called to pinpoint my whereabouts I told them I was on the northshore. Ok, so 100 miles down the road from the northshore, but I was at least north of I-1o so it was partially true.

It was quite exciting to see other people enjoy what had been our little secret treasure all season. So sad for all of the future Tulane alumni who cheated themselves of a FREE opportunity to see Matt Forte play in person at the dome that season. Well, their loss.

Senior Bowl is something. Die hards, like myself - but from much better attended programs, set up their RV's and tailgating like race day in Talladega. Every house nearby is having a barbeque party. The stadium is packed and raucuous. We even ran into a group that had some fab second line music playing and we got to do a little side-stepping. Oh, the fun never ends with Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo.

You should have seen the looks and double-takes we received. WTF? why is this lovely couple in green, sporting a logo I have never seen before?

So this year, we didn't go. I have absolutely no excuse, other than I just dropped the ball on getting that organized. Well, we shall see if Troy Kropog, our one NFL prospect this year, missed the Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo Mojo. He seems to still be projected somewere in the 3rd round. I will miss seeing Troy's dad, Olin, as a fixture at every game and every radio show during the season.

So this April 25th, I'll hopefully be sipping on some complimentary Ray Hester beer with my carefully prepared Draft Day spreadsheet on a clipboard (memo to self: must make cute Tulane-themed clipboard for the occasion).


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