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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Iron Tailgate Hostesses

Get your gris-gris potion together Tulane girls, we've got a battle on our hands.

Iron Chef, watch out: Tulane has announced a 4 year football series with Ole Miss to begin in 2010 at our very own Superdome.

Time to give The Grove a run for it's money.

Thank goodness Peggy and I are preparing ahead. Ahead of the curve. You know with our maiden voyage at homecoming last year.

Peggy and I made such a splash that when Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo and Mr. Peggy went to Baton Rouge (Peggy was a complete wus and stayed home), we ran across a lovely group of Tulanians with a black sheep in the family who put together a "House Divided" tent that looked strangely like ours from Homecoming.

In lieu of the blue, they substituted that atrocious barney color and then festooned the tent with a House Divided flag (you know, similar to The Rag).

Why anybody would want to advertise a bad decision is beyond me, but this lovely Tulanian family probably took pity and felt it was their moral duty to just soldier on and take this lost soul under their wing for proper instruction and hope for the best.

Mr. and Mrs. House Divided's daughter and future son-in-law are currently undergraduates at Tulane. Mrs. House Divided's father works for Tulane and previously worked for our dear departed Al Copeland (New Orleans and our wedding/divorce industry is JUST not the same with out him. and we do miss his advertising battles with Ann Rice.).

I don't know how or why the circumstances of Mr. House Divided entering the picture, but we let it pass. Besides, they had the most DELISH barbeque shrimp. If I didn't have manners I would have gobbled up THE e-n-t-i-r-e tray.

Mrs. House Divided shared that her secret recipe was adding italian dressing. I have since attempted versions with the bottle vinaigrette version, as well as the seasoning packets. With the vinaigrette version I had to add chicken broth to tone down the tartness of the vinager, but it was an absolute hit for New Years Eve. I'm still trying to figure out the right proportions with the seasoning packets. Will keep you abreast of how that continues to progress.

In any case, we complimented Mrs. House Divided and House Divided Mother-in-Law on the LOVELY tent (while you know struggling to ignore the barney color) and they chippered back about this fabulous tent at Tulane homecoming that they just had to copy. OURS! what a hoot!

Well, imitation IS the best form of flattery!

On Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo's trip to see the game against the Houston Cooters last fall, Mrs. Hullabaloo felt the ONLY prescription to better my mood after the classless cooters viciously attacked Joe Kemp was some shopping. Mr. Hullabaloo whisked me off on Houston's impressive collection of highways and we located Ikea where I lost myself for hours in their kitchen and lighting department. Mr. Hullabaloo played quietly without complaint in the plant department where he later emerged with a pineapple plant.

I found the perfect outdoor chandelier and it even had aqua and green teardrops! I have been busily unpacking it, assembling it and admiring it and counting the days until it can be debuted on September 5th in Hattiesburg.

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